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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by gbb, 30 Mar 2008.

  1. Elybazza61

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  2. I have no idea about oval chain rings, but that is a very pretty bike...
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  3. Elybazza61

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    Shop manager has been running some for a while and has been very happy with them;not tricky to set up either.
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    I've had a brilliant day in Orkney.
    Flew up from Edinburgh this morning , getting our grandson home .
    Usually it's bus and boat but he has been wanting me to cycle up here with him.

    Picked up a hire bike from Orkney cycles before 12 , a Giant road bike.

    We settled on heading from Kirkwall to the Italian Chapel.
    No sunshine here today and a bit cold.
    Straight route with very few flat bits , but the boy coped.

    The Churchill barriers leading to the Italian Chapel
    after a rest for the wee guy back home in Kirkwall we done another couple of shorter local runs and stopped off at St Magnus Cathedral
    it has been a great day out.
    I'm on a midnight boat back down to Aberdeen , then a bus home to Glasgow for 11 tomorrow morning.

    So after talking about this adventure for years, we done it.

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  5. Littgull

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    What a glorious day here in the South Pennines.

    Time was at a premium today but I managed to get in a very enjoyable 14 mile local loop on my mtb.
    Only a short ride but it had lots of variety - canal towpath, grassy common, woodland trail, a tough little climb to high moorland and an exhilarating long dirt road descent!
    The trees at Healey Dell look to be just a week away before all the leaves appear. I noticed the tracks were very dry since the last heavy early spring/winter rain. Almost as dry as they were during the long hot summer of last year. Great for riding on.

    My route was Littleborough - Rochdale - Healey Dell - Whitworth - Syke - Wardle - Shore - Littleborough.

    Here are a few pictures.

    Trees at Healey Dell.jpg Bridge over Healey Dell.jpg Track over Syke Moor.jpg
  6. twentysix by twentyfive

    twentysix by twentyfive Clinging on tightly

    Over the Hill
    John B, Pete M, Jules H and me met up at Powick. John was our leader and then plan was for The Den. He lead us a fairly standard route. Jules wasn't feeling good after Ockeridge so headed back. We refreshed ourselves at The Den and John changed route as we didn't need to accommodate Jules now. Pete was dropped off at Old Colwall near his home while John and I head south to round that end of the Hills. Quite brisk riding today and the cold North wind was quite hindering at times. 65 smiles
  7. geocycle

    geocycle Veteran

    Just back from three day Lake District Loop. Wonderful ride along an updated Cumbria cycle way. Some serious climbs but avoided the macho passes! Found some new roads even though I’ve lived in the NW for 25 years.

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  8. Old jon

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    Another bright morning here, there was no need of any persuasion at all to go for a ride. There was, however, a need to decide where to go on the bike. Down the hill, ‘cos the road goes no higher than here. But after that?

    The choice was south. An easy start to the ride by taking the flattest direction, along the bike path that borders the beach. It is a good, wide, bike path. As a Renault driver demonstrated, coming straight towards me before I had travelled fifty yards along the track. There was room enough on the path, but there was much more unfilled space between his ears. Pillock.

    Not going to allow one of those to spoil a bike ride, on I pedalled. Past bridges old and new, the overflow bus park and along to the T junction, where I turned right towards Jose Mendes. Which is a place, not a bloke. Even streets here are named after people, along with their qualifications or social position. Not such a bad idea, really. A friend once lived on Kentmere Approach, ( Leeds ) or street or whichever. We once walked the Kentmere Round together, Lakes, just because of his address, eighty miles east. Anyway, ride through the place, under the tunnel roads and bear right onto a road that leads to Costeira do Pirajube. Online translate returns no sensible answer, and our lass ain’t here so I cannot tell anyone what the name might mean. But here is a bit of the approach road.

    What it meant for the ride was time to turn around. A vague idea to explore further south of the island was forgotten, the traffic on the road I had intended to ride was at a standstill. After a munch and a drink standstill was still the word, so I headed home. Unfamiliar roads are great! On the way out I was thinking my speed was pretty good. Then I had to climb the little inclines that had produced that velocity. Ah well.

    All the way back, a welcome breeze, views across the water and indeed all around. Oh! Almost forgot. There are more bikes with knobbly tyres here than I have seen anywhere else on tarmac. Most of them wear super wide handlebars that do not look comfortable, but maybe they are. A rider today had super wide bars, vertical bar extensions ( if that’s what they are called ) and what I think are known as TT bars bolted on to the whole lot. Those bars where you rest your forearms in a pair of lengths of guttering. He certainly had a choice of hand positions. The smile lasted all the way home, twenty two miles after starting.

    And the map, which has shown a potential circular route . . .

  9. gavgav

    gavgav Guru

    I bagged my April Half Century Challenge Ride today, up in Wales, as I’m at the caravan to commiserate in becoming another year older. Thankfully the Man Flu that I came down with, on Saturday, has mostly relented, but I felt very lethargic and lacking in energy, still, when riding today. That might also have had something to do with the strong and bitingly cold wind that was blowing, what seemingly felt like, as a headwind for 80% of the ride :wacko: At least it was gloriously sunny, but there was very little warmth in the sun today.

    I set off down the main road to Barmouth, which was refreshingly incident free today and then rode down the promenade, pausing to watch the large waves crashing against the sea wall in the wind.


    I crossed Barmouth Bridge, which was heaving with walkers and cyclists, meaning rather a slalom route was required and the train came across from the Fairbourne direction, which I’ve only seen once before. The views out to sea were immensely blue.

    I then set off up the Mawddach Trail, towards Dolgellau, enjoying the views and it was very busy on there, today, with families enjoying an early start to the Easter Holidays (PD Days?)

    The wind was mostly behind me up the trail and so I made decent progress, before branching off and out of Dolgellau, towards Cymer Abbey, just below Llanelltyd, which was my destination for today. I’d seen signs for it, on many occasions, but never been and so decided to head there today. I paused by the river, first of all, enjoying the splendid view up to Cader Idris, which still has pockets of Snow on its summit.

    I then went up the driveway to Cymer Abbey, which isn’t particularly big, but is free to enter and provided me with a good spot to enjoy a snack and walk round for 15 minutes.
    9E241B14-E199-4C68-A4C7-C20336E2E4AA.jpeg 7DE6868E-4E02-4068-BC40-3A88C4A9C0EB.jpeg

    I then retraced my steps and this meant turning into the wind, for the whole journey back, as it was veering from Westerly to Northerly. The section along the Mawddach Trail was a real hard and Winterly like cold slog, with me having to drop down the gears and pedal hard to hit 7 or 8 mph, along the flat, which is 6 mph less than I would expect along there.

    Only notable thing to remark on, for the route back, was my stubbornness to cycle up the ridiculously steep bank from the promenade to the main road at Llanaber, which I successfully did for only the Second time!

    Arrived back at the caravan having done 34.69 miles, with 1803ft of climbing at a snail pace of 10.4mph avg.
  10. Katherine

    Katherine Guru Moderator

    I did my first non stop ride since the accident last October.
    No stopping for a rest or photos, checking the map etc
    It was my Farnworth, Stoneclough, Whitefield, Prestwich, Agecroft , Swinton loop. Normally it's 19 miles if I don't take a detour through Heaton Park, which I didn't today, but for some reason it was 18 miles. It's a hilly route but great fun on the descents.
    Will go further next time.
  11. robjh

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    This was my ride yesterday - I didn't get home till 11pm which is my excuse for posting a day late.

    There was a gusty north-easterly all day, so I headed south-west and took advantage of cheap train tickets to get me back in the evening. I live just south of Cambridge and set out at 7am and rode to London, where I stopped for late breakfast in Islington about 10.15. I stopped off by the Houses of Parliament to see some of the fun there at the moment, then headed over to SW London where I diverted to see a few old haunts and places with family connections on my way down to Epsom. Then up to Epsom Downs and Box Hill for a late lunch. I had thought of going to Leith Hill as well, but was running a bit late (too much sightseeing), so I carried on south to Horsham and Steyning. The absolute highlight of the day was the ride across the South Downs from here to Worthing - a very steep climb but then a view for miles with the deep blue sea on the horizon. I finished with a ride along Worthing seafront, before getting a 7pm train back to London. It was a glorious day, a good tailwind, a great ride (123 miles), and a late return home.

    Lea Bridge Road and the new cycle path ; outside Parliament
    20190410 Worthing ride (5) Lea Bridge cycle paths.jpg 20190410 Worthing ride (13) Houses of Parliament Brexit.JPG

    Box Hill ; South Downs
    20190410 Worthing ride (35) Box Hill.jpg 20190410 Worthing ride (41) South Downs Steyning-Sompting road.jpg

    Worthing sea front
    20190410 Worthing ride (46) Worthing.jpg 20190410 Worthing ride (55) Worthing.jpg
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  12. Mr Celine

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    For once a week off coincided with some decent weather, though not according to the met office who were telling me at 1:30 that the sun would be gone by 2:00 and it would be overcast all afternoon. It did briefly cloud over around 5:00....
    I headed east up Tweeddale and tried out the new Walkerburn - Innerleithen sustrans bimble track. This is completely unsignposted at its start in Walkerburn and took some finding. It's a pleasant enough cycle alongside the river but no quicker than the back road along the south bank which is pretty much traffic free anyway and isn't overrun with dogs. I had to stop briefly for a P...
    I did a short loop round Cademuir Hill to the south of Peebles which passes through sheep country.
    The farmer must have got a job lot of these 'sheep miscarry too signs' as there were loads of them. The triangle on the left also says it.


    Looking south up the Manor Valley towards Dollar Law 817m which still has some snow on it.

    Then back down Tweeddale sticking to the roads. Today's map -

    53 miles @ 15.5 mph, 861m ascent.
  13. roadrash

    roadrash cycle chatterer

    @Mr Celine what did that sign say...sheep misca…. too..
  14. Mr Celine

    Mr Celine Discordian

    Sheep miscarry too.

    Probably aimed at dog walkers as much as road traffic. Or possibly cyclists as sheep don't always hear us coming.
  15. roadrash

    roadrash cycle chatterer

    Thanks, I was racking my tiny brain trying to work it out
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