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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by gbb, 30 Mar 2008.

  1. twentysix by twentyfive

    twentysix by twentyfive Clinging on tightly

    Over the Hill
    Time for another visit to Shropshire to ride the Highland Challenge. The route was quite flat over the first half and quite a bit was fairly well known. There were 275 riders today and I kept meeting up with familiar faces. The almond cakes at the first control were amazing. After the lunch stop we got some proper hills. One was very steep and most got off to walk. My 24x28 gear made it rideable but the mud caused a lack of grip and over I went. Just pride damaged. The climb away from Knighton wasn't very pleasant but when we turned into the lanes we got some proper Shropshire highlands. I was tempted by the almond cakes again at the 3rd control. Then it was a fairly easy run to the final climb through Mortimer's Forest and down to Ludlow. Now I have another medal to add to my collection. 68 smiles
  2. derrick

    derrick The Glue that binds us together.

    Nice ride to Cambridge and back today, Had a bite to eat in the Copper Kettle, then a pint in the Chequers pub on the way home, Bumped into an old ciub member there, had a nice chat, the rest of the ride was good, a bit of a head wind but we got back to our local for a beer or two, The locals were really chatty today, wanting to know where we had been, how long it took us, Was nice as we normally get strange looks,^_^ Great ride with the girls, they did suck my wheel for the whole ride, but they did buy me a couple of beers at the end.:cheers:
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  3. Slow But Determined

    Slow But Determined Nid Yw Cymru Ar Werth!

    Today mostly I got soaked so against my better judgement nipped into one of the "new breed cycle cafes" as it was handy and £2.95 was extracted from me for a coffee that was no better, no worse than that which I usually pay £1.20.
  4. C R

    C R Über Member

    I couldn't ride last weekend, as my brother was visiting, so my legs were itching for some pedalling. Today daughter 2 had a karate competition starting at ten, which meant I needed to be back by quarter to nine or so. I decided I would go for an easy route without any climbing, to make sure I would be back on time.

    Forecast was for clear skies, not particularly cold, and no wind, so shorts, short sleeves and fingerless. Out at six thirty, felt a slight chill, but soon warmed up. Out through town, towards Droitwich along the back lanes by the canal, still full of debris.

    Got to Droitwich in good time, and then headed for Hanbury Wharf, and then a right towards Crawle. Normally I stop at Hanbury Wharf for a bit of a breather, but I was feeling quite energetic, so carried on, and didn't stop until I got to the turn for Grafton.

    Once refreshed I set off for Grafton, over the A422, past North Piddle, Naunton Beauchamp, and a brief stop by the ford. Then the final stretch through Pinvin, Drakes Broughton via the ford road, which is now open, Wadborough and home through Littleworth. My fastest metric half so far.

    The map
    I was back on time for the competition, and my daughter got first place in the team kata competition of her category.
  5. Slow But Determined

    Slow But Determined Nid Yw Cymru Ar Werth!

    That's a nice display, what system / software (whatever the modern parlance is) is that please?
  6. C R

    C R Über Member

    It is Garmin Connect, I use it with my forerunner 235, not sure if it can be used with devices not from Garmin.
  7. PaulB

    PaulB Guru

    I like it round there. Some great rides.
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  8. Butchersbike

    Butchersbike Active Member

    Tenbury Wells
    Saw lots of cyclists going through Ludlow whilst stood on my pie stall yesterday, I presume it was the same event.
  9. 13 rider

    13 rider Guru

    Day 3 of my Welsh adventure the main ride the Dragon ride Medio Fondo route (95 miles ) . Sorry for being 24 hours late it was a long day left hotel at 0600 walked in my house at 19.45 . On previous sportives I have always gone as hard as I can but today I decided to ride within myself and enjoy the scenery .Got to the start early in overcast conditions did 4 miles round the car park looking to round up to an imperial ton . It then started to rain heavily:rain: so I sheltered in a marque but thankfully the rain slowed as I lined up but the rain jacket was on. Soon on my way through Newport past the steel works heading out to the countryside .We steadily climbed out of Newport to the first proper climb the Bwlch (16.1km avg 2.8%) a nice steady gradient so pick a gear and spin up it . The views halfway are stunning looking back where you've come from .Over the top a great sweeping descent and then it's climb 2 Rhigos (6.1k avg 4.9%) again a steady gradient spun my way up . A stunningly quick descent from the top at the bottom there's a long straight but with no junctions over 40 mph with out trying :ohmy: . First feed station with a great selection of reel food . Fuelled by Jaffa cakes :mrpig: . Then it's climb number 3 Penderyn Moor (11km avg 2%) a long steady drag I'd kept my rain jacket on was sweating by the top :sweat: . Stopped at the top to remove the jacket as the sun :sun: came out. Another great descent off the moor dodging sheep in the road :eek:. Then at 55 miles you turn onto a closed road which means one thing the timed section up Devil's elbow (1.83km avg 10.3% ) the climb I was worried about as it ramps to over 20% around the hairpins . I been advised not to look left at the bottom as you can see where your going so I looked left :surrender:. Just stuck it in bottom gear and ground my way up . Took a lot of will power not to stop as the legs protested . This was the only climb of the weekend I saw people walking it lived up to its name :evil:just evil . The descent from here was still on a closed road so that was fun ^_^. Next feed station went savoury with sausage rolls and a cheese cob :mrpig:. A cheeky climb straight afterwards had the legs complaining . Climb number 3 Glynneath hill (3.2km avg 5.4%) another steady one so spun my way up . A bit more downhill then the final climb Cimla hill (2.8km 5.5%) found this one tough lots of changes of gradient but got up it . From here it's mostly downhill to the finish .On a dual carriageway in Port Talbot got past by a chaingang managed to tag on and found myself doing 25mph on the flat :becool:. Did one turn on the front but basically just hung on to the finish . Had to do another mile round the car park to pass the 100 mile mark .100.11 miles in 6hrs 58mins with just 8081ft of upness
    All in all a great weekend away all 3 days were superbly organised today's scenery was awesome simply stunning at times .
    For those of you who do Strava challenges I've completed the climbing one on the 9th of the month:becool:. Normally takes until around the 25th a hilly weekend
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  10. 13 rider

    13 rider Guru

    Just discovered I ticked off 3 climbs in the top 100 climbs list over the weekend . The Bwlch ,Rhigos and the Tumble which added to my local climb Terrace hill makes 4 , 96 to go :rofl: yep that's happening . Can't believe the Devil's elbow is not on the list much tougher if shorter
  11. gavgav

    gavgav Guru

    I have a week off work, which has coincided with the Shropshire Monsoon season. We’ve had incessant torrential rain for a week and it is set to continue for the remainder of this week. There was, however, a window this morning, for me to get my June Half Century Challenge Ride in.

    I woke early, to a streaming nose, which I’m not entirely sure whether it’s bad Hayfever or yet another cold. Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s a cold as I ALWAYS get one, on my breaks from work.

    It was sunny but chilly as I set off amongst the rush hour traffic, up to Heathgates, through Sundorne and out onto the muddy old railway path to Uffington.

    The road to Upton Magna was quiet, but I arrived in the village at School dropping off time and so had to negotiate the ridiculous parking and people wandering into the road!

    The downhill section to Withington was nice, before I then turned and climbed up to Charlton and along the lane to Wrockwardine. I’d used the Cube, due to how wet it’s been and was glad I had on this lane, which was wet but also sandy and gravelly, from yesterday’s thunderstorms.

    Whilst in Wrockwardine, I unfortunately came up behind the dustbin lorry and had to pause behind them on the narrow lane, as they went about their business. I then had to follow them for a mile or so, which was horrid into the smell they were leaving in their wake xx(

    I managed to overtake them, before I dropped down and crossed the old A5 and on towards Aston Village. Then they overtook me again :rolleyes: before I did the same to them in Aston, where thankfully I left them behind for good, on the fast downhill section to Eaton Constantine and Cressage.

    The climb up Shore Lane, to Coundmoor, was hard work today and also the section towards Concord College and Acton Burnell, before turning through Pitchford, Cantlop, Betton Abbots and home before the rain comes.

    32.19 miles at 11.4mph avg
  12. LeetleGreyCells

    LeetleGreyCells Cycliste en formation

    I managed to get out this morning for three quarters of an hour after dropping the kids off at school. Just a quick 10 miles to stretch the legs on mostly country lanes. I even had a 'good pass' where a huge truck came up behind me, waited patiently then I waved him to overtake where he gave me lots of room - I gave him a thumbs up, got a friendly toot of the horn in response and off he went! I wish more drivers of all and every vehicle were like that.

    It felt good to be back on the bike after nearly a week without a ride (the only two days it hasn't rained in the last week found me tied up with other tasks).

    Looking forward to my next ride. Apparently, the heavy rain will stop of Saturday :eek:
  13. Old jon

    Old jon Veteran

    Sunshine and blue sky the other side of the windows, must be time for a ride. Quite a lot of walking was done yesterday, taking photographs of a bit of the Leeds Triathlon, so I was not sure how well the legs might work . . .

    They did fine once I started moving, but I check a few parts of the bike before I ride, which reminded me the saddle was a bit slack. Soft might be a better word, it’s a Brooks and about four years old. Been tightened once a couple of months after purchase. The last time I had a Brooks saddle spanner in my hands was when I packed a saddle and spanner for the bike in Brazil, last February. Security at Mancester airport let me take the saddle, no problem. But. ‘Sir, you cannot take this on the plane, we can post it to you.’ I just gave up and told them to throw it away, I cannot abide fuss. Still have two spanners here in Leeds, I will put one in the checked luggage when I return to Brazil.

    So, eventually I turn the pedals. The route had been decided and at least one weather forecast was predicting rain, the sooner I go maybe the less wet I become. Holbeck still is a demolition site, most of what is still standing is fenced off and boarded up though there are isolated outbreaks of building here and there. Escape along Water Lane, Great Wilson Street and Crown Point Road, cross the river to begin the climb up to the top of Boot Hill. Yup, there are bits of descent on the way to the top, all too short, they just do not provide enough of a rest. Once at the top, turn right for the ride to the T junction with Thorner Lane and turn right again. This leads to the A 64, a left turn and take the next right. This is Scholes Lane, when it reaches the ex railway it becomes Station Road, bends left to Main Street and is Leeds Road when it leaves the village in the direction of Barwick in Elmet. By ‘eck, it took longer to write that than ride it. From this direction it is a nice drop through Barwick all the way to the crossing of Cock Beck, when the road turns uphill again, with more downs and ups through Aberford on the way to Lotherton Hall and its gates. Another left and right jink and Copley Lane points in the direction of Sherburn in the same Elmet, which according to Wikipedia was an independent Brittonic kingdom between about the 5th century and early 7th century and later refers to a smaller area of what became the West Riding of Yorkshire.

    Back to the present, turn right in Sherburn onto Church Hill, which levels off and after a while leads to the A 63. Ride under that and turn right to ride onto it and a choice of left for Garforth or sort of straight on for Micklefield. Left. Along the south side of Garforth, first exit from the roundabout onto the A 642 in the direction of Wakefield, which is a bit further than I want to ride today, so through Swillington, across the Aire and the Aire and Calder canal and after riding under the railway bridge turn right to ride steeply up past the railway station at Woodlesford. Almost in sight of home, turn right, it’s the A 639 and once John o’ Gaunts is reached there is a lot of the city of Leeds visible in front. Down, traffic and roundabouts, Hunslet is not as grimy as it once was, and the last few streets to home. Hello to a neighbor returning from an expedition and take the final left turn of the ride. Thirty three and a bit miles, big grin, not a drop of rain all morning. And the saddle, well, just not noticed.

    And the map . . .

  14. AndreaJ

    AndreaJ Well-Known Member

    My usual Monday avoid the bin lorry ride but I decided to go the opposite way round to usual which it turns out is the best way to avoid the bin lorry, the lanes are very narrow in places and there isn't always quite enough room to get past them although they are normally careful about getting past. I set off in the warm sunshine past the Moat Shed and signs for more road surface dressing:sad: through to Foxholes where I had to duck to avoid a low flying guinea fowl who took off right next to me as I passed, they make a lot of noise and don't fly very well. Carried on to Poolhead, Edstaston, Waterloo back on the loose chippings towards Coton, Coton Wood, back into Whixall being chased by a cocker spaniel towards Alkington, I had to wait at the canal bridge while a boat passed and they wound the bridge back down, the man in charge of winding the bridge up and down was very apologetic for delaying me although I assured him it was fine, up to Fenns Bank where the council have ruined another perfectly good road by covering it in loose chippings, these were much looser than the last ones and I had to stop twice to shake them from between my tyres and mudguards as they kept getting stuck, they do seem to be very large for chippings. Set off again into Whixall back towards Northwood and home. 21 miles @average 15.4mph
  15. Rickshaw Phil

    Rickshaw Phil Overconfidentii Vulgaris Moderator

    I got in my first ride for a fortnight this morning. I've been off the bike partly due to the weather, partly due to things I needed to do and partly due to pulling a tendon in my hip (still don't know how I did it) which frustratingly put me out of action just when the weather was good last week.:rolleyes:

    Today's ride was therefore not going to be too adventurous and I aimed to head out through Condover to Longnor and Acton Burnell which is a route that gives me a few options for shortening if I needed to. The knockabout bike got an outing this time because it was convenient and because I knew there may well be water splashes to tackle after the recent rain.

    I started off well enough but had an annoyingly long wait to get onto the A49 for the short section I needed to use. After that it was a fairly quiet run and with a following wind I got along at a good pace without having to press on.
    I could feel the tendon working but it didn't feel painful so when I turned back towards the wind after Longnor it was a good incentive to take things easy to keep it that way.

    I decided to extend the ride on reaching Acton Burnell, heading to Cound Moor and Harnage (didn't see @gavgav on the bit where our routes overlapped). I'd had pretty good weather from the start but at Harnage the wind seemed to go cold and there was more cloud about even if it didn't look particularly threatening so out of caution I decided to take the shorter option after Cound and head towards Pitchford and Cantlop.

    Approaching Condover again from the direction of Cantlop there was a lorry with a massive bulldozer on the back heading towards me up the lane. Not sure where that was headed. The driver didn't look very sure either.

    I didn't fancy plodding into the wind for the last bit, especially along the main road, so headed for Lyth Hill instead and on one of the lanes spotted a fox trotting up the road ahead of me before disappearing into the undergrowth. I haven't seen a live fox for a long while so appreciated that.

    23.4 miles at 13.1 mph average. The hip feels fine afterwards so hopefully it won't take too long to build back up to some longer rides.

    Between Acton Burnell and Cound Moor. There was some great sunshine for the first half of the ride.

    At Harnage.

    Between Cound and Pitchford.

    The cloud is building to the east as I cross Lyth Hill but doesn't look rain laden just yet.


    Having got back, the threatened wet weather seemed to be running late so I took the chance to get out my latest purchase, a 40 year old Dawes Kingpin (as mentioned in the "Show us your Dawes" thread) and take it for the test ride I meant to do last week. I probably covered about 5 miles doing loops round the village interspersed with tweaks to get the fit right and find that it rides well and promises to be a sound buy once properly cleaned and fettled. Looking forward to more trips on that.:thumbsup:
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