Whyte Wessex


I am intrigued by this bike. On the one hand it seems ideal a decent carbon frame that takes mudguards for the winter - you ride a good bike all year round.

On the other hand is more a winter bike than a summer one - The bike is often commented on to be heavy - and some models come with 32mm tyres. I know the doesn't necessarily mean a slower bike - But I wouldn't possibly see how it could compete (in the summer months) with a bike that is maybe not full on race - but sort of sportive race ....
It would also seem that you are throwing £2.5k at making cycling at its least enjoyable (cold ,wet ,dark,) more tolerable - But then taking a hit when cycling is the most most fun in the summer months....

I know speed isn't all about the bike - but really wondered if anyone has owned one - and what the take up of this bike is ..its a nice idea, but can't help wonder if its a 'Whyte Elephant' (Sorry !!!!!!)


Into my 64th
Looks like a really nice real world all year round bike to me. They look great in the flesh too. I rather fancy the Wessex One tbh.

Plenty of good quotes on the website too.

Can't see the problem with it tbh.


9.2kg is a long way from being a chubby bike but if you're serious about such things you could always throw an additional £4251 in Whyte's direction and get the SE version which saves 1.6kg. :wacko:



I'd be intrigued to know if you ever bought the bike as I am thinking about it...should I win the lottery.
I didn't buy it - and TBH it was never on my shortlist. I prefer to use an old hack for winter and put the serious cash towards a 'best bike'
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