Which Cake?

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Ok Cake/Cafe stoppers what is the cake of choice???

Although I presently live in the sarf Im actually from oop north and northern folk being inherently ard etc I like my cake made from cherries, heavy enough to break a windscreen, able to be forgotton for a week or two and stilll provide nutrition. With this in mind cheap(tesco value) is my choice.

Im I missing out? What is the perfect cycling cake ????????


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well I reckon my Mums old chocolate cake with butter cream was the best ever...oh and her Christmas cake...yummy.


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Wouldn't it be quicker to name cakes you don't like?

Still thinking hard.

Rum Baba and that probably isn't even a cake :?:


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I don't really like cake, but I can manage a nice carrot cake, or date and walnut. No icing though thanks :?:


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I had a lovely piece of courgette cake while riding through the Trough of Bowland. It was very much like a green carrot cake. Very moist. :?:
My mothers chocolate cake with butter cream filling and a whole large galaxy melted over the top. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm chocolate!
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