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Discussion in 'Commuting' started by Matthew_T, 21 Jul 2012.

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  1. Matthew_T

    Matthew_T "Young and Ex-whippet"

    I didnt post the incident when it happened (dont know why) but I thought it would be of some interest to some people on here.

    Here is the video:

    View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cmyJuwQuRg&feature=g-upl

    I reported it to the police and then wanted to get a catch up of what was happening. I sent an email to the officer who I had reported it to and then whilst I was on holiday (I am back now, Yipee!) I received the following email:

    I have now replied with this message:

    I would like to know if my reply was suitable. I am not sure about the 'restorative resolution' bit but the most I would want the driver involved to be punished with is either a Driver Education Course or a simple apology.
    I do not want this to go to court and TBH if the CPS looked at the case, they would probably just say that it is too trivial to pursue.

    Just sharing.
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  2. Hawk

    Hawk Well-Known Member

    Bearsden, Glasgow
    Doesn't look like the kind of driver who would apologise over this matter and learn from his mistake. My vote would have been to ask police on the phone about how successful CPS are in dealing with such matters. (I would ask over the phone and not email to allay any fears an officer might have of telling you "most cases are successful", then having yours being unsuccessful and then you complaining to said officer's superior along the lines of "I have this email where such and such said it [this] and that didn't happen").

    If the "success rate" is very low then beggars can't be choosers but I'd imagine acts of public disorder (this isn't really a road traffic incident) are more successfully dealt with by CPS [could be wrong]. If the officer said something that suggested "CPS always prosecute things like this" then I think court would be a better option.

    If someone like this fine gentleman threatened me like that on the street I'd not think a "sincere" apology would be particularly acceptable.

    Just my views, ofc
  3. OP

    Matthew_T "Young and Ex-whippet"

    Well the investigation is still ongoing. We will see what the outcome will be.
  4. Hawk

    Hawk Well-Known Member

    Bearsden, Glasgow
    Of course, wasn't criticising your response but you did ask :whistle:
  5. Tony Sutton

    Tony Sutton Active Member

    Norfolk, UK
    I have been waiting for an update on your video with interest and I'm glad they have found the owner. Hopefully he will 'fess up very soon.
  6. eddiemee

    eddiemee Well-Known Member

    What an absolute twunt this guy was. As others have said, I can't imagine he's going to give a sincere apology as this wasn't a heat of the moment thing. He stopped, turned round, followed you then cut you up in order to have a go at you. And he was (relatively) calm suggesting that rather than someone just having a bad day, he is in fact a complete (insert you preferred description).
  7. rusky

    rusky CC Addict

    Why do you say you didn't post the incident? I clearly remember the thread!
  8. Mugshot

    Mugshot Cracking a solo.

    OT Matthew, but may I suggest you try to be a little more anonymous, maybe delete your surname from the letter above, only I now know, straight off the top of my head, your name, an approximation of where you live, what you look like and which cycle club you ride with. Just a suggestion :smile:
  9. OP

    Matthew_T "Young and Ex-whippet"

    We shouldnt live in a society where people fear other people. I certainly dont fear anyone. I definately didnt fear the person involved.

    There is another person on this thread who would be relatively easy to find. Tony Sutton, Norfolk, has a youtube site.

    Lets not ruin this thread, hey?
  10. Hip Priest

    Hip Priest Veteran

    I hope the issue is resolved to your satisfaction.
  11. Mugshot

    Mugshot Cracking a solo.

    Blimey, I wasn't looking to ruin a thread I hoped I was giving some friendly advice and it wasn't a suggestion that had anything to do with the gentleman in your video or any of your other videos for that matter, however, you crack on Matthew :thumbsup:
  12. CopperCyclist

    CopperCyclist Veteran

    Yes you did post it! Anyway... lad you reported him, he needed it. He's never going to get a driver education course, as his 'bad driving' offence was never enough to take to court (the corner cut). The aggressive behaviour would be able to go to court for a Public Order Offence.

    A 'restorative resolution' is good, but only if it's what you want. It's generally used for offences where people contact the police and say 'I want you to do something about this, but I don't want him prosecuted'. It was brought in (cynical head on) as previously every time this happened, that would be an 'unsolvded crime' on the figures as it didn't go to court. We can now do what the victim wants, and it then counts as 'solved'.

    It's a good option if it's what you want, however I too would doubt the sincerity of an apology. However, as part of the resolution you could suggest that as well as an apology you want him to pay a small amount, say £20 to Cyclists Fighting Cancer. He doesn't have o agree, but then he could be sent to court as his other option, and it would probably have a better impact on him in the future, and assist a good cause!
  13. campbellab

    campbellab Senior Member

    I would be happy knowing he was arrested at work or infront of family or friends... Stuff the apology!
  14. Andrew_Culture

    Andrew_Culture Internet Marketing bod

    I hope 'something' happens, people like the aggressor in the video need to realise that if we're all going to get by in this world then those who believe opinions expressed by a third party justify violence towards that third party aren't helping anyone.

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  15. OP

    Matthew_T "Young and Ex-whippet"

    I never thought of that. Could I possibly push for compensation to myself? For the stress and anxiety the incident has caused me? Or is that just pushing it a little?

    My mind would be at peace if he did pay a small donation to a cycing related charity (I would think more along the lines of CTC or here).
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