What have you bought for the bike today ?


on youtube. learning to be a gent
Giro ultralight aero overshoes. Didnt fit. Have to wait another week for smaller ones! Gutted


Eat, sleep, ride, repeat.
New chain- desperately hoping the cassette hasn't worn beyond use- I also bought some electrolyte tablets as CRC no longer does free delivery so had to bump it up a bit.
I've also exchanged my tesco clubcard points for an Evans voucher which is going towards a charge spoon.


on youtube. learning to be a gent
Thanks! Goodness gracious, that's pricey
Something nice to love I guess :smile:


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Chain lube from amazon and a Kriptonite D lock because of the fact that they will replace your bike if it gets nicked with it on and I don't have insurance. I have heard that the cable that comes with it and the brackets are awful though. I also took delivery of a Polaris zipped jersey that was the last one they had in at £10 and some gloves. Yesterday was different though because I picked up my first bike in over 15 years and had to buy many many things like slime, lights, a chain lock, pump, gel seat cover, helmet because I put the one I have had in the cupboard for a while on and immediately the strap broke, and a waterproof jacket. Whole set up from scratch came to a staggering £230.

Get ready everyone for the sight of a thin yet very very out of shape woman who has spent the time not riding bikes smoking, as she potters along at a sedate pace towards the canal tow path the long way round via back roads because the short way is ludicrously dangerous on her cheap hybrid and bright blue helmet. I'm going to guess that exactly no one will call the sight "magnificent"

If anyone knows Chesterfield, I live near the hospital so going into town means hady hill and that roundabout near the duel carriageway. I didn't like shopping there anyway.
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