Weird Habits while cycling

Peter Armstrong

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What weird stuff do you do?

Some of my weird habits I have noticed plus other random stuff,

When I slow down because of a hill or somthing, I look down at my gears like theres a problem thats why im going slow, or look behind me as if Im slowing down for someone ,

You can tell if a drivers a D**K just by the distance he leaves as he passes you,

You nod a other cyclists
The 2nd n 3rd are normal.
I sometimes look down to the chainrings to see if it's me or am I still on the big ring.


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i say hello to other cyclists

i say hello to sheep

i say hello to cows

theres a dog in the street next to mine that barks a hello back if you say hello to it.

i sometimes talk to myself on long solo rides.


im a little tea pot
I keep checking my rear tyre to make sure it's not flat (whilst riding too!)

I also pump them up every couple of days

I try and keep my cadence above 80 all the time!

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Sing songs

Not just any songs though, songs that I would normally think are shoot but for some reason just seem to come into my head when cycling!

See exhibit A....i think it must have been used as music during a montage during the Tour de France years ago when i was a wee boy because it (the bassline in particular) just makes me think of guys like Lemond, Millar and co



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I often tell dogs to f*** off when they charge at the gate barking and making me jump when I cycle past (and recently I called a dog a much worse word when it charged at me as I cycled (very fast as a result) past a small farm, not realising it was tethered so it could only reach the end of the drive).

For some reason only when a car is behind me, I sometimes unclip when approaching a junction and stretch my leg, wiggling my foot as though I've got cramp or something.

Sometimes commentate to myself pretending I'm in some epic stage of a major race to get me through a tough spell.

I've done the false waiting for someone look in the past when struggling on a hill during a sportive.
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