We Did It!!!!


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got back last night from our jogle trip and it was brilliant. we started at john ogroats and went down which i now 100% belive is the best way to do it. wind was fine and untill cornwall the hills favoured us.
we did it unsupported with luggage in 8 days. to be honest if i did it again i would take more time and see abit more along the way but time was tight so 8 day was the target and we did it!


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Well done.
I always thought going from top to bottom would be much easier.

At least it is all downhill isn't it;).


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congrats p90ade i have done it twice 1995-my 40th also 2005my 50th both south to north..planing on doing it for my 60th (all been well) north to south but not as fast as your trip...:wacko:


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well done, you should be very proud of yourself


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Congratulations. A cracking pace which I can only aspire to.

There again I like the pootle method which served me well on my 17 day JOGLE. I dare not try to count the pie stops, the cake stops and the fish and chip shop stops that were an impediment to my rate of progress. :biggrin:


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robbiep said:
Congratulations p90ade, a monster effort! - any chance you could post your route? :laugh:
we went.
john o groats to inverness on the a9
inverness to glasgow on the a82 past loch ness and through fort william
glasgow to carlisle we used the old a74 which is the cycle route 74 (this is a horrible bumpy road)
a6 down to preston then the a49 all the way down to gloucester
a38 down to tiverton, then towards oakhampton and get on the a30 all the way down to the bottom.

not the nicest roads to cycle on but due to the time we had and the pace we went the only option realy.
if i did it again i would take a few extra days and go a bit more of a scenic route.
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