What's everyone buying on payday?

Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by Kevoffthetee, 24 May 2014.

  1. I like Strava, and AccuWeather . You probably have a different weather app in Britain .
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  2. anothersam

    anothersam SMIDSMe

    Far East Sussex
  3. winjim

    winjim A youth of interminable age

    Accuweather predicted snow for our honeymoon. We arrived to the biggest heatwave they'd had in a decade :dry:
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  4. Love your start screen for AccuWeather. That's probably the best reason to have it. I did not cycle to our local volunteer fire department breakfast in a rural town about 10 miles away one morning, I thought something was up with the weather. It was. F4 tornado about 30 miles away, and 3"hail here, accompanied by 60+ mph winds and rain like a car wash. In that case, my phone actually called me to tell me this was going to happen, but, like so many things car-oriented, only about 15 minutes before it happened. Towns distant enough here, that would not have been enough warning for a cyclist. Talk about crosswinds, a downburst snapped 10 power poles in two different locations about a mile from me Common sense app saved the day.
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  5. I also run Here for mapping and navigation, in the beta version. And NFL Mobile. Go Vikings!
  6. richbris86

    richbris86 New Member

    potentially a complete 105 group set for my commuter (second hand)
  7. MrPie

    MrPie Telling it like it is since 1971

    Perth, Australia
    Bora ultra 2's.......arrived Wednesday, tubs glued and now ready to roll!
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  8. MrDaveCee

    MrDaveCee Regular

    Even though payday is next week, last night I bought
    A pair of Schwalbe One Tyres
    Fulcrum Racing 5's
    Some Kool Stop brake pads (thanks to seeing them mentioned on here)
    and a couple of Park Tool tools for changing the cassette over to my new wheels.
    I just need to pay myself back in to my savings account on payday next week!!! :blush:
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  9. Perhaps some repair welding for a racing bicycle to be named later. New shifters for the Fuji Touring bike, and some front racks as well. All depends on the welding bill for filling a cracked dropout.
  10. SteCenturion

    SteCenturion I am your Father

    Do you race @MrPie ?

    Asking obviously due to the "tubs".

    I have been looking/drooling at Bora Ultra 50 clinchers & FFWD F6R FCC (full carbon clinchers).
  11. SteCenturion

    SteCenturion I am your Father

    Ahh, Bowers & Wilkins.... Lush :wub:
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  12. NorvernRob

    NorvernRob Senior Member

    Paid a load of money off my credit card, that's paid for this months stuff that I bought well before payday ^_^
  13. MrPie

    MrPie Telling it like it is since 1971

    Perth, Australia
    Not seriously - some TT's and the odd crit....just don't have the engine if I'm honest. I got a juicy tax refund so bought a Colnago C60.....BU2 just seemed like the right thing to do
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  14. New shifters ordered, SunRace Thumb shifters. 15 simoleons.
  15. slowmotion

    slowmotion Quite dreadful

    lost somewhere
    Windows 7 and a 1GB RAM upgrade.
    Whatever happened to Sex'nDrugs'nRock'nRoll?
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