Thunderbirds Are Go!

It's not proper Thunderbirds, you can't see the strings....

Looks good actually, I'm looking forward to it.
Opening title sequence of original series was (probably still is) the best way of showing off the new fangled 5.1 surround sound when we first bought one. Crank the sub up and feel the Thunderbirds taking off. Take off scene for Apollo 13 was pretty good too.


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I'm going to sound like a grumpy old git now, but...

When did TV stop innovating and merely start not only recycling ideas, but the actual shows themselves? First Captain Scarlet gets a CGI makeover, now this! I'm going to go rewatch Stingray in all it's stringy glory before they come along and refangle that too!

Captain Scarlet

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You'll be glad to hear I don't need CGI. I still look eternally Young :-)
Its got to better than the dreadful live action movie a few years ago.....(A Pink Ford instaed of a Roller....... what were they thinking of!!!!) much to my annoyance little-un loved it... until he got in to Top Gear and Guy Martin's Speed.... he likes factual programmes now
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