What Low Level Risks Should be Considered Whilst Cycling - Advice for Others Please!


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May be relevant in some places
but my Dad always warned me to avoid tram tracks
apparently - and in the 1930's/40's if you rode over tram tracks at the wrong angle the tyre would pop through the track and drag the rim with it
the only solution was to ride to the depot - where they would be experienced in getting bikes out

exactly what you do if a tram comes up behind you was unclear - partly because these stories often came up in a pub when I was mid twenties and there were a lot of stories he had to share when my Mum was not around (air show at RAF Fairford - where he was based for a while in the war - wish we could have had more time)

personally - low level hazards - small dogs with little legs
nearly had one chipped in the spokes over the summer - seemed to be trying to attack the tyre
only saved by the owned having it on an an extending lead which he pulled back
damn close


I'm with Ming, squirrels. Not convinced they don't work together and celebrate if they down a cyclist.
You don't need to be on a bike to have encounters with squirrels. I surprised one at work the other day, as I walked up a short flight of concrete steps to an open external door. A sand-filled fire bucket was being used as a doorstop and the squirrel was sitting in the bucket on the sand. Suddenly it launched itself up in the air and landed on my shoulder, pausing for a moment before running down my back and scurrying away. It's bushy tail was twitching inches away from my face, so I hope it wasn't carrying any fleas! :eek:


Setting the controls for the heart of the sun.
Wildlife is great, as long as it doesn't come near you or your bike while riding. I've been offed by a badger. At least a grey squirrel can be run over, both without coming off and with a clean conscience. Pheasants are stupid birds as said upthread and have the capacity to get you off. Having an owl flying in front of you while riding is both exiting and slightly worrying as is seeing an adult buzzard on a fence post about four metres from you and about to launch itself.


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History is written by the winners :angel:


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To take the concept of 'low level' rather literally
The lowest level risk round here is hawthorn hedge thorns - I don;t know why the Army spend so much money on anti-tank missiles - hawthorn thorns seem to be able to penetrate anything - just put a layer of them on the front of a shell and it will go right through the enemy tank!!!

I use 'puncture resistant' tyres but these damn things still manage to get through the kevlar layer - so I put that goo stuff in as well.
Last summer I still managed to get a slow puncture caused bya thorn - when I checked the whole tyre I took 7 other thorns out of the rubber - all had penetrated into the tube but the goo had fixed it!
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