What's everyone buying on payday?

Seriously though, thanks for the idea. You can see how out of it I am in some ways technologically speaking...

Went to to a large chain store the other day which I won't name [Carphone Warehouse], where the way in which my questions were answered rapidly gave the impression that I am too stupid for a smart phone. I'm so glad the salesman gave me this impression, else I may have mistakenly given him money.

On a more cheerful note, do you have any recommendations for apps?
I like Strava, and AccuWeather . You probably have a different weather app in Britain .


Far East Sussex

Love your start screen for AccuWeather. That's probably the best reason to have it. I did not cycle to our local volunteer fire department breakfast in a rural town about 10 miles away one morning, I thought something was up with the weather. It was. F4 tornado about 30 miles away, and 3"hail here, accompanied by 60+ mph winds and rain like a car wash. In that case, my phone actually called me to tell me this was going to happen, but, like so many things car-oriented, only about 15 minutes before it happened. Towns distant enough here, that would not have been enough warning for a cyclist. Talk about crosswinds, a downburst snapped 10 power poles in two different locations about a mile from me Common sense app saved the day.


Even though payday is next week, last night I bought
A pair of Schwalbe One Tyres
Fulcrum Racing 5's
Some Kool Stop brake pads (thanks to seeing them mentioned on here)
and a couple of Park Tool tools for changing the cassette over to my new wheels.
I just need to pay myself back in to my savings account on payday next week!!! :blush:
Perhaps some repair welding for a racing bicycle to be named later. New shifters for the Fuji Touring bike, and some front racks as well. All depends on the welding bill for filling a cracked dropout.
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