What`s your mileage target for 2019?

Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by Ilovehills, 22 Dec 2018.

  1. Always Cross

    Always Cross Senior Member

    I think i’m Going to give up on overall distance targets I start to get a bit down if I don’t achieve my aim. So i’m just going to ride around and enjoy it. I have 5 bikes and each bike has an Edington number, also an overall Edington number so I will try to increase them if it happens all well and good if they don’t who cares. One phrases comes to mind more smiles instead of miles
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  2. pjd57

    pjd57 Über Member

    Are you sure it's not 1873 ?
  3. JohnMartin

    JohnMartin Member

    Would like to hit 5000 if I can manage it.
  4. sleuthey

    sleuthey Über Member

    It may well be if Sustrans close the Bath-Bristol Railway Path again for maintenance causing me a detour.
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  6. tallliman

    tallliman Veteran

    2 days? Slacker! :tongue:
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  7. 8000km for next year.

    I set it at 8000km for this year but am at 7753km at the moment. I wont make 8000km but am not bothered about it.
  8. SpokeyDokey

    SpokeyDokey 20% through Decade 7. Yikes! Moderator

    No real target - I've simply set myself a 5ok figure for the Lunacy Challenge and I'll see how I get on.

    I used to get really motivated by targets but as I've got older I've noticed that I get very demotivated if I miss them, thus rendering them counter productive.
  9. pjd57

    pjd57 Über Member

    Didn't set any targets for the year, but due to the good weather ( well partly ) I got past 1000 miles so far.
  10. challe

    challe Regular

    Trying 9000km. Lasta year 8000.
  11. buzzy-beans

    buzzy-beans Senior Member

    If my lungs and heart allow it, my target for 2019 is to get my leg over the cross-bar after far too long out of the saddle :cycle:
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  12. straas

    straas Über Member

    My loose aim is 5000km.

    I'm attempting to ride further than the previous month until July at least - I've got a graph going with month by month distances from 2017 till now and a little graphical output.

    Wouldn't mind a couple of centuries and will aim to better my furthest ride (currently 179km)

    Not too bothered if things go astray.
  13. Thomson

    Thomson Well-Known Member

    Cycle to work 99% off the time and get out more than last year in the summer. As long as I continue to enjoy it :-)
  14. booze and cake

    booze and cake probably out cycling

    Its been a really mild winter here in London. I've had no snow where I live, unlike this time last year when I lost a week of cycling due to the 'beast from the east'. I've been out in shorts and shirt sleeves all week and may have developed a slight tan by the weekend:eek:, I have to remind myself its still February. As a result of the mild weather I've managed nearly 1500 miles so far this year, so if the weather gods behave for the rest of the year, I might make 10,000 miles for the year. But really my only target is to cycle more than I drive, which I have done for the last 3 years.
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  15. derrick

    derrick The Glue that binds us together.

    If i can reach 7000 miles again this year i will be happy, Just under 1000 miles done already, So just over 6000 miles to go.:bicycle:
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