trek us postal svc bike w/ lance a. autograph


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I live in austin and have a wealthy friend who I helped move and he gave me a trec bicycle w/ lance armstrong's signature on it (black magic marker). To the best of my knowledge the cycle has never been ridden. No oil on the sprockets, really in great shape. Besides the us postal logos on the seat and frame, it also has a volkswagon and shimano logos. I have included attachment pictures. My friend won this bike several yrs ago in a golf tournament. Does anyone have a guess on the value of this bicycle?

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As a bike its not worth much, but that signature could seriously ramp up the value, if you can prove its authentic.

Off to Ebay for the best price


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Yes, the only thing that gives this bike any real value is the signature. I'd have no idea how much people would pay for that. If he was dead it would be worth much more, but as it is it's probably not going to be worth very much.


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what groupset is that?
Still worth a fair whack to be fair....should fetch over £1000 on fleabay....and if the signature is authentic then i would say you could double that price.


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bearing in mind i bought a photo of Thierry Henry with his autograph on it, and that cost me £200 as a present for someone (all authenticated) i reckon you could be looking at a few bob there and worth getting it valued properly. I wouldn't whack it on Ebay until i knew what kind of reserve should go on it.
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