"Wiggle" service


My third purchase from them that I have had problems with and I am very annoyed, difficulty in replacing faulty components.
No telephone assistance.
Reply from their "lad" Justin was so stupid as to be insulting.
Online C.R.C are much better and helpful.
I do use my local bike shop also but they have a limited stock.
Merlin are also good, as no doubt other suppliers are.
No more "Wiggling" from me.


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Never had a problem with them myself.


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I've never ever had any issues with them, with sales, advice, returns or resolving quality issues. Lots more wiggling for me :okay:

Edit: just to clarify, they're not crap.


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It's a shame you had problems with Wiggle, @Doug. , I've managed to get myself to platinum card - ah, those were the days! - status with them without ever having a problem with them. Well, apart from that feeling of disappointment when you've ordered a lot and they forget the Haribo. And the fact that it's only a 200g pack.


Been using wiggle for a long time,never had a problem


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To be honest I've never had to test their customer service. Everything has arrived as described and very promptly (with haribo!) and never had to send anything back.

It's a shame you've had a bad experience.


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I've sent a few bits back to Wiggle, some faulty, some because I just ordered the wrong thing. Always fine and never had a problem.

While we're on the subject, I've also found Evans customer service call centre to be utterly fantastic.
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