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A sigma I had a few years back used to tell me I did 200Kmph plus through traffic lights - I think they just suffer from interference from the inductive loop used by some traffic lights to detect oncoming vehicles.


I've given up on my wireless computer. I've just found a wired Cateye computer so I'm going to give that a try. Hopefully it will arrive through the post shortly!
Welcome to the wonderful world of wireless 'putes! :wacko:

Everyone I've bought, and I'm going back a few years, has broken down. So I've got a cheap wired one on the "everyday" bike and, God help me, a CS200 on the best bike which I'm not holding much hope on with my record! :blush:


I had one of the original wireless computers and that used to go haywire near transmitters and the like. Think it was a Cateye and, iIrc, it had a yellow button and a red button on it.

Always had wired ones since then.


Like many on here, I have given up on wireless computers. I have owned a few, in the mistaken belief that the next one would work fine. They usually did, until the guarantee had expired. I am now a complete convert to the hi-tech world of wires.


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GPS, and it's Euro counterpart if it ever gets of the ground, will make traditional wireless comps redundant once they start to fall in price a bit more. The new range of Garmin Edge's has me drooling but too dear for me as my Polar cost me over £200 and it still works so can't justify the cost to myself but still can't help just drooling.

Like everyone else my wireless comp suffers from intereference however as part of an overall ride the interference can be measured in seconds therefore the skew on the figures on the road is unlikely to be that noticeable and my polar is excellent in that the hrm downloads auto correct the interference so happy enough with it.


The digital version (VDO C+ e.g. C05+) doesn't suffer from this problem AFAIK. Also, I assume that it doesn't cross-talk with your neighbour's VDO C+ when riding two abreast. Slightly more expensive though, and harder to come by.
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