What`s your mileage target for 2019?

Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by Ilovehills, 22 Dec 2018.

  1. pjd57

    pjd57 Über Member

    Please don't take everything I say on here seriously.

    Enjoy your cycling no matter what.
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  2. vickster

    vickster Legendary Member

    Do you do some of your mileage back pedalling? ;)
    Or does that not count either? :whistle:
  3. YukonBoy

    YukonBoy Extra solar

    Ultima Thule
    Wrap up warm for Antarctica. At least you will not have a problem with traffic.
  4. pjd57

    pjd57 Über Member

    Most of mine are in and around Glasgow , plenty of pot holes, vans , buses and taxis to keep me company.
    Plenty of hills as well.
  5. vickster

    vickster Legendary Member

    *whooosh* ...
  6. Reiver

    Reiver Ribbit, Ribbit.

    the amount of rain they get in glasgow there will be plenty whooosing, that's for sure
  7. Reiver

    Reiver Ribbit, Ribbit.

    nothing as exciting as prime numbers. I'm making a pretend round the world journey starting Jan 18 (very childish I know but more interesting than numbers on a spread sheet.
    I started off this year about 500 mile south of the Aleutian islands and am hoping to make New Zealand by the end of 2019, I'm currently just a 100 or so short of Hawai
    colours are alternating months
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  8. Shearwater Missile

    Shearwater Missile Well-Known Member

    I cycled 3100 miles in 2018, my best year for miles. I decided that I would not set a target for this year. It is more of a case of getting out when I can, weather permitting and other commitments permitting too. This week because of these high winds I hav`nt been out as much as I would have liked. Does it matter ? I`d rather be safe than sorry. The worse thing to do would be to do longer rides to compensate, in my case.
    Many years ago when I was a runner and joined a new club I was asked how many miles do I run in a week. I answered about 35-38 certainly no more than 40. A look of surprise was given to me and said that was low considering performances I had been putting for 10ks, 1/2 marathons and 10 milers. To me that mileage was OK, I felt fine with it and did`nt know any better. I foolishly thought that if I upped my mileage that I would get quicker along with speed training and hill training. There were marginal gains once I`d upped the mileage to about 40-50 miles a week but then it plateaued and then I started feeling tired. I trained harder and it became worse. Eventually I knocked the back the mileage to 35 miles a week and I recovered. I vowed that I would not do the same with my cycling. I just love to be out there and if I happen to put in a few less miles one week, what the heck ! Enjoy.
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  9. pjd57

    pjd57 Über Member

    Reached 2,000 today.
    Pleased with that.
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  10. DCBassman

    DCBassman Veteran

    Realistically, I have to say that the 500 miles I posted very early in this thread is looking less and less likely. That said, I do hope for a lap of Burrator in a couple of weeks, then take it from there. If all is well, I might still break that 500.
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  11. davidphilips

    davidphilips Über Member

    Actually cutting down on cycling only cycling 5 days a week max now, Cycled a club run almost every day for months appox 350 miles a week but am down to about 250 now.
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  12. derrick

    derrick The Glue that binds us together.

    1,489.9 miles so far this year, bit behind my target, but have a few long rides lined up in the next couple of months, so should catch up soon.^_^
  13. jowwy

    jowwy The bearded Powerhouse

  14. jowwy

    jowwy The bearded Powerhouse

    New rules.......

    Fixed speed only,
    Only steel frames and rims allowed
    Tyres must be solid state
    No clip in pedals ( only strap and cage allowed)
    Lightweight aero cycling Lycra is not permissible....

    Oh shucks we are going back to the 1600s....where bike development doesn’t exist
  15. jowwy

    jowwy The bearded Powerhouse

    Now my target for the year is to get over 3000m on a bike shaped object - hope this doesn’t circumvent the non existent rules of leisure cycling
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