What snacks do you take with you when you go cycling?


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I don’t get out much. 3 young children’s means I don’t get out most nights until 8:30ish and back 9:30ish when it’s dark. Only so many times I can ride locally with street lights as I don’t have powerful enough lights for the countryside

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Vernon would be proud. :becool:
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I'm a light drinker so 500ml will be good for up to 50 miles on all but very warm days. Food wise a mix of a banana, some apricots, an emergency gel (it's done as many miles as me this year), maybe an energy bar, but I would prefer to stop and get something savory.


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I don't take anything up to about 40 miles. Longer than that, a two finger KitKat, a small box of raisons and a ham roll taste good. I don't do cake. Beer afterwards of course.

Edit: errrgh…….raisins.
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Nothing drinkwise for an hour's riding and nothing to eat unless the ride is getting close to 3hrs or more.
My commute is an intense 10 mile each way trip that takes 40 minutes and never even consider a water bottle for this no matter how hot the weather gets.
Do you suffer with headaches? That would definitely dehydrate me, but I don’t have a normal gut anymore.
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