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Following on from the stupid Facebook, your Facebook Year in Review feature that tries to summarise all the good (and bad) things that happened e.g. "“It’s been a great year!", with not so happy memories like this one...

(Someones flat that burned down, used automatically by FB to bring cheer and joy)

Strava have launched a similar feature.

For those Stravasoles amongst us, When logged in you should see a Your 2014 Strava Story link on the right hand side. For me, it fell over a number of times and I gave up. Strangely, it is now working.

Anyway, here is my lame Strava Story


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Didn't make mine public as it was terrible


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I liked the info graphics but they could have probably put them all on the one page as a summary of the year, and I liked @jefmcg idea of a heat map of the year!


my strava story from last year, just totalled up and did just under 300 miles:whistle:. i really fell out of love with cycling last year (although still looked on here every now and then) so im hoping i can rekindle it this year, need inspiration though!


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I received a swimming badge (cloth badge for the kids) from Strava yesterday for completing all the Gran Fondo rides for last year. I think they made a mistake on the blurp that came with it though. It said something like 134,000 people attempted at least one and only 0.007% did all 12 - (9 people?), I suspect whoever did the maths forgot to multiple the 0.007 by 100 to turn it into % and it should have been just over 900 people

I presume a few off here got one as well
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