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None, I reckon that touched you.
Certainly looks too close to me.

One word of warning can look closer than it really was if they pull in sharpish after you. This is because of the camera's reduced field of view, i.e. it sees ahead of you and not besides you. In this clip he does look like he is pulling in quickly, thus giving the impression of being closer.

However, despite that, it still looks like he was well within 3 feet when next to you.
By the way, the number plate is behind the window, on the left hand side.

I've noticed buses like this before and it does make it more difficult for the camera to pick up the plate number. :tongue:
He didnt give you enough room to start with, and to make matters worse he starts to cut in far too soon.


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It's difficult to really appreciate how close it is without feeling the wind. But if I imagine my elbow another foot or so to the right, that was close :sad: Pulling across you so soon after the overtake is really bad too - it looks like the same old problem of assuming a bike is a stationary object that can be ignored once the front wheel has cleared.

It begs the question again though: Is it really worth the aggravation of confronting them after this - I'd say with video like that, just send copies to the police and the bus company and let them have the aggravation.
He reckoned that he gave me 3 feet, and kept telling me to "go on". When I asked him how much room the HC said drivers should give cyclists he didn't know.
Jeez that was close.

I think our HW code is pretty cr@p on that 'at least as much room as a you would a car' what that's supposed to mean I've seen some twerps passing cars close too, so the same to them is 2 inches :sad:

I prefer other country's codes which atually state 3ft or 1m minimum.
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