What Have You Fettled Today?


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Nice bike.


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Not today but day before y'day, daughter just about to leave when she suddenly remembered the puncture she'd meant to fix. I said that if we were lucky I'd be able to fix it in the five minutes before she'd have to cut 'n run & go for the bus. She expressed her doubts. Dun it in three! Not often you get to impress your 20 year old offspring... :becool:


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Sheffield, UK
My Garmin Touring Edge has been playing up for the past few months - booting into diagnostic mode. To get it to boot properly, I first had to warm it up to body temperature. (I'll leave it to your imaginations to fill in the blanks ;)).
Garmin Support and Forums proved ... less than helpful!
Having run out of other options, I finally decided to get a new battery. Not exactly as easy as swapping a phone battery, but not too difficult. As soon as the new battery was in and connected, the Edge sprang to life, before I'd even completed the assembly! It was almost like I'd successfully defibrillated(?) it! Anywho it now feels as though I have a new Edge :wahhey: ... well apart from the few scrapes its picked up due to my clumsiness over the years.
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