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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by gbb, 30 Mar 2008.

  1. Katherine

    Katherine Guru Moderator Photo Winner

    21 wonderful miles.
    Only my third midweek ride of the year when I went out late afternoon and only my second ride of the year in shorts and T-shirt. I felt the fittest I'd been since last year, but still a long way to go.
    And I took some pictures for a new ABC of interesting features challenge which I have started.


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  2. Zipp2001

    Zipp2001 Well-Known Member

    Hey no rain ! Haven't been able to say that to often the month and a half. I finally got to wear my new cycling shoes as I headed to the bike shop. I've never had Specialized shoes I have Sidi and Mavic shoes that I love. I wanted the Specialized shoes because I really liked the color they had. I didn't notice I even had a different pair of shoes on, so that's a good thing. I really liked the retention system and lets see how they do over the long haul.

  3. Charlotte Alice Button

    Charlotte Alice Button Specialized Super Fan

    Ashford, Kent
    Couple of days late! But I forgot to add my stats! Lovely day on Monday so went out to get some sprints in, really wanting to try and increase my average pace to near 13mph MINIMUM for each ride...even with hills!

    I had a good 10k run the day before, so everything was a little tight (Note to self: Need to get back to my stretching and yoga in the morning and evenings of competition days!)

    I ended up trying to blitz it from the beginning and not actually stick to my original plan, I did have a busy day so was conscious of getting late home I suppose!

    IMG_20190513_124453_621.jpg IMG_20190513_124453_625.jpg
  4. Dave 123

    Dave 123 Guru

    A ride out to Sineu with Mrs Dave today.
    The fields of Sa Pobla verdant and fulsome with potatoes and artichoke. We saw a marsh harrier through the marsh.
    We stopped at Sineu for lunch. Soon after we had a nice sighting of a Red Kite.
    Near Llubi we saw the bird that we’ve not seen so far on this holiday, a Hoopoe. One flew across the road in front of us.
    On the way home we stopped in a Puerto Pollença for a beer (or 2)

    60 sunny miles

    491A39BB-9979-41B5-8FCA-53F2F63A80E4.jpeg B2683540-3606-4846-B9CE-01FC9AA259F4.jpeg 6AB9872A-C93E-4644-A839-907436E266FC.jpeg 8D55A18F-C331-4035-875E-DA2A92EB1D68.jpeg 10F2C5D0-0039-4994-A07B-59E776D05813.jpeg AEC4EA10-1C1E-499B-B384-D6C7B8E03E47.jpeg F92EA249-4646-4B84-A5A7-AEEB43BB2F90.jpeg 55030C26-C487-4762-AB5F-DB72B08369E1.jpeg
  5. CarlP

    CarlP There’s no need to live in a pit of doom

    Two rides today, first a 6 mile commute to Didcot and back on my Whyte hybrid, then a trip to Abingdon with the Fragrant MrsP, she on her Trek Madone, and me on my BSA Tour de France, trying to get used to riding this with friction shifting ready for the BHF London to Brighton Run next month. 22.5 miles . Just over 28 miles today.

    Still no sign of the MoJo though, it’s a struggle to get out of the door TBH.

    Only one photo today of an arty bench along the sustrans route, one of a pair that is supposed to represent Wittenham Clumps (hills) in the distance.
    D3E4EDDC-5370-4B52-82F0-6427B1D6704D.jpeg B195E4F9-075E-49B8-96D8-7548A538ABF4.jpeg 39101AA5-A851-4354-B56E-10BC0A7BD424.jpeg
  6. Spiderweb

    Spiderweb Not So Special One

    North Yorkshire
    2DFE6BA0-714F-4BF1-BFF8-4324836DDCBC.jpeg AF09C635-7B6E-4D69-A7AF-C519E05EBB16.jpeg 82A1F930-44DA-433C-821D-75D91CAE36B3.jpeg 86AE0B02-AEFC-4672-B815-C320189550AF.jpeg

    Slightly cooler today but a lovely afternoon for a spin after work. I was on my trusty Tricross whilst David was on his fancy Parlee, very nice. 27.1 miles with an average of 16.9 mph, fab ride.
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  7. Rickshaw Phil

    Rickshaw Phil Overconfidentii Vulgaris Moderator

    Two rides to report on:

    Yesterday I had the evening ride to accompany @gavgav back after he picked his bike up. No fettling needed on the way which is good. After parting from him I decided to make a loop out of the trip and headed out of town via Weeping Cross and aimed for Cantlop and into the sunset on my way to Condover before taking advantage of the wind direction to help me on the dash up to the main road which was nice and quiet at that time of the evening.

    12.2 miles at 14.4 mph average.

    Today I was up early and made the most of it by taking the Raleigh on my Longnor, Acton Burnell, Cressage, Walcot, Upton Magna, Cross Houses, Condover route that I did on the Galaxy last week.

    It was abit breezier out than it was last time I did this route but I got on well enough. Traffic was a little busy at the start then nice and quiet when I got onto the lanes.

    Not many other cyclists out today. By Upton Magna I'd seen a couple on road bikes and a couple of tourers. At Berwick Wharf I paused for a drink before joining the busier road and as I set off again I could see a rider coming up behind me. When he didn't immediately overtake I assumed he'd turned right when I turned left. Further along the road he did finally come past and I kept pace across Atcham Bridge and we parted at the Chilton Lane junction with him saying something I didn't catch.

    I carried on through Cross Houses and past Berrington Hall then headed towards Condover and was surprised after the Allfield junction to find the same rider stopped tinkering with his gears. He didn't need assistance but we did chat and it was quite gratifying for him to compliment me on how quick I'd been going past Attingham Park.:shy: His own ride had brought him from Newport and he was heading for the Long Mynd before completing a loop back to home - about 80 or 90 miles.

    The wind was helping again for my last section for home and the main road was relatively quiet again which was good.

    34.4 miles at 15.4 mph average. Not as quick as the same route using the Galaxy, but not bad considering it was more windy.

    Near to Ryton early in the ride.

    The Wrekin from just outside Eaton Constantine.
  8. Zipp2001

    Zipp2001 Well-Known Member

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  9. Dave 123

    Dave 123 Guru

    I’d billed the ride as short and flat.... it was fairly short at 26 miles, but there was 1500 feet of climbing..... some steep ramps too! Anyway, she’s got an electric engine so it’s fine!

    We went out to La Victoria on the other side of Pollença bay. Sunny and breezy on the way out. Once back down from the mirador we stopped for a coffee and it hammered down for 5 minutes! On the way home through the lanes it was 40 mph headwind!

    We stopped in Pollença town for some food, beer and blankets!

    97A1BEF3-09B7-4958-9D86-E604C09CBFD2.jpeg 2198A5DA-AC6B-4A52-AC77-8231E0107C32.jpeg F39088FF-9769-4EE6-8BA3-D5F9FAEA6608.jpeg 838D1F3D-F6B9-4B85-9524-DB4C16393A14.jpeg 81EA9EF6-3FA2-4AB6-AA0E-3E0339E7DC9A.jpeg 9BCAD095-E8F0-469E-B4D3-6420078E7B7A.jpeg
  10. geocycle

    geocycle Über Member

    Looking back up Arkengarthdale today. Nice loop Hawes, Kirkby Stephen, Tan Hill, Reeth then back to Hawes. Bit breezy on the tops of the moors with nasty easterly. Wonderful cake stop at Dales cycle centre! 5BE53BA2-1C59-4E91-82FF-9AE2863746FB.jpeg
  11. Mr Celine

    Mr Celine Discordian

    Wednesday evening's ride. After three miles I went over a particularly bumpy bit of tarmac and instinctively checked my back pockets in case anything had jumped out and realising that I had forgotten to take my phone I came to a sharp halt.
    Until I had a smartphone with a decent camera I never bothered taking a phone with me as there's no signal in half the places I ride. Since getting a smartphone I log all my rides (apart from commutes and shopping trips) on strava. I was about to turn round to ride home and get it when I remembered a story my late father in law used to tell about addictions. As a young man he lived in York and cycled to work at a tree nursery a few miles away. Every now and then he'd forget to take his lunch but if he'd gone more than half a mile he would just carry on and go hungry rather than turn back for it. One day he'd gone four miles when he realised he'd forgotten his baccy tin and without further thought turned back for it. He said it was at that point that it dawned on him how powerful an addiction smoking was.
    After a moment's pause to consider this I thought 'stuff strava' and just carried on. I had a thoroughly enjoyable ride with no pressure to honk up hills or zoom down them in search of that elusive second and could stop and enjoy the views, sights and sounds of the countryside. There are of course, no photos or a map ^_^ but I did 26.8 miles @ 14.8 mph according to the trip computer.

    Friday evening's ride. Normal service resumed. I went out in what was forecast to be the last of the sunshine. It was still warm enough for shorts though there was a cool northeasterly breeze so I headed in that general direction. I stopped at my most easterly point to take a photo of the last of the blue sky disappearing though it doesn't show up on this pic.
    There were also the first signs of a haar rolling in from the sea so without further pause I set off to sprint for home before the temperature dropped. The first seven miles from this point are almost straight and were directly down wind. I'm sorry to report CCers that at this point I fell completely off the wagon and got 4 PRs on the way home. :smile:
    The map -


    32.4 miles @ 15.1 mph, 637m up.
  12. postman

    postman Legendary Member

    Meanwood ,Leeds
    It was Otley again.After a few weeks off,this is the place i go to.Well it was great me the bike and the road felt as one.It's a long time since i have had that feeling.After a good brekkie i had loads of energy.I think it's time now to push on and extend the miles.GREAT morning out.
  13. OP

    gbb Legendary Member

    Not much mojo or time lately, its drizzling this morning and my wife asked...
    'you going out ?'
    'Nah, it's looking like rain'
    'And I thought you were a cyclist !!! :okay:' she smirked.

    Roadbike punctured, forgot to fix it so ebike out but only used e assist for oooh, maybe 1/4 mile. 14 miles country road and park riding, no haste, popped into the crem, say hello to my late brother and dad, chatted with a hospital security guard for 10 minutes as I tried to find an old rat run i used to know years ago but forgot its location, just a nice steady ride for 90 minutes.
    And i didnt get wet :okay:
  14. Reynard

    Reynard Veteran

    Cambridgeshire, UK
    11-ish mile round trip utility ride to Tesco on Wiggy #2, the Chartres. Usual route in and out of Ely as Tesco is near the station.

    The fish, meat and deli counter have as of last week new hours - they're closed Sunday through to Tuesday - so went for a mosey to see what was up for grabs on YS. There was so much fish on sticker it was unreal. Picked up some basa fillets for the kitty cats and some plaice for muggins. Also snagged a few stickered avocados, and the damaged goods bin turned up trumps again. A 1.2 kilos of glace cherries came home with me for the grand total of 90p.

    Traffic in and out of town was horrendous. The odd close pass was had. Ho hum. And the queue to cross the A10 roundabout was a joke, so ducked onto the new cycle path that takes an underpass under it and comes out in the leisure village instead. And yeah, I did catch a shower and I did get wet.

    Nothing a hot :cuppa: and some dry clothes doesn't solve.

    After feeling rather xx( midweek, it was nice to get out for a bimble.
  15. Katherine

    Katherine Guru Moderator Photo Winner

    My longest ride since last September! 8 miles to Manchester Piccadilly Station (got lost again in the city centre, I'll have to stop using Google maps on cycling mode I think). I joined Nickyboy's Forum ride as they were was just leaving, Phew!
    Great to meet some fellow Cycle Chatters. We rode as a group for the 30 miles to Weaverham where we stopped for some yummy baked goods and coffee, which was all consumed /inhaled very quickly. After that I rode another 30 miles home.
    So good to get back to some of the lanes I've not been able to get to for a while.
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