Worst road behaviour EVER!

This was some of the most outrageous road behaviour I have ever come across. I am pretty sure she was out to get me. Unfortunately I didn't get a registration number. I can only hope she will ruminate over this one for a while....... :becool:
You nearly RAMmed her and now you're trying to pull the WOOL over our eyes and make out that EWE were blameless


Aperitif said:
About 30mph on that! Report that road to fillthathole - at once...you must be nuts magnatom!

(Trademark 'skirl of the McTavish' though - consistency in town or country! :becool:)

I do like letting my hair down on that road. :blush: Yes it needs a lot of work on it, the problem is I wouldn't know where to start with filthathole!

(I am working on an idea that might get the state of this road improved Watch this space....)


My Armchair
I'm never moaning about the state of my local roads again after watching that-shocking:ohmy:
And you got me there,was expecting another maggers moment:biggrin:
Shear lack of road sense if you ask me

She soon shifted at your shouting though, so she wasn't mutton jeff
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