What have you got that will 'see you out'?


Foundations :smile:

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Below are pics of my dad's old camera. It's an Agfa Billy,made in Germany(West Germany, as it was then,i presume). He bought it in Hong Kong around 1952/3,while doing National Service over there. All our family photos were taken by/on this camera. I think it was last used around 1979/80. So it had a lifespan of around 28 years. I wonder if it'd still work?🤔
Those were the days,when you took around 30 photos on holiday,then had to wait till you got back home to take them to Timothy Whites,then wait a fortnight before you could collect them.:smile:

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Accy, it would be a crime to not use that. Even if it needs a few bob spent on a refurb you really ought to be taking pictures with it.


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In 1989 (I think) the pound was strong against the dollar, and I saw an advert from a tool shop in Grand Forks, North Dakota. They said they would crate up the Powermatic and ship it to the East coast of the US for very little money. A shipping agent in Ipswich did the rest. It turned up in Battersea about five weeks later. It's been turning perfectly good pieces of timber into sawdust ever since.:okay:
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My Swiss Army knife. Bought circa 1980 and still going strong, although the small knife blade is about 5 percent smaller since I broke the tip off the blade whilst unbunging a photocopier at work a good few years ago!

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My Stanley #4 planes:

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Made between 1950-1970, one belonged to my Grandad, the other bought on Ebay from a local wood plane enthusiast. With care they'll both be around a long time, along with most of my woodworking tools...
Is it the same as this one?🤔

Edit...Obviously not the same make, as your's is a Stanley,but are they both from the same era?:okay:



Is this old? Both were my dad's,which he used for his job and D.I.Y. The bottom one looks pretty old,but not having a clue about tools,D.I.Y or anything like that i'm just guessing it could be.:smile:
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