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It was going to be a 15 mile, just to enjoy the stopped at 5.5 miles, punctured. I looked at my lack of saddle bag on the bike as I walked out the'll be ok. :headshake:

(my son served as a broom wagon after a quick phone call and a nice 10 minute sit in the sun)
It was going to be a 15 mile, just to enjoy the stopped at 5.5 miles, punctured. I looked at my lack of saddle bag on the bike as I walked out the'll be ok. :headshake:

(my son served as a broom wagon after a quick phone call and a nice 10 minute sit in the sun)
Each of my bikes has its own bar bag with spares and tools. :angel:


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Two extra rides this evening as my brother was working so I went along on his way in to give him company then went down again later to escort him back.

The first trip didn't get off to a good start when his front light parted company from the bike and went skittering into the road. Fortunately the passing traffic missed it and I was able to get it back - a bit scuffed but it still works. The bracket had come apart so that'll need sorting out. I fixed it in the meantime with a bit of tape.

On my way back through the Quarry I noticed a group of cyclists tinkering with a bike, stopped to ask if they had everything they needed and got asked "How are you with front derailleurs?". So I did my good deed for the day by sorting out a derailleur that was at a funny angle and completely out of adjustment.

The second trip down was fairly uneventful and the only thing worth mentioning is that I still quite like the new dynamo lighting setup on the knockabout bike as it's nice and bright and I can leave it on all the time without worrying about batteries.

15.5 miles for the two trips at an overall average of 11.3 mph.


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Happy holiday!!! (if your country doesn't... Sorry)

So is workers day and most of the people was out with a day off.. This means group ride!!!


The climber from the group..


The different levels of cycling in a group in 1 pic?




The whole group..


Time to refuel…


Now is nap time…

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Jules H and me today. We spent time chattering in Upton before the off. We took the standard run out to Bishampton where we decided to take to some rarely used lanes. Brain Nav worked until the ford at Shell. We emerged onto a road I knew wasn't right. The paper map came out. That set us right but again I got it wrong. Paper map came out. Now I began to get it right. All the off routes had got us hungry so the cafe at Ditchford Bank was a welcome sight.

Our return run was well known so no worries. Except that Jules' gears slipped on the little steep one to Crowle. Looks like new chain rings in his future as chain and cassette have just been replaced. A brief light rain wasn't a problem but as we got closer to home the roads got quite wet. We'd missed that downpour thankfully. Good outing today and a bit of getting lost makes things a bit special. 73 smiles
Wednesday, what a wonderful day for a ride! Fair weather, some breeze for cooling purposes and a bike waiting to be used. To top it all, May Day is celebrated properly here, it is a real holiday.

Down ‘orrible ‘ill, across the flyover and the big bend leads around to the bike path along Beira Mar. This end of it is quiet, there is a Honda dealership, closed for the holiday, and a media consultancy of some type, also closed. So nothing to attract people. A bit further on, cross a couple of rivers, and things liven up a lot. People are out on bikes and scooters and just plain feet. Rather more busy than usual. Ride along, carefully. There are two car parks along the way, and between these is where the crowds are. Then things become less busy, as the old bridge is approached. With a low level video to show very little . . .

The plan for today was to stay on the island and ride some way further along the road that might just lead to Lagoa. Sort of ride out towards the airport and turn left. Before the left turn that does this, there is the end of the cycle path and a video of the variety of ways to define the edge of a usually rather busy road hereabouts.

After gutter study, on I go in roughly the same direction. On a bike, this means riding through Jose Mendes, which is good as most of the traffic uses the tunnels through the hill, where bikes are not supposed to go. A bit of a right fork as the road underpasses the tunnel roads leads to a road that runs parallel to the main airport road, through Costeira, again little traffic along here. Reach the point where both roads join up and there is a not so very visible left turn onto SC 405 which sort of goes to Lagoa. I think. The road surface, for the few hundred yards I rode along it, is appalling. Forget this for a game, go ride along the airport road and see what that offers. A better road surface, but going nowhere once the football stadium is reached, except the airport.

Yet another turn around and return home. The SC 405, and a left onto SC 406 will take me to Lagoa, which is a very nice place to go to. The direct route from home, Florianopolis, has to climb a lot of a hill and the road twists and turns quite a lot. And the Lagoa side is steep indeed, could be a long walk up . . .

Might just suffer that horrendous road surface, for the fun of riding that hill. Anyway, today was almost twenty five miles and about six hundred feet going upwards. Big grin half way up two step hill lasted all the way home.

The map . . .

25 miles on Wiggy #2, the Chartres today; the 11 mile round trip to Ely Station and assorted bimblage in and around Cambridge.

Must've been the day for numpties in Cambridge today, as I had three near misses, two of which were while I was in a cycle lane. :angry:

The worst of these was by a cretin in a metallic blue A-class Merc who sideswiped me on the Maid's Causeway / Victoria Street roundabout. :cursing: How I managed to avoid being knocked off, I shall never know. He just drove off, leaving me standing in the middle of the road, really quite shaken. A group of cyclists stopped to see if I was OK which was kind of them - turned out he'd close passed them on the approach to the roundabout.

On the upsides, a chap on a very nice tourer (who was waiting for the rack I was just vacating) was admiring the Chartres and asked me about the brakes as he was considering an N+1 with disc brakes. And I bought some nice (useful) things for the bike - a rack bag and a rear light.


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My ride yesterday:

It was a bank holiday in Switzerland and having collected my new bike on Tuesday, I was keen to get out on it. The weather forecast was good, therefore I was a little disappointed to wake up to a cold foggy morning.

I waited until 9am and with no change, I stuck some lights on and went anyway. I had only planned the first part of the route and decided I’d stick with that and review the weather situation over a coffee.

So off to Winterthur taking the hilly route. Glad I’d got the lights as otherwise I would have been almost invisible at the top of the hill - The fog was very thick up there. Heading down the other side I discovered that the squeak the front brake had been making had developed into a screech, so I probably woke up a few locals in the nearby villages!

I arrived at the coffee stop and after 30 mins of drinking coffee, it finally started to warm up. There was a protest march going through the city centre which was blocking the main route out the other side, so I decided to take a route back towards home.

About three quarters of the way home and now starting to enjoy the ride, I took a wrong turn. This actually worked out fine as it took me onto another route that goes round the Greifensee, a 20km circuit of a very pretty lake.

From there I headed back towards home, but as, by now, it was actually warming up a lot, I headed straight past and out onto 30km loop that I’ve been enjoying recently. That took me over 100kms which I was very happy with.

The new bike was excellent. Just the brake noise needs sorting out. The bike shop can do that next week sometime.

Today - Bike to work starts in Switzerland, so for the next 2 months. I’ll be commuting 20kms each work day. You only have to do half of your work journeys. But I’ll try to do more.
Enjoying the view at Greifensee
Yesterday’s map


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Thumbs up ride!

Another happy customer and a new friendship, that is how I like to describe people coming here for a ride, they come to ride and leave with the feeling of having a new friend in Málaga.

Our new friend Jeroen! plus the boss.


Soon after we started the road started with the typical ups and downs we have all over


Mountains are all over the place and climbing is never too far.


Can you see why I started the way I did this post?


And a bit more of climbing


One of the many towns we passed.


A perfect spot for a pic!?


One more time?


And before we were done a bit of chatting andddddd…. Coffee!!! Too early for beer!


55 km and 900 meters of climbing..

By the way this puts me over 6000 kilometers for the year and just over 100.000 meters of climbing…. Ufff..!! Hard work but someone has to do it..
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