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A vid of the hedgehogs that live in my garden.
I set the security camera up to record their activity and to see if one is living in the hoghouse. (Which it is!)


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Few weeks back i had a small incident with a SparrowHawk. Just starting at the bottom of a decent climb and beginning the grind so was only going about 10kmh when a tit (pretty sure it was it was a blue) sprang out of the hedge at full speed and hit my wheel, that the closely followed by it's chaser which managed to slam on the air brakes and just stop short of hitting me:ohmy:. The tit vanished in an instant hence i wasn't 100% sure it was a blue, but the Spar landed on the roadside before heading off to look for super once more. Was quite an amazing event and all took place in around 2-3 seconds.
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