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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by gbb, 30 Mar 2008.

  1. pawl

    pawl Veteran

    Say 999 Hail Marys and your sins will be absolved.Then again I’m not sure.
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  2. CarlP

    CarlP There’s no need to live in a pit of doom

    I’ve worked hard for my sins, I don’t want them absolved thank you very much. :angel::evil:
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  3. NorthernDave

    NorthernDave Never used Über Member

    Lovely blue skies here this morning and with nothing to do until mid-afternoon, I was out just before 9 and up onto Coal Road.
    Up Red Hall Lane, along the A58 and the wend along Whin Moor Lane onto Gateley Lane and into Shadwell.

    I was huffing and puffing like no-ones business this morning though, and while it sometimes takes me a while to get into a rhythm it really wasn't happening today and I kept finding myself dropping down through the gears.

    Down the hill through the village (this bit was fine...:rolleyes:), but the short sharp incline back up to the A58 had me metaphorically on my knees.
    I had intended to cross over the main road and head for Thorner, but every route out of there is uphill and I really wasn't sure I'd cope with that much climbing in one go. :headshake:

    So, right on the A58 back to Coal Road, up the hill (in the absolute lowest gear), over the roundabout and then local roads down to home.

    6.36 miles (10.24 km) in 33 mins at an average of just 11.5 mph.

    Not the ride I'd envisaged and a bit of a downer after things had been looking like they were improving recently. Hopefully it's just the come down after a week away and I need a rest.
    At least I got a few miles in.

    Sorry, no pics today for obvious reasons but here's the map:

    And just to prove that maybe things are just sometimes meant to happen like that, it takes my total mileage on the Giant to 2,222.2 miles - I couldn't have done that if I'd tried ^_^
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  4. pawl

    pawl Veteran

    No problem keep them for another time.
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  5. Spiderweb

    Spiderweb Not So Special One

    North Yorkshire
    48F63370-EE4C-49B3-9A62-72CBE346B229.jpeg 2C82F1BF-AD23-4569-90FF-F6EAF5FCF0B6.jpeg DD696C4E-4AFE-40E1-82FE-93366A9C4ED4.jpeg 70F05677-0117-42DE-AE96-56E8A159D015.jpeg

    Out on the Tricross after lunch, a very mild 14 degrees. 53 miles with an average of 15.1 mph.
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  6. NorthernDave

    NorthernDave Never used Über Member

    I know that bench - I had my bike propped against it yesterday ^_^
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  7. iancity

    iancity Über Member

    Enjoyed the sunshine,not the flies though :-(

    Couldn't resist for the title of the ride :becool:


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  8. Donger

    Donger Convoi Exceptionnel

    Quedgeley, Glos.
    Have just got it that Carrifran is near Moffat, not Inverinate! That actually was the point I got to, but I had no way of knowing it until I searched the name on Google Maps. Funny that there are wild goats at Inverinate as well. Saw them at Shiel Bridge, alongside the A road in Inverinate and up near Carr Brae. The things get everywhere, it seems. Saw signs for red squirrels near Carrifran but didn't see any.
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  9. Mike_P

    Mike_P Veteran

    Initially south on the Defy, noted on the climbs of UCI circuit along Cornwall Road and Harlow Moor Road that a new pot hole has opened up already, one that was obviously fixed poorly for TdY. Headed straight down to Burn Bridge so I could tick off Yew Tree Lane as a road cycled along, or rather coasted down and I am in no hurry to go in the opposite direction. Conversely from Burn Bridge I headed west up Brackenthwaite Lane for the first time having previously only done it in the down hill direction and a couple of short sharp climbs ensued. Continued west to join the B6161 in the opposite direction to TdY then turned off to Almscliffe Crag passing a model aircraft club with one, possibly Spitfire or Hurricane, buzzing about in the air. Down to Huby and actually took the right turning for once to head directly across the A658 to Weeton, the sun disappeared and it turned very chilly despite having a long sleeve jersey on:cold:A bit of a mistake picking a yellow one as it was continually covered in flies:banghead: Thankfully the clouds soon vanished:sun:Dunkeswick to Sicklinghall via Kirkby Overblow to avoid the steeper climbs but nevertheless hampered by the metal cheap Go Pro knock off handlebar mount working loose – as usual the sight of a cyclist fiddling with a multitool worked like magnetism and I soon had a crowd of cyclists offering help – no one else had a Phillips screwdriver but one of them did manage to tighten it using my own which I had been struggling with. Must get some allen key bolts for it. Thanks given and east to Wetherby for a northerly ride up the A168; passing cars did manage to struggle into double figures so that road was busier than normal :eek:Turned off through Arkendale and at Farnham decided as it was getting on in the afternoon to head to the A61 and A59. Neither were that busy and the pair of right turns were accomplished easily.

    Sorry no photos – took my new Lidl Go Pro like 4k sports cam and having Win10 / laptop issues (might need to kick start the desktop)

    43.01 miles 2395ft climbed 13.4mph average
    120519 route.jpg
    120519 map.jpg
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  10. Mr Celine

    Mr Celine Discordian

    Sunshine, 15C and next to no wind. Winter gear to summer gear in the space of two days.

    Anti-clockwise parallelogram if that makes any sense. First stop looking up Ettrickdale. There appeared to be an audax or sportive going the other way, loads of cyclists passing in ones and twos, though none in this pic.


    Alemoor reservoir was sparkling in the sunshine. Unfortunately my phone camera can't cope with that, so here's the view looking the other way -


    There's now a view from the summit at Alemoor since the forest was felled last year, but this is the first time I've been there on a clear day.
    The Cheviot (Ingerland) on the far horizon directly above the chevrons. Carter Bar, where the A68 crosses the border, directly above the front wheel.

    One more stop on the way home for a bit of yellow.
    Today's map -

    53.3 miles @ 14.8mph. 1034m ascent.
  11. chriswoody

    chriswoody Veteran

    The wife was heading over to Wolfsburg with the kids today, to see her sister, offering the perfect excuse for a ride. The weather was set fair, but still cold and the wind was forecast to be at my back. I started out on the Aller Radweg, which shadows the course of the River Aller for over 200km. At the start, I ride the wonderful gravel tracks of the river banks, crossing and re-crossing the river several times.


    On occasions it swings away from the river and onto wonderfully quiet country roads that weave their way between fields of Rape and small hamlets with old timber frame buildings, whose construction dates back centuries.


    At one point I disturb a Buzzard, who was quietly keeping vigil in a neighbouring tree. Swooping down in front of me, he keeps station for a few brief exhilarating minutes, before peeling away into a nearby copse. The ride continues to alternate between quiet roads and gravel tracks winding their way through quiet forests.


    After 50km, I reluctantly turn away from the Aller Radweg, and head East through the outskirts of Gifhorn, where the delights of the Windmill museum await eager tourists.


    I ride on past, giving it a cursory glance and a wry smile as I go. Onwards I ride, this time it's segregated cycleways next to the busy road under my tires. However, with the wind in my back and the sun on my face, the unpleasantness of my surroundings is forgiven as the speed increases and the kilometres fly by. Near to Weyhausen the road briefly passes under the Mittleland canal and I decide to stop and scramble up to it's banks, just as a large container barge passes by.


    Then after some dried apricots and water, it once more back onto the saddle and onwards. After 70km and 3½ hours from the start, the four chimneys of the Volkswagen Factory in Wolfsburg, hove into view over the tree tops and my ride drew to a reluctant close. I'll come home in the car, but the memories of a nice ride in the sun will fade slowly.
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  12. derrick

    derrick The Glue that binds us together.

    Nice ride out to the Blue egg cafe in Bardfield, 5 of us set of at 9-30 this morning, The weathher started of with a slight nip in the air, but soon warmed up. Nice country lanes most of the way, plenty of cyclist's at the cafe, and on the roads, my oher half has regained her fitness after a couple of months with coughs and colds. A nice steady pace both ways, one of my favourite routes. Ending back at our local for a debrief, A couple of beers ended the perfect day.

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  13. AndreaJ

    AndreaJ Well-Known Member

    Two rides this weekend after none last weekend due to us being at a dog agility show all weekend, yesterday was a bit chilly and windy and was back in winter clothes, did one of my usual rides around Whixall to Fenns Bank, Alkington, Hollinswood, Waterloo, Edstaston, Ryebank, Paddolgreen, Poolhead past a gorgeous foal out in a field with it's mum,, Foxholes, Horton and back home passing some newborn lambs. Saw a few other cyclists out, 19.53 miles, average speed 15.8mph. What a difference 24 hours makes beautiful sunny day today and no wind back to shorts and short sleeves, went on a slight variation of yesterdays ride going on to Fenns Wood and crossing the canal at the next bridge along to the one I used yesterday, back to Alkington through to Waterloo, Northwood then home. No other cyclists today although there are lots on Strava out at different times, but one numpty in a BMW X5 decided there was room to overtake a horse as I was about to pass on a single track lane , needless to say there wasn't and I had to go on one grass verge which luckily had been cut and the horse on the other. 18.6 miles average speed 15.8mph
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  14. Dark46

    Dark46 Veteran

    This ride is from saturday.
    So the ride in some ways I had been looking foward to as it was the British Heart Foundation ride that I had een talked into by Lisa and Tina from the club.
    I have heard a few things about the ride espicailly Ham Hill which is only about 4 miles into a 50 mil ride. The choices for the dsy when you enter are a 50 mile ride or a 30 mile ride. For me there was no point in a 30 mile ride as with a club ride its always more. I wanted a challenge so 50 miles it had to be.

    At the start Lisa nand I met Martin, Paul and Tina from KCC to start together. I must admit the start was ok as we weren`t in a very big group which i thought was a good thing as there wasnt too much bunching. The start of the ride ws from Cheltenham race course and headed towards Charlton Kings and then out on the A40 befroe heading out then up Ham Hill. I had heard a lot from people about walking up the hill, partly due to too many people in a narrow lane, also the fact that its steep. I was a little bit taken back on how hard it was, i wasnt about to murder myself to go up it with another 45 miles still to come. Well I think I got about half way p before i could feel my heart trying to do a Alien and leave my chest. Also I knew i wasnt going to make it. As soon as i got off the bike and sorry to say started to walk the rest ( there was no chance of a hilll start). I couldnt believe that was calfs were on fire and i literally thought they were going to snap! After a while just after about 80% up we all decided to get back on ( s Lisa and Tina had also got off) and amazingly my calfs stopped hurting, really strange to me.

    The first food stop was at about 6 miles and Tina decided to have a bit of a toilet break and I headed for a soft drink and I sweet what looked like a suary haribo. Fron here the ride completely evelled out if your compare it to Ham Hill. The ountryside around here is just amazing and a bike is a great away to see it. At 13 miles the the routes split it was a rightturn for the 50 mile route and left for the 30 mile route. Well we took the right and carried on with all of us together. If I`m right this was at Charlton Abbots.

    I was glad that the day had been changed as it was orginally organised to be run on Sunday, but there was a clashwith a trctor run. Also there seemed to be Classic cars run as there was last year, that seems to be a weekend run.

    The next fuel stop was at about 19 miles and again we did stop, it wasnt really needed for me but a coffee is always welcome and a biscuit. After this fuel stop it was going to me thebest bit of the ride for me as always a decent! @Donger knows what to expect here lol . Todays decent was Snow Hill and I`ve never been there before, no I cant wait to go back down as I want to better my top speed down there. I set off with Paul and wow this was so much fun. I set off behind him and waited for him to give me the nod to go for it . So to start with I tucked in behind him before he did the same to me. It was while he was behind me I hit a small bump and had a bit of a wobble. It was such a rush and great fun and my strava says iI got up to 48.5 mph , so the aim is 50 next time.

    From here it was up into the edge of Broadway before heading back towards to finish. The scenery around here is great and the next village was Wormington and I wondered jokingly if we were going to see Dad`s Army! From here it was towards Toddington and into Winchcombe aa=nd the last food stop.

    It was after the last fuel stop it was here that we had the only horn I remember hearing , there were other moments but not as many as you would expect with as many riders on the road on a Saturday. So from Winchcombe it was to Alstone and Gotherington and into Bishops Cleeve and Southam and into Prestbury and back to the race course.

    When we got back are garmins werent up to 50 miles so we had to do a quick loop to get it there. But for Tina and Lisa they still had to ride around the car park after collecting their medals.

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  15. Lee_M

    Lee_M Veteran

    All sorts of ridiculous shenanigans going in with our club rides so decided to go out in my own yesterday. Except 6 others decided they'd had enough and came out with me too.

    Nice flattish ride out to Tilly's coffee shop in bunbury and back, just under 50 miles at a gentle pace, so was surprised we'd averaged over 15mph.

    Great ride, now just Tuesdays committee meeting to sort out the ridiculous behaviour.
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