1. ChrisEyles

    Whyte Kings Cross CX / Gravel Bike - Medium - £300

    Whyte Kings Cross CX / Gravel Road Bike Medium size frame Currently has 28mm Schwalbe Marathon / Delta Cruiser tyres fitted, but has plenty of clearance for 40mm+ tyres for off-road use Sora 2x9 drivetrain Tektro Lyra mechanical disc brakes with cross top levers Happy to swap the...
  2. vickster

    Whyte gravel bikes

    Any experience of these beauties on the forum? Looking at this one https://www.balfesbikes.co.uk/bikes/gravel-adventure-bikes/whyte-friston-v4-gravel-road-bike-2022-in-matt-diesel__28299 Considering a Gravel up to £2k, must have SRAM 1x groupset and be available to try out (which probably...
  3. A

    Whyte Stirling overhaul

    Hi, I've been in the market for a road bike for ages which I've discussed here before, however covid and indecision have put a spanner in for now. So my attention turns to my commuter Whyte Stirling. It desperately needs a new chain/cassette and rear wheel. The bottom bracket seems to be...
  4. B

    Whyte or Boardman

    Hey guys, I have kind of decided that I want to buy the "Boardman Hyb 8.8 2021", but due to no stock in UK for a while I can't buy it right now until god know how long. However I have found an alternative to it which is the "Whyte Whitechapel V2 Hybrid Bike" which seems very attractive to me...
  5. P

    Whyte Winchelsea e-road bike

    Does the panel have any experience or views on this bike? I've read much on here about e-bikes in general, and am interested in this specific bike.
  6. U

    Croix De Fer 20 or Whyte Glencoe

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a second-hand winter bike, not keen on subjecting my beloved Condor to the rigours of the Scottish winter. I'm looking at a Croix De Fer 20 and a Whyte Glencoe. I was thinking about a bit of mucking about on trails a bit. I've hankered after a CdF for a while and...
  7. simon.r

    Whyte E-150 MTB

    Not long back from the first proper ride on this: Wow^_^
  8. David5416

    WHYTE road bike stem

    WHYTE road bike stem 110mm taken off a WHYTE Sussex excellent condition £13 p&p included
  9. 3narf

    Whyte 905 frame size

    Hi, does anyone know if an 18" frame equates to a large? I'm looking at a s/h frame on ebay. Seller says it's 18" and a large but Whyte's website doesn't give much info (actually, none of them do; why assist people looking to buy second hand, eh?) I'm building a new bike for my son who is...
  10. C

    Whyte saddle clamp bolt?

    I stupidly lost one of the bolts from the saddle clamp on my Whyte Shoreditch. My local Whyte dealer says the bolt is not available as a spare, so the only option is to replace the whole seat-post! Is this really the case, or does anyone know a likely source for a compatible bolt?
  11. Incontinentia Buttocks

    London road flat bar or Whyte Portobello plus 2019

    Hello, I've changed my commute from 11 mile each way road to 13 mile each way mostly on good quality towpath and 3-5 miles hideous city streets after several near death experiences. The road bike has taken a well earned rest and my ancient Carrera Fury mtb, shod in schwalbe city jets has stepped...
  12. Kernow_T

    **Price drop**Mrs Kernow's Whyte Suffolk 2014 105 (54)

    Mines gone and now Mrs Kernow's is going too - with a new addition we could do with the space, funds and one less bike each. So good I bought the same bike twice (had the excuse of giving her my former one as a reason to upgrade groupset). Not ridden since service - new BB, chain, cassette plus...
  13. Kernow_T

    **No longer available**Whyte Suffolk 105 2016

    Whyte Suffolk 54 (suit 5'7-5'11) Technical Information Colour: Matt Granite with Orange/Aqua Frame: 6061 Hydro Formed T6 Aluminium, Custom Drawn, Multi Butted with Post Mount Chainstay Disk mount Fork: Straight Bladed Carbon Front Fork, Tapered Alloy Steerer with Internal Hose Routing and...
  14. kingrollo

    Whyte Wessex

    I am intrigued by this bike. On the one hand it seems ideal a decent carbon frame that takes mudguards for the winter - you ride a good bike all year round. On the other hand is more a winter bike than a summer one - The bike is often commented on to be heavy - and some models come with 32mm...
  15. B

    Busch & Muller Lumotec IQ2 Luxos U dynamo lighting system- Ideal for Whyte Wessex/ Dorset

    This came on a secondhand bike I purchased, and I don't want it, so looking to lose the extra weight, and free up some pounds (sterling!). I understand it's a fantastic system, automatic light, and also charges gadgets! See the link below for details. Now the problem will be in transplanting...
  16. BenScoobert

    Whyte Bikes Saxon Cross 2015, ridden once, £1500 new, £850

    I am having a clear out of my bikes, I have 3 for sale. Here's 1. Here's 2 reviews for the bike http://www.cxmagazine.com/review-whyte-bikes-usa-saxon-cross-bike-sram-shimano/7 https://roadcyclinguk.com/gear/whyte-2015.html/4#mmGpueHPxPljUowI.97 I got this last year and never got round to...
  17. J

    Boardman or Whyte Whitechapel

    Hi All, A friend wants to buy a bike and they’ve asked me for advice. In terms of use it will be fair weather cycling only on flat terrain (on road only) and just used for short journeys of a couple of miles or so. I don't think that they intend to fit a rack or anything else. Now I know...
  18. G

    Whyte Stirling 2012 Model XL

    This is in good condition overall, with only a few scuffs and has just had new chain, cable and cassette last week as well as a service at LBS. It's still a great looking bike. Schwalbe Marathon tyres. New bottom bracket in Dec 2015. New rear wheel in April 2015. Been well looked after with all...
  19. Salty seadog

    Mudguards for carbon frame Whyte montpellier 2014

    I know this question has been asked but all the response suggestions seem to only cater for up to 25mm. I have a Whyte Montpellier carbon frame hybrid. It has 28mm tyres disc brakes and plenty of clearence. There are no mounting points other than an eyelet through the fork crown, about 2 inches...
  20. jarlrmai

    Looking at a Whyte Saxon CX can I fit slicks for winter road rides?

    http://www.winstanleysbikes.co.uk/product/73718/Whyte_Saxon_Cross_Cyclocross_2015_Bike Thanks
  21. rideswithmoobs

    Thinking of selling Whyte 905....

    I'm only thinking at moment and looking at sort of interest I would get for 2017 Whyte 905 MTB 3 rides done All receipts of purchase from local shop Spec available anywhere on web as I know little about MTB's Dropper post Converted to tubeless tyres by shop before purchasing Mucky nutz guards...
  22. mrmacmusic

    Flat-bar dilemma: Whyte commuter or convert my Genesis?

    Been a while since I've posted here and although a long-winded back story probably isn't necessary a short version might be useful. Essentially I've never quite felt the same about cycling since I crashed in June 2016 and it's taken me over a year to get back to a place (mentally) where I...
  23. rudders20

    Will schwalbe big apple 28x2.00 tyres fit on a whyte Stirling?

    Hello, I've got a 2016 Whyte Stirling and was wondering if anybody knows if the rims will take a pair of Schwalbe Big Apple tyres (28x2.00)? I don't think that frame clearance will be an issue but wasnt sure if the rims would take such a large tyre? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  24. Dave7

    Whyte Montpellier..........question re' gearing

    I am looking at bikes again as 'sale time' (hopefully) gets closer. Looking at the Whyte Montpellier I just noticed that it only has one front ring and the cassette is 11-42 (didn't notice that previously). I know it's not a "road bike" but most (maybe all) hybrids have a least a double. Their...
  25. G

    Whyte Stirling 2012 XL for sale

    Just seeing if there is any interest in this, not desperate to sell as it's a lovely bike, but quite fancy a new one! This is in good condition overall, and has just had new chain, cable and cassette last week. New Schwalbe Marathon tyres just fitted too. New bottom bracket in Dec 2015. New rear...
  26. SpokeyDokey

    Whyte Suffolk 2016 105 Disc

    This ticks a lot of boxes to me. Ability to take chubby tyres (32mm & maybe more?), hydraulic brakes and a low 34x32 gear. Sensibly priced at £1299 as well. I know I need to ride one but it is not currently in stock at the dealership. Although the very friendly owner at LBS has a 54cm on...
  27. P

    Whyte Pimlico & Cambridge

    A nerdy sort of question: Am helping D1 choose a Bike to Work bike from Cycles uk. We saw and test rode a Whyte Cambridge Large (she is 5ft10/inside leg 32) she found it fine, and MUCH better than her current Spech MTB commuter Now, looking at the Whyte website, i see that the...
  28. rudders20

    Own a whyte fast urban?! Reviews, experiences and info required.

    Hello, firstly, a massive thanks for viewing my thread, secondly, another massive thanks in advance for any info received. I'm looking to purchase myself a new bike for the daily commute, I have several options but my current favourite is the whyte Stirling. I'm after some personal reviews from...
  29. Hedgemonkey

    [WITHDRAWN] 52cm Whyte Sussex For Sale.

    I'm selling my Whyte Sussex only used 6 times, fitted with Conti Gatorskin Tyres, SKS mudguards, Thomson Seatpost and a 90mm stem, also have a pair of Specialized Tracer Sport tyres for offroad stuff. This is virtually a new bike still and one of the best allrounders I've owned. Neck injury...
  30. DCLane

    eBay: Whyte 805 Medium - 650b / 27.5" MTB, Dewsbury

    I've not used this since January, so it's on eBay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/161895104579 Also, since SWMBO found my new TT bike, or rather said "the bikes seem to be breeding" I think it might help :eek: . My Whyte 805 MTB, size Medium. It's the 650b model from 2014 in white with lime...
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