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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by gbb, 30 Mar 2008.

  1. 13 rider

    13 rider Guru

    Day 2 of my Welsh adventure . Woke this morning not to rain ^_^ forecast was ok if a tad windy . Off from the start at Newport at 8.40 . Battled our way out of Newport a bit busy but soon on quieter roads . On the first descent came across a rider on the deck being attended my a Marshall ,everything was under control rider thankfully just shuck up and a bit of road rash :B). I think he'd come off on a damp patch under some trees on an otherwise dry road had me descending carefully again . Through the countryside to Usk just afterwards the first feed station which today I took full advantage off ,warm sausage rolls :mrpig:. We all knew what was next the Tumble . I had been periodically been riding with 3 Scotchmen I was quicker up the hills but they kept reeling me in on the flat we had a good bit of banter . But they sorted my tactic out for the Tumble I decided to sit behind them for the start to stop me going to hard early . At the cattle grid halfway up I moved past them and rode my pace to the top I really enjoyed the climb . It's a steady 10% gradient at the bottom which you just pick a gear and tempo and get over it . It then flattens out and drags on and on to the top took me 25 mins so a proper climb
    The descent down was quite frankly scary :eek: it's quite exposed and we had a massive crosswind and my deeper section wheels were really catching it but got down safe . In the village of Blaenavon I went rogue turned off the route up another climb to the village of Vertag for the ABC challenge thread I been stuck on U for a while . Back on route I thought it's was downhill back to Newport so a cheeky 16% was a surprise . Soon back in the traffic of Newport and finished .62.9 miles with just 5692ft of upness compared to yesterday the weather was fantastic ie I didn't get wet . The organiser had laid on a hog roast at the end so plenty of time to chat to riders I been seeing on and off for 2 days . Resting up now ready for day 3 just 95 miles to do tomorrow and the devil's :evil: elbow awaits :surrender:
    Ps saw the ride who came off at the finish he'd been to hospital to be checked out nothing broken just sore but he's hoping to ride tomorrow
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  2. Supersuperleeds

    Supersuperleeds Guru

    Sounds like you having a great time.
  3. 13 rider

    13 rider Guru

    Todays was a lot better than yesterday :rain:. Really enjoyed today
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  4. Dave 123

    Dave 123 Guru

    We arrived at my brothers on the Wirral last night in the rain. It rained all night and most of the day. By about 3ish it was looking ok enough to venture out and about for a spin.
    A8CC46E5-73FC-42A1-9807-8527D03E42D7.jpeg EE3B6905-3A37-49AA-A28C-44F42FD64A72.jpeg 7CA7C0C0-9764-46E6-BA0D-23F7C6814DE1.jpeg
  5. CarlP

    CarlP There’s no need to live in a pit of doom

    Bloody wind. I hate riding in the bloody wind.

    I had to work today, I had a job in Windlesham, Surrey, I needed to take the car as I had some heavy kit to take but I remembered that Virginia Water was nearby, so I threw my bike in the back of the car to try and blag two letters for the ABC towns and villages challeng.

    So after my appointment I rode to Virginia Water, I didn’t know where the sign was so I thought I would’ve had a bit of riding around to find it, but to my surprise I found it quicker than I expected, in fact I rode past it, turned round got the photo. I knew where the Windlesham sign was, as I had ridden past on the way to V.W.

    A little over nine miles but there was a bloody headwind on the way back, I bloody hate riding in the wind.




  6. Dave 123

    Dave 123 Guru

    A brighter day on the Wirral.
    Over the marsh, along the Dee and into Chester. Passing the Boathouse pub reminded me of drunken teenage nights spent there.
    A stop at Meadow Lea cafe in Mickle Trafford for half a cream tea and back to a Neston in a convoluted route!

    40 miles

    16ADD9FD-D12C-4F99-9EA2-20342FFA8186.jpeg 6EC9655B-DA28-4510-9FFE-0D49154C45A7.jpeg 4A37D845-F33D-4B43-B72E-91F6CC4A2253.jpeg 32AC6D71-299F-4CB6-8EDB-6699B85644EF.jpeg 2AB3667C-A0DD-48FE-981A-00127FB6299B.jpeg C25E093E-A39B-4CBE-BBFF-9B217264F675.jpeg 2B0CDA18-D111-4566-9AD8-1816C49BD850.jpeg 29C40213-4E20-4D87-BAAA-2EA77569AD73.jpeg 190FAB11-CD68-4630-8501-D28107C0CD44.jpeg A2B86589-AC96-48AB-AC21-2339C0336278.jpeg
  7. steven1988

    steven1988 Über Member

    Lead bike at Chesterfield Race for life, probably the best thing i've ever done on a bike Screenshot_20190609-122857_Strava.jpg
  8. cyberknight

    cyberknight As long as I breathe, I attack.

    Land of confusion
  9. Spiderweb

    Spiderweb Not So Special One

    North Yorkshire
    E5122E09-2856-4233-913E-B15342A410ED.jpeg 0B47C155-DADE-44CB-8718-4A2C0D815C51.jpeg 0CDAF6F4-6DF8-4807-A880-9F253E6ADCC1.jpeg 3E2D1064-B3BD-49D1-A7DC-93EF8F5AB256.jpeg

    I’ve not ridden my old Trek for over a year now so a quick dust off and lube up for a lunchtime ride. 30 miles with an average of 16.3 mph. Still a fab bike to ride.
  10. PaulB

    PaulB Guru

    Due to problems on two of my more preferred bikes, I was 'forced' to ride an auld Bianchi today. It's the only one I've got equipped with a 53/39 - 11/26 groupset so I chose the flattest route I could and was pleased I did.

    Here's my collection of bikes...

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  11. AndreaJ

    AndreaJ Well-Known Member

    Had plenty of time today, the rain had finally stopped, the sun was shining and the wind had died down so thought I would try to do a 50km route after being just short last time. I planned 2 detours in the middle which should do it. I set off towards Whixall and through to Fenns Bankback over the canal to Alkington, Hollinswood,Lower Houses, Coton then first detour to Coton Wood, back into Whixall where I found the reason for all the road closed signs, any nice smooth roads with new tarmac and no potholes have been surface dressed so were all covered in loose chippings! the council seem to ignore the fact that the adjoining roads have no road surface though, then onto Waterloo, Edstaston, Ryebank, Highfields over The Lowe towards Wem, through Wem and taking the 2nd detour over the railway crossing to Aston, Barkers Green, Palms Hill back towards Wem but turning for Tilley, Nonely, Loppington, English Frankton towards Colemere past the sailing club where I found the only numpty of the ride pulling out of the car park for Colemere she looked at me then still pulled out in front of me luckily I had seen her and expected her to do it. Carried on to Lyneal, Northwood and back home just as it was starting to rain. 33.25 miles, average speed 16mph so was just over the planned 50km, not bad for another guess at the distance . Lots of cyclists out this morning..Glad I went this morning as monsoon weather has returned to Shropshire this afternoon.
  12. Glow worm

    Glow worm Guru

    Near Newmarket
    A beautiful day to be in the saddle here today. I planned a 50 mile loop into deepest Suffolk. With a mini-tour coming up in a couple of weeks I need to up my game fitness wise!

    First through Dullingham, Woodditton, Saxon St eventually through Ousden and Whepstead then a Cafe stop at the Maglia Rosso cyclists cafe in Hawstead.


    The country hereabouts is rolling and at times fairly challenging on a fully loaded hybrid. For me anyway.

    More rolling Suffolk countryside and cotton wool clouds.


    I headed home through Hartest and Hawkedon. Hawkedon is probably one of my favourite villages, so pretty and not a streetlight in sight- always high on my checklist for best places to live.

    Hawkedon church

    And looking back


    After that I put my foot down a bit, although still time for a quiet bridleway near Dullingham


    Down the hill from Dullingham on the home straight.


    51 miles over 5 hours or so. Not too tired at the end of it. My longest ride in a day will be 72 miles on my tour. I now feel more confident I may be able to do it than I did this morning!

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  13. geocycle

    geocycle Veteran

    9D8BC6B4-EF5B-46EE-A44B-F2F76069CE3E.jpeg ECBEEA89-5204-42CE-8F32-B55D26022CF6.jpeg 007CDF0F-5F2A-43E4-AA97-41610D9C30EF.jpeg 9D8BC6B4-EF5B-46EE-A44B-F2F76069CE3E.jpeg Bowland Fells today. Various bizarre encounters with steam engines and herding sheep!
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  14. Mike_P

    Mike_P Veteran

    Out on the Defy this afternoon, morning sun had disappeared and it was cold in the rear yard so back to three quarter shorts, full gloves and a long sleeve jersey with base layer. Back in the yard with helmet on the sun had reappeared and it was too hot for a base layer so off that came (helmet taken off) and off I set towards Penny Pot Lane via Oaker Bank only to realise I had forgotten to put the helmet back on:banghead: False start over, and the sun disappeared, did a looping circuit over an undulating terrain
    Bedlam ln-Spinksburn Ln.jpg
    down to Swinty Reservoir and the climb of Smithsons Lane, now nicely resurfaced and no signs of any one having cycled through it whilst the tarmac was setting:whistle:
    Smithsons Lane.jpg
    Needless to say the smooth surface led to a Strava PR. More downs and mainly ups to the A59 where a nicely located lay by gave breathing space from the Trans Pennine traffic awaiting a suitable gap to undertake the right turn into Meagill Lane.
    A59 nr Meagill.jpg
    Thereafter east along Menwith Hill Road and Back Road , the hills on the far side of the Vale of York could clearly be seen along with other less attractive features in the Vale itself. The decent to Hampsthwaite was a touch chilly, baselayer would have been useful, so I warmed up on the climb of Hollings Lane with another PR. Just started to rain as I neared home, not as bad as Thursdays commute home when I thought with the forecast possible light shower I could get away without a helmet cover or shoe covers, heavy rain / hail:angry: 24.79 miles 1684ft climbed Avg 13.1 mph
    0906 route.jpg 0906 elevation.jpg
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  15. newts

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    We rode to East Budleigh today, a very pretty unspoilt village in East Devon. It was their annual scarecrow festival, this poor chap wasn't looking too comfortable on his steel steed.

    Also on display was an old Raleigh with a nice patina.

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