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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by gbb, 30 Mar 2008.

  1. Elybazza61

    Elybazza61 Veteran

    An actual 'proper' ride rather than a commute and the first 100k in aeons;seemed harder than the Strava numbers came out and the dreaded cramp hovered around at the end but didn't materialise in the end.

    Mostly sun and blue sky (although a bit chilly) until the end when it clouded over and a bit of very light rain.

    Blue Suffolk sky;


    Nice to get ou on this again;


    Actually went the other way;


    And a much needed double espresso and brownie at Silver Oak coffees' 'rig' on Ely market.

  2. AndreaJ

    AndreaJ Well-Known Member

    Only time for a quick ride today as busy with other things so headed out the reverse way of my 1 hour route round Whixall in the hope of a tailwind on the way home. Discovered some interesting potholes I don't see when going the opposite way round, not sure Shropshire council venture to these parts very often to mend roads. Before I left , teenage daughter told me my tastefully chosen gear looked like a unicorn had vomited it up, not sure if it was a compliment or an insult but I suspect insult. Colder than yesterday, no sun and still windy, 16.5 miles average speed 15.6mph and no hills in this part of Shropshire.
  3. 8mph

    8mph Senior Member

    A short hilly ride to Banbury castle and back. Had a nasty 5-10 seconds of speed wobbles coming down Banbury Hill and rode back much slower than I set out.

    I've lowered my handlebars recently and put new levers with longer hoods on. Haven't had any wobbles for years, it's put a slight damper on descents.
  4. Jenkins

    Jenkins Guru

    Yet another grey, cold and windy day in this part of Suffolk so I had a very relaxed morning indoors including watching a bit of the Paris - Roubaix before heading out for my first non commute ride of the month. Due to the easterly wind direction, there was no way I was going to do a long loop as it would have been a head wind for most of the return leg - one of the disadvantages of living just a few miles from the east coast.

    In the end I put together a route consisting of a mixture regularly used local roads, but not normally on the same ride. Out to Ipswich via Levington & Nacton, back to Bucklesham and up to Newbourne, Walringfield and Great Bealings, across to Tuddenham and Westerfield, back to Ipswich and, although I don't like riding the same road twice on a single ride, back along the Bucklesham road, down to Kirton and home. 53 miles and home for fish & chips!

    At one point the sun did come out and it almost got warm, but not for long.
    Screenshot_2019-04-14 Bring on the good weather - please Ride Strava.png Screenshot_2019-04-14 Bring on the good weather - please Ride Strava(1).png
  5. Mike_P

    Mike_P Veteran

    25km/h =15.5mph is the legal limit for the motor, their is no restriction on higher speeds but it must not have motor assistance . I did misread your original message as the ebike doing 14 and that's what I was referring to.
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  6. MrBeanz

    MrBeanz Guest

    Ontario California
    31 miles today. Supposed to be and easy spin recover ride for my bud Mike who did a hard effort yesterday. After 6 miles at 14.5 average speed, he said forget this then lifted the pace. Ended up with 31 miles at 17.0 average speed. Met and chatted with a Tri Chick at the park. Cool gal Cathy.

  7. Heltor Chasca

    Heltor Chasca Out-Riding the Black Dog

    My Sunday pootle was a day out doing the Dorset 200 which is an Audax classic and longest running event in the U.K. I’m not surprised. It’s such a well put together event with the best départ and arrivé I’ve seen. A couple of the mid point controls were worth bouncing as they were utterly rammed due to an overlap with the 100km event. Lunch was laid on by the parents of Axminster school and celebratory Extraordinaire @Ian H was on massage duty in the school hall. I opted for a warm cup of soup instead. There’s no mincing my words: it was lumpy and the icy headwind made this a tough event. Well apart from the ferry crossing. How cool is that?

    Ferry to Studland
    A large group of riders missed the boat so to speak
    Le Route
    Corfe Castle
    Stunning views from high up
    Windy Weymouth
    Silly climb up to the ice cream truck
    Ridiculous climb. I got off just near the top.
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  8. Heltor Chasca

    Heltor Chasca Out-Riding the Black Dog

    Some other stats you can geek out on.

  9. Bobby Mhor

    Bobby Mhor Wasn't born to follow

    Just as well I didn't want to head along to the end of the road, eh?
    Last edited: 15 Apr 2019
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  10. postman

    postman Legendary Member

    Meanwood ,Leeds

    I moot this poster be banned.For showing shorts sunny hot weather and blue skies.
    All in favour say yea all those against say nay.
  11. TeeShot

    TeeShot Über Member

    32A91653-F1AD-4ED6-BDC6-24782F4A006C.jpeg First time out on the Lapierre in ages. Been too busy bagging letters in the ABC towns and villages thread. Nothing strenuous today, a trip along the Middlewood Way to Macc and back along the canal. Cool but lovely and sunny.
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  12. Rickshaw Phil

    Rickshaw Phil Overconfidentii Vulgaris Moderator

    Out braving the wind again today. Despite the enjoyable ride yesterday I struggled to get myself motivated again - couldn't decide on a route and in the end just grabbed the knockabout bike and aimed it in the general direction of Acton Burnell.

    I don't think it was quite as cold today but the wind was worse. On the main road to Condover I'd usually get along at a nice 16/17mph, even on this bike, but today I could only manage 11/12mph and in the gusts I saw the speed dropping down to 9mph - not nice.

    The climb to Cantlop wasn't much better and it wasn't until Pitchford that things got a little easier as the road turned southwards. Making it slowly to Acton Burnell I took to the hills and climbed out of the village to Ruckley and Causewaywood. Riding up this valley I got some shelter from the wind as I wound my way up the steep climbs to Chatwall where the lanes with their high hedges were much appreciated.

    I was heading for Yell Bank now and as I climbed higher the hedges thinned then disappeared leaving me exposed to the strong crosswind. Choosing to take the Hawk was fortunate here as it copes pretty well with crosswinds and although a bit wobbly in the gusts I was fine to ride across the ridge.

    After descending Folly Bank I took a left onto a lane I've never had cause to ride along before. I had an abrupt halt immediately after turning in due to meeting a chap leading a horse but after that it was quiet as I explored the undulating lane through Comley and Botvyle and took in the variation in views.

    Having crossed the A49 and headed through Dudgeley I decided to shorten the ride (I had been thinking about heading to Wilderley and Pulverbatch) so took a right after Walkmills and along some lanes I haven't cycled in years. I was only just starting to extend my range back then so today I found them shorter and a lot less hilly than I remembered.

    These lanes brought me out eventually at Dorrington and back onto well trodden routes to Ryton and back to Condover. The wind being more of a south-easterly today was finally giving some help and I made good progress for the last few miles. Very glad to get back and have a hot drink today.

    25.25 miles this time at 11.6 mph average.

    On the way to Pitchford.

    Between Acton Burnell and Ruckley.

    The view from Yell Bank. I didn't stop for long as I was getting too blown about.

    I found this chap strutting his stuff at the Folly Bank crossroads.

    I didn't think too much about this little disused quarry at Comley as there are dozens like it in the hills round here, but........

    ........ apparently it is significant in the history of geological research as this sign explains.
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  13. Old jon

    Old jon Veteran

    A good day for a ride, the sun is shining and there just may be a bit of breeze. There is certainly that hill away from here to descend. Off I go!

    There is another direction to ride after crossing the bridge, straight on through Joao Paulo and continue towards Decathlon. But today that felt as if it was too much so I went around the right hand bend past the stone crusher and found myself, for no change at all, heading towards Beira Mar. The other direction will be explored further soon. There is a lot to find out in this direction anyway, once the bridge is reached and decisions have to be made.

    Today the idea was to cross the bridge and learn a little more of the area to the south, towards Sao Jose. I suppose I want to find ways to miss the hills, the big steep ones that is. The first steep one is to reach the cycle track onto the bridge. First try, nope. Change to the small ring did not happen soon enough. Must try harder, or sooner in this case. Over the bridge, turn left and head for Itaguacu, which borders on Bom Abrigo. Then explore.

    There are, as I found, a few stretches of beach with short, dead end access. Probably different on foot, even I will walk on sand, but the bike would likely sink. Did I say miss the hills? Three climbs away from the shoreline put the legs under stress, enough so that after the third I recognised a road that headed back to the bridge, uphill, and decided to ride it. A very pleasant retracing of the earlier route, totally enjoyable, took me all the way to the bottom of that hill. Seventeen miles only, but a grin was in place anyway.

    The ( not very ) big map


    followed by the almost lost again version. 15042019(2).jpg
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  14. Jenkins

    Jenkins Guru

    Today the sun was properly out, but the wind was still a cold easterly and had picked up a bit in strength. I'd planned to combine this month's 50km ride with a pub lunch & a pint or two, so the route was planned to be mostly with the wind from the side or behind for most of the way out, a spin into the wind to the chosen lunch stop and a short(ish) run home with a mostly side wind again.

    Therefore it was a regular run out via Falkenham, Kirton and Newbourne to Waldringfield with a quick diversion to Hemly for a photo stop for the "church" thread in the photography part of the forum
    All Saints, Hemley.jpg Then up Beacon Hill and along the Playford road into Rushmere before doubling back to Kesgrave. Now the unusual bit - I got to the turning for the pub and realised I wasn't hungry and so I just kept going! Got home, grabbed a backpack and headed to the local Morrisons to get a cheap pizza & a couple of bottles of beer for the evening meal instead which rounded it up to 40 miles for the day.
    Screenshot_2019-04-15 Out to lunch and not having it Ride Strava.png Screenshot_2019-04-15 Out to lunch and not having it Ride Strava(1).png
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  15. postman

    postman Legendary Member

    Meanwood ,Leeds
    My word we do take some fab photos of our rides.It is great to see where we all go,keep posting.Fantastic photos.
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