Which CC member do you think you'd like to meet?


Liverpool, UK
I'll just warn you, I am *very* geeky when it comes to motor racing. :blush:

Maybe I am the very model of a modern major-general... :whistle:


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I too have toyed with the idea of organising a forum ride ..... in my case in Gloucestershire ..... but due to family health problems, I wouldn't be able to guarantee that I'd turn up to my own ride! I'm just getting out there whenever I can be certain I'm not needed at the moment.

Over the years I have had the pleasure of meeting several Cyclechat members out on the road when entering audaxes. @jembullo, @Pikey, @Banjo, @twentysix by twentyfive and @Arjimlad immediately spring to mind. I have also introduced @Dark46 and @KingswayRider to this forum, making a total of seven members who I have met. Not a rogue among them! Hopefully I'll meet a few other local members out on the road as it is always nice to be able to put a face to a name. Please stop me for a chat if you think you spot me. I would wear my Cyclechat shirt more often if it had one more X in its size. Instead you will just have to look out for an improbably massive cyclist in the Gloucester/Stroud/Forest of Dean area.
Difficult to miss you @Donger...
Happy to catch up when you get chance to get out. Sunday's route is easy enough...just the steady ascent to Abenhall before heading out to Linton & Gorsley. If you're not out & we don't catch up before, I'm off over Xmas & hopefully we can knock in a few miles together.

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Yes, I've often heard mention of the Grand Flounce but noone ever gives the back story. It was before my time but the Old Ones still speak of it in hushed tones .....
Rather like a pub fight you will get different accounts from different witnesses, and some people in the pub won't have seen anything, either genuinely or out of convenience.

I think the bother started in the old NACA where there were a few big hitters who thought they ran that part of the forum.

As was bound to happen, the gaffer eventually tired of that situation, so one or two of them were modded and took grave exception to it.

A couple may or may not have been banned, but quite a few of that little squad stopped posting for one reason or another.

Their absence all at once would have been quite noticeable to a NACA regular, so it collectively became known as the Great Flounce.

I can't remember hardly any of their user names, and not a word of what they posted.

But it was all quite interesting at the time.


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I was here when it happened although I did miss it. I went away for a few days, everything was as usual before I went and when I returned it had all happened. I never did find out why and what was done.
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