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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by gbb, 30 Mar 2008.

  1. C R

    C R Über Member

    Yesterday's ride, busy day so posting late.

    Set the alarm for an early rise as usual, though I was feeling lazy and thought maybe I would skip the ride today. Alas, the sunshine under the curtain was becconning me, so I kicked the blanket and got a move on.

    The forecast was for a chilly start but warming up quickly, which made for a tricky wardrobe choice. I decided to wear tights and shorts, with a long sleeve top but no jacket.

    Out around twenty to seven, in glorious sunshine, it was cold in the shade, but in the sunshine it was rather nice already. Plan was to go to Witley Court, so headed out through town, past the cathedral, over the bridge and towards Hallow. The roads are always quiet at this time of the day, so the riding is easy.

    At Hallow turned left for Sinton Green, enjoying the views of the countryside. Between Sinton Green and Ockeridge there's a bit of a climb, not too hard, but a slog nonetheless for me, but the view at the top is great, orchards in the foreground, with the trees in bloom and the north side of the Malverns as the background.
    Last time I was this way it was autumn, and it looked very different.

    I also discovered that the axis of polarisation in my cycling glasses is perpendicular to the polariser of my phone's screen in landscape mode.

    Onward was a right and then an immediate left for Little Witley, where I joined the Tenbury road for a short stretch, and then left for Witley Court. The road here is a potholed mess, and progress needs to be careful, but the sight at the top is worth it.
    I had a bit of a rest while I had my fruit bar, and then set off towards Great Witley. The two big potholes that were like lakes in the autumn have now been filled in with rubble, which presents its own challenges. Near the end of the lane a car coming the other way pulled in at the passing place to let me through, and then it was a left on the main road to Great Witley.

    At Great Witley was a left again towards Martley, and the only lump of the day, which I took steady. I seem to be getting better at going up hills, if not faster, as I wasn't particularly out of breath when I reached the top. I spun out going down the other side, and reached a top speed of 33mph. I was having so much fun with the downhill that I missed the turn for Ockeridge, and had to double back. The lane that goes to Ockeridge has a couple of short, sharp lumps, and one of them always catches me out, I sort of think that it should be easier, but I always end struggling to the top.

    Next turn was right for Wichenford, and in Wichenford a right in Venn Lane. This lane had just undergone the loose gravel dressing procedure, and there was a lot of loose gravel at the turn. Even though I entered quite slowly, the gravel was so deep that it caught my wheels and I ended having an unscheduled dismount event as I ended up hitting the kerb with my front wheel. Luckily I managed to jump off and remain on my feet, so no damage to me or the bike. Even more luckily, I don't think any one saw my inelegant dismount. Needless to say, I rode the rest of the lane really carefully.

    From here the next destination was Upper Broadheath, past Elgar's Birthplace Museum and on to the A44. Past a few cyclists here, all looking in very good spirits. This is a fairly flat section of the route, and made reasonably fast progress. To pad up the distance to the half century I took the right at the roundabout towards Bransford, and stopped by the bridge for a rest and some more sustenance. The temperature was now creeping up, and I was starting to feel just slightly overdressed, good job I didn't wear my jacket.

    The final section was going up Station Rd towards Powick, and then the cycle path along the southern link road. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate this cycle path? It is very badly surfaced, and it is just wide enough for one person or one bike. The only slight redeeming quality are the views of the Cathedral to the left, but as the trees are now full of leaf that is hidden at this time of the year.

    Anyhow, got home in one piece, having enjoyed a great ride in great weather, and another metric half in the bag. This time last year my longest ride ever had been just around 20 miles, now anything less than thirty doesn't feel like a proper ride, :laugh:.

    The map
  2. welsh dragon

    welsh dragon a permanent vacancy now exists

    Beautiful day In Mid Wales. Scorchio on fact. Did my usual 16 mile bimble this morning. Nice to see blue skies and sunshine.
    20190513_111843.jpg 20190513_111838.jpg 20190513_104604.jpg
  3. Rickshaw Phil

    Rickshaw Phil Overconfidentii Vulgaris Moderator

    An early start yesterday morning as I got myself out for my May imperial century challenge ride. Conditions looked good from the forecast but the wind direction was expected to be a westerly to start with, veering round to an east or south-easterly as the day went on. This wasn't ideal for the Vyrnwy ride I had in mind so I thought a loop round the north of the county with the wind hopefully helping later on would be better. I also thought that I could make it interesting by extending the ride and getting a metric 200 out of it.

    It was a fabulous start to the ride with barely a breath of wind and a perfectly clear blue sky (although a little chilly with a frost on the grass in places) so I got on really well to Condover, Plealey, Minsterley and Westbury where I had my first drink stop. The Raleigh feels great since changing the saddle and I'm now finding it easier to keep up a good steady cruising speed on the flat.

    With the metric 200 in mind I was adding mileage where I could to be sure of getting the distance. Before Maesbrook I took a detour to the Crickheath, Morton and Ball area before rejoining the busier road into Oswestry. A couple of classic cars with rally plates on came the other way round here. Unfortunately I didn't see what the event name was.

    At Oswestry it had warmed up enough to dispense with my fleece before following the lane towards Gobowen which is clearly a favourite Sunday route for the local runners. Amazingly it wasn't until heading out of Gobowen (about 35 miles in) that I saw my first fellow cyclist and the next wasn't until New Crickett approximately 7 miles later. The conditions were pretty ideal for cycling so I couldn't understand why there weren't more people out.

    I was making good time so didn't stop in Ellesmere but carried on through Coptiviney and Welshampton then took a short break at Hampton Bank overlooking the canal. Moving on, I was overtaken by another rider on the way to Northwood but since I was comfortably cruising along at 16mph on my pannier laden Raleigh and he was on a lightweight road bike I didn't feel hard done by. There were more sporty riders around in the Whixall area, including a club group from Staffordshire judging by their kit, but also a few more casual cyclists which is always good to see.

    The climb out of town at Prees was a bit slow and steady as always but rewarded by a good bit of downhill the other side as I wend my way to Ightfield, Calverhall and by a slightly indirect route through Longslow and Longford into Market Drayton where a 10k running event was taking place today so I encountered some road closures and needed to push the bike in a couple of places. Fortunately by this time almost all the runners had finished so it wasn't too difficult getting through.

    A lunch break was taken near to Old Colehurst Manor, where it was now warm enough to zip off the legs of my trousers, then I had some more fairly flat riding through Stoke-on-Tern, Ollerton, Ellerdine Heath, High Ercall and Rodington.

    Having been encouraged to press on by the relatively easy riding so far, I started to run low on energy at around the 85 mile mark and also the saddle was reminding me that I haven't had it that long and it still isn't broken in yet. The sensible thing to do at this stage would have been to head home the most direct way and enjoy having got a quick century in. Sensible went out of the window when I argued to myself that my first ever metric double-century was done over a much hillier route and that there was still loads of the day left, so I continued to Walcot, Bluebell Lane, the old A5 to Wroxeter, Cressage and up Shore Lane to Harnage Grange, which turned out to be quite a slow plod. Stubbornness kept me going past Harley to Kenley Common where I started to regret my decision. By this point though I'd have a hilly ride home whichver way I went plus the disappointment to deal with if I did cut it shorter so I carried on very slowly and with lots of short breaks to Cardington and up the hill to Folly Bank.

    Having had a fast descent the other side of Folly Bank (got my top speed of the ride - 32.8mph) I found a second wind and kept up a reasonable pace to Longnor where I realised that I was going to miss my target distance by about half a mile unless I added a bit somewhere so I chose to tackle the climb over Lyth Hill rather than the flat route up to the main road.

    125.42 miles (201.8 km) done at 13.5 mph moving average. 11 hours 12 minutes overall including stops. During that ponderously slow last 25 miles it was getting me down to see how the average speed kept falling away but it's actually my quickest century of the year to date, so I'm pretty content with it now.:smile:

    Near the start, I quite like this first view of Caer Caradoc on the way out of Bayston Hill.

    Drink stop at Westbury.

    View of the Briedden from near Melverley. For some reason the camera decided it needed the flash for this shot.

    Gates to Cae Glas Park in Oswestry.

    Elevenses stop view at Hampton Bank.

    Market Drayton.

    At Stoke-on-Tern.

    Between Wroxeter and Cressage. It's been a fabulous day to be out on a bike.

    The locals are friendly.

    On my way to Cardington and looking to the hills I shall shortly have to cross.
  4. Dave 123

    Dave 123 Guru

    Today started cloudy and a bit cool herein Mallorca with very strong wind from the north. So to minimise the effect of the wind we went to Campanet, Selva and then the climb up to Lluc.

    It was looking a bit glum up in the mountains
    But once up there it was fine, and sheltered from the wind

    We stopped in Pollensa for some food and liquid refreshment
    The last 5-6 miles was into the full headwind. Nice!

    Saw some good birds = loads of Red Kite, Booted Eagle, Black Vultures And the star bird was Thekla Lark!

    45 miles
  5. C R

    C R Über Member

    The Estrella definitely deserves a like!
  6. AndreaJ

    AndreaJ Well-Known Member

    Another warm and sunny day in Shropshire and I decided to head out in the opposite direction for a change. Went to Wolverley, Horton , Loppington, Burlton, Myddle and Nonely before heading back to Loppington and crossing the road I went out on towards Brown Heath, English Frankton, Colemere, round the mere to Lyneal, Northwood then home. Only hold up of the ride was two ladies and a poodle standing talking in the middle of the lane on one of the steeper canal bridges who didn't think to move either themselves or the bored looking poodle to the side! Lots of farmers cutting silage now so looks like I will be dodging tractors and silage trailers for tomorrows commute. Didn't see any other cyclists today which is quite unusual.19.3 miles average speed 16.2mph
  7. Old jon

    Old jon Veteran

    Such a long time since my last ride. We travelled four hundred plus kilometres to visit some friends in Canela, which is in the next state south of here. Back home for one day then 1100 kilometres north to see some relatives. Brazil is big.

    After my previous ride I had noticed that the bottom bracket had some play. So after the drop down the hill this morning I had an extra excuse to ride along Beira Mar as far as a bike shop I had noticed before. Here, the staff took pity on me and my very limited Portuguese, ‘ferramentas para altera um suporte inferior’ is quite a mouthful when all you want is a pair of bottom bracket spanners. Anyway, I was treated to a tour of the workshop, informed that these were the tools I needed but that they were not for sale. No problem, said I. How long will it take you to fix this? The reply of ‘thirty minutes’ was a welcome surprise. A walk along the sea front filled that time nicely, I returned to the shop and there is the bike, finished. How much? Thirty Reals, about six pounds. I rode away happily.

    The rest of the ride? Continue to the road bridge and cross that to the mainland. No thought had been devoted to where I was going to ride, I had expected to leave the bike at the shop for a day or two. Turn southwest and ride a bit, which stretched into a bit more but not by a tremendous amount. About eight miles from home I reached Praia das Palmeiras ( Palm Beach ) and that seemed far enough for the morning. Turned around and rode the wrong way along a one way street back to the main road.

    Even this close to the shore there are hefty lumps to climb, or maybe my fitness is more of a joke than I thought. Huffed and puffed my way back to the new bridge, oh, while in Sao Paolo I met the man who designed the pier foundations for that bridge. Anyway, crossed back to the island, reached the cycle track and was faced by a motorbike cop. On the bike path. He turned onto the bridge and then I remembered. Fishing is forbidden from the bridge, there is a wonderful sign explaining the dire penalties you will face if caught, and the even more forbidding torments that await your second offence. There are almost always a half dozen or more miscreants along there, complete with some pretty impressive fish . . .

    Back along Beira Mar, which was fairly busy for a cold ( 20 degrees is cold here ) Monday morning. The bends are all gradual along here, but eventually home comes into sight, or would have done but the hill was in cloud. Oh well, only a couple of miles if it starts raining now, but it did not. Sixteen miles at a reasonable pace put a smile on my face. Roll on the next ride!

    The map. On the road, every ride is different.

  8. LeetleGreyCells

    LeetleGreyCells Cycliste en formation

    Utility rides today. Met my better half to pick up some bits from the shopping centre then over in the car with the bike in the boot to the supermarket for the big food shop. Load up the car with the shopping for my missus to drive home while I cycle back.

    26.16 km / 16.24 miles in total.
  9. gavgav

    gavgav Guru

    A very short 2.65 miles, to ride the Cube up to @Rickshaw Phil for its annual service and fitting of new Sprockets, that Phil kindly got me for my Birthday :thumbsup:

    I’m suffering with the annual May bout of Man Flu, which doesn’t want to let go and so it was good to try to clear the tubes a bit with some fresh air.

    I also met their lovely new puppy, Idris :wub:
  10. twentysix by twentyfive

    twentysix by twentyfive Clinging on tightly

    Over the Hill
    Lovely sunny day. So out around the north of the hills to turn west at Pegs Farm and over the Munsley lump. At Pixley I climbed to the very top of The Marcles. Thence I took the Canwood run for Woolhope but looped around the village before taking to the valley. For a change I headed for the southern crossing of The Marcles before dropping to Much Marcle and the standard run back. Nice brisk one today. 57 smiles
  11. twentysix by twentyfive

    twentysix by twentyfive Clinging on tightly

    Over the Hill
    Lovely ride. When at Witley Court it's worth going into the church and looking up. Also cafe just there too :thumbsup:
  12. Reynard

    Reynard Veteran

    Cambridgeshire, UK
    Was such a lovely sunny (if somewhat breezy) afternoon, and it would've been rude not to go for a ride...

    I'm planning a repeat of my totally nuts trip down to Hampshire tail end of July, so figured it would be a good idea to start developing some hill legs before I went this time. :laugh: So, in the company of Wiggy #2, the Chartres, I took myself off to Witcham.

    So out via Downham Common and up through Downham. Stopped off at a friend's house to pop a magazine through her letter box before riding along the undulations of The Hythe. At Red Caps, it's the drop down the hill and the run to Way Head. The road there really hasn't improved over the winter, cracking and pot-holed, but it's definitely easier to negotiate on a hybrid rather than a road bike.

    Past the spot where I crashed in November, and now, with dry roads, it's easy to see how and why. The left side of the road between Way Head and Coveney has subsided nearly a foot, and there's an inch wide crack right in the crown of the road. I'd been cycling on the crown of the road to avoid the subsidence, and I hadn't seen the crack under a layer of mud... :sad:

    From there, it's the climb into Coveney, then a ride along the ridge of high ground (with some amazing views of Ely Cathedral across the fens) and the rolling stretch of road that takes me to Wardy Hill. The road from Wardy hill then creeps ever upwards as you head towards Witcham, with a final steep ramp as you enter the village.

    I stopped outside St Martins for a breather, a banana and some haribo before doing an about turn and heading back home the way I came. A further brief stop in Coveney was required to put my gilet on as by then the temperature had started to dip a little. Saw four other cyclists on the way home, including a very friendly chap riding a nice 80s-ish Bianchi.

    Nineteen very enjoyable if lumpy (well, what passes for lumpy around here) miles.
  13. Dave 123

    Dave 123 Guru

  14. pjd57

    pjd57 Über Member

    Lovely day for a trip to the Kelpies strava1408397995449936127.jpg IMG_20190514_134711694.jpg
  15. Mike_P

    Mike_P Veteran

    Two evening rides so far this week– yesterday headed west on the A59 :eek: It is shut once again at Kex Gill, Cote du Blubberhouses, until Friday at least so somewhat devoid of HGVs and the general volume of traffic that uses this Trans-Pennine route, the largest vehicle that passed was a shortish milk tanker. Previously I had only travelled in the downhill, opposite, direction but having noted a couple of nasty potholes last week, when passing along by car, the uphill version seemed the safer option :angel: Somewhat lumpy with the downhill bits only partly negating the sharp uphill bits so whilst it’s a fast run the other way this was a mixture of fast sections and slower slogs. Turned off to Swinsty reservoir and rounding the bend on the climb away passed through road closed signs and immediately struck a patch of relatively recently laid tarmac that was only 99% set:stop: Nevertheless managed my best time on the climb. Then along Penny Pot Lane, nominally closed until the end of June, but it turned out it was open as far as Jubilee Roundabout and was the section beyond on the UCI circuit that is closed – road surface completely removed in part and cyclist requested to dismount and use the pavement. As I could see the pavement was clear the need to dismount I figured did not apply:headshake: 15.22 miles 950ft climbed 13mph average
    130519 route.jpg 130519 gradient.jpg

    This evening the climb of Cornwall Road etc and looping round to Beckwithshaw, where I had hoped given TdY had passed through something might have been done with the road surface but sadly not with depressions all over the place :angry: A couple of other cyclists obviously adopted the pros attitude and just shot across them but they did then give me a couple of targets to pace and recorded a PRs on the climb of Norwood Lane and onto Norwood itself. Then pass the end of the now fully resurfaced, and reopened road up from Swinsty reservoir and back home along Penny Pot as per Monday. 16.33 miles 975ft climbed 13.6 mph average
    140519 route.jpg 140519 Gradient.jpg
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