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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by gbb, 30 Mar 2008.

  1. C R

    C R Über Member

    That's what early mornings are for. I am usually out by quarter to seven and back by half past nine.
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  2. Old jon

    Old jon Veteran

    Cloudy this morning and not exactly warm either. I am daft enough to think June weather cannot be too bad to ride in but when I eventually left the house it was drizzling too. That drizzle you cannot see and barely feel, the stuff that soaks you almost without noticing.

    So off I went, damply. Things are slowly changing on the wander through Holbeck, the rubble that was once buildings is being removed. Onto the towpath at Office Lock and ride northwest to Viaduct Road, down the dip to cross the river and start to ride up to Headingley. This always warms me up, but not today. At the lights at North Lane my fingers were freezing. Light gloves was possibly the problem, the solution was the gloves at home, almost five miles away. So I turned left to head to Kirkstall and the towpath again. Reached the next set of lights and for some odd reason turned right onto Queenswood Drive. Second thoughts maybe? If so, they did not last long. Past a school and took the next right, should have just done a U turn but it did not occur to me.

    Back to the lights, right again and down the hill, then the towpath. A quiet canal today, until a couple on bikes waved me down to tell me that there were a bunch of children riding towards me. And so there were. Poor kids, having to ride in this weather. They all seemed about the same age, were escorted by quite a few adults and were very polite. I stopped at the top of the next locks, vague memory says Oddy Locks, to let the last of them go by. And apart from arriving home, that really was the highlight of this morning’s venture. The final distance home saw a slight increase in speed, did not want to wait any longer for a hot shower I guess. Eleven miles, no video, warming up nicely now.

    No video today, as the map shows, I never left Leeds.

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  3. cyberknight

    cyberknight As long as I breathe, I attack.

    Land of confusion
    Its getting easier for me , sundays used to be the wifes lie in day and with young kids i couldnt just leg it ( wife has multiple health issues ) .Now son is older hes fine to be up onhis own and daughter would stay in bed till dinner if you let her so i can go out confident they are all ok .
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  4. Shearwater Missile

    Shearwater Missile Well-Known Member

    After gardening yesterday ( in the rain) I was itching to get out today. I waited until after lunch and there looked a like a window of dry oportunity, but....... Which route do I take, Cotton ( looked black in the distance) or Rattlesden. Rattlesden won, but I thought that I`d change my route so I`d tuck in behind the hedges to avoid some of the 16mph wind. I also thought that I would take in a different route but then join up with my normal one, that was the idea. I headed out of Rattlesden on the Felsham road and before I got to Felsham I turned left and into the wind and a gentle climb, so far so good. It started to rain and quite hard, who`s idea was it to choose this route ? Oh yes, mine ! Anyway, the lane got narrower, the rain got harder and before long I saw a sign saying Felsham. But I thought that Felsham was over to my right, wrong ! I came to a 3 way junction and I did`nt believe the road sign. I honestly thought that someone had changed it around. So I went with my judgement into Felsham and there was another sign agreeing with the first, I needed a second opinion. I came across an elderly lady who`d just come from the village shop ( she must be local) and so I kindly asked which direction was Rattlesden and indeed she said the same as the signage. You plonker Rodney. What I had actually done was cycle in a virtual circle, I must have missed the turn that I really wanted. I continued back to Rattlesden and because my ride would be short now I cycled up to Buxhall ( route used by the ladies tour last Monday) past the Mill and then left back towards Onehouse and Stowmarket Golf Club. My ride ended up as 22.8 so I was quite pleased except for the rain and of course as I got back to Stowmarket the roads were dry. It was`nt cold (15 degrees) but still was wearing my leggings. Where is summer ?
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  5. Dave 123

    Dave 123 Guru

    An escape to the in laws in South Devon. Rain first thing, but the day got better and better. It was blustery though.

    Almost a 30 mile ride from Wembury, down through to Spriddlestone, then out along the A379 all the way to Modbury. Mary Cross, shipham and Ermington. Back along the A379 for a mile then a turn for Holbeton and Battisborough Cross, then Noss Mayo and Newton Ferrers where I stopped at a friends for a cup of tea.
    Back along the 379 and the climb up to Spriddlestone and Ridge across.

    86B63E17-0584-4776-9C7F-9064D3A86CCB.jpeg D6833EB0-8B6D-4FD7-9FC5-E49CF3B58A25.jpeg 2AFD2D71-0E28-40E8-B0C7-F977B89A37B7.jpeg 0E9757D6-B49D-4A1D-8751-C51E425DF0AC.jpeg 58BFE4D0-8A18-48B7-84E5-7BC118AB1110.jpeg 04D77F6E-34FD-45F1-9152-8EF56BF2D888.jpeg D83131DB-70BB-4112-98DC-8EF883A01BB0.jpeg 898E0391-8281-4936-96D6-56D10721EA54.jpeg
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  6. Mike_P

    Mike_P Veteran

    Foolishly booked two days off work, but thankfully it stopped raining and warmed up after midday today. So Defy refitted with its Swan and Croozer mudguards and the route taken a week last Saturday to Norwood including the ascents of Cornwall Road and Harlow Moor Road
    Harlow Moor2.jpg
    and the descents of Whinney Lane and Hill Top Lane
    Hill Top Lane.jpg
    and up Brackenthwaite Lane – plenty of cyclists going down it and on a levelish stretch I was glad I was not a few seconds quicker
    Brackenthwaite Lane2a.jpg
    Down the southern part of Shaw Lane in my fastest time hitting 37.8 mph and then up the northern part in a PR as well
    Shaw Ln to Beckwithshaw.jpg
    Up to Little Almscliffe and down towards Norwood
    Down Norwood.jpg
    From Norwood down to Swinsty Reservoir as a reverse of last Sundays route in a PR to match the one gained then going uphill
    swinsty reservoir4.jpg
    Upto Fewston Church and the undulating route back to the B6451. North across the A59 without stopping for a change and then east. Wary of the chilly decent into Hampsthwaite last Sunday went through the Kettlesing/Tang area of scattered dwellings– this part of rural North Yorkhire typically always has a dwelling or two around the corner. Had not been down of the maze of lanes for some time but pleased to see the ones I passed along were all in pretty good condition. What I was not expecting was a suicidal cat – having chased one down a lane as soon as it darted off the road another leap onto the road from the opposite side straight in front of me, think I left a skid mark on the road.
    Swarcliffe cat.jpg
    Whilst this route was largely one of coasting downhill it is quite sheltered, Kettlesing/Tang sitting in their own isolated valley and all routes out go up hill. So up Swincliffe Lane to, logicaly, Swincliffe Top, a testing climb of only 6.3% average but varies like mad hitting 13.3%. Managed to knock a minute off my only previous time on Strava
    swarcliffe hill.jpg
    Then down to Hampsthwaite and up Hollins Lane again which was pretty busy as it was past school kicking out time and eventually a white van overtook on a bend causing a car coming the other way to slow quickly. The car was a BMW however :unsure:
    24.61 miles 2117ft climbed 12mph average
    140619 route ele.jpg
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  7. Dave 123

    Dave 123 Guru

    Out for a steady 10 mile ride before breakfast. I took it very slow on the down hill bits as the roads were soaking.

    It was a lot sunnier than I anticipated.

    1A404C85-15CF-4159-B417-796A6A4ED361.jpeg 750613AE-C33D-4B5E-A0E0-78B3F0121EA3.jpeg B4243AB2-8D13-49F6-8375-9C97E3F284F6.jpeg B5618989-FFBA-41C1-B2B8-A882ADE07FE5.jpeg 8CB6D7D8-5897-4A01-87B6-C8DF19707ACC.jpeg
    There be Cornwall....
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  8. meta lon

    meta lon Guru

    Lovely filthy morning on the mtb, propper covered, washed myself and the bike in the garden with the hose pipe.
    Everything in the wash.
    Surprising how good the trail was after a week of heavy rain, mostly puddles and surface mud.

    About 12 miles, didn't bother with Strava as its useless with my nokia phone... Or vice versa..

    Perfect weather today, im quite tired but feel rather good after that.
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  9. Mr Celine

    Mr Celine Discordian

    Friday's after work ride. A common 30 mile loop but with a couple of added deviations from the norm to add variety. The rain had stopped and the sun was out, so I was wearing blue tinted shades. These make anything orange stand out so strongly that I had to stop here to take a photo. I would post it in the 'your bike on top of a gas pipeline' thread in the photo gallery but can't find one.

    Looking in the other direction the countryside is looking very green after all the recent rain.

    I made a brief off road excursion to take a picture of the tent that has been erected to house Saturday's Proclaimers gig in Melrose.

    I'm going and can't wait. :hyper::music::dance:
    The Proclaimers latest album is 'Angry Cyclist'. After a near miss on a single track road from an oncoming car driven by a blind old bat who clearly hadn't even seen me there was one very angry cyclist.
    Yesterday's map -


    32.3 miles @ 13.7 mph. 737m upwardness.
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  10. Rickshaw Phil

    Rickshaw Phil Overconfidentii Vulgaris Moderator

    Last night's ride:

    I hadn't expected to get out after being busy during the day but the weather improved in the evening so I took the chance to go and have another look at the state of the River Severn as it's so unusual to get it coming up so high in the summer months.

    I started off by heading into town the most direct way and crossing the English Bridge where it was plain to see that the water level was up about four feet on what it had been last time I was here. Not only was the towpath here well under water but so too was Victoria Avenue leading to the Quarry so my way was blocked and I had to ride up Town Walls and Murivance to get to the park. I was able to rejoin Victoria Avenue near to the bandstand and follow it up to the Welsh Bridge and across into Frankwell for a nose around before heading to the Castlefields area where I found Sydney Avenue completely impassable.

    Having got round this flood I aimed to head out of town to Uffington, Upton Magna and Atcham as I did last time. I didn't use the tunnel under Telford Way last time so hadn't realised it was full of water, which led to a slight detour. I had to wade through the same minor floods as last time on my way to Upton Magna then at Atcham what was fields last time I was here had turned into a decent sized lake.

    I had to reroute as the road to Cross Houses was well underwater but after that the ride home was uneventful on what had turned into a reasonably pleasant summer evening. I took the shorter main road route as the roads were quiet (everyone is in the pub by this time ;)).

    21.8 miles at 12.8 mph average.

    At the English Bridge.

    Victoria Avenue, looking towards Kingsland Bridge.

    Looking across to Shrewsbury School and the school boathouse.

    Sabrina was supposed to be out on a cruise for a birthday party this evening - the party is still happening but the boat is staying tied up. Operations have to be curtailed when the level hits 1.7 metres as she won't fit under the bridges. At the time this pic was taken the level was recorded as 3.65 metres above normal.:ohmy:

    Frankwell car park. Unfortunately it looks like someone didn't get the warnings about moving their car. That'll be expensive.

    Sydney Avenue. Time for another detour.

    Upton Magna.

    A couple of shots across the flood plain at Atcham.

    Near to Betton Abbots on my way to Condover.
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  11. colly

    colly Re member eR

    I've be been out on my bike, a bit, but not so much. A few smaller rides here and there but just to the shops and stuff. So last week and this morning I got out rather than doing 'things'. Even though they have to be done eventually.

    Last weeks efforts:

    Mid afternoon jaunt

    17 miles 700 ft of up

    Early am jaunt

    33 miles 2100 ft of up

    This mornings effort

    45 miles 1330ft of up

    Early start just as the dawn was arriving. On fixed so a flat route out to the east. Apart from deer, hares, a badger, rabbits and a black furry something...not much happened. Nevertheless riding into the rising sun on a cool summer morning was very pleasant. No traffic to speak of which is always a plus. Taking time off the bike must suit me, I fairly breezed along, barely out of breath or sweating. Best average speed for ages.

    Got back in about 7am in time to wake Mrs Colly with tea.
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  12. gavroche

    gavroche Getting old but not past it

    North Wales
    Just back from doing 30 miles with my stepson, first 15 miles against the wind and after a coffee and cake stop, it was nice to have the wind behind on the return journey. Now I need to wash the car as , once again, the seagulls have been busy overnight and the car is covered with it! :angry:
    After that, it will be taking the dog for a long walk.
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  13. Shearwater Missile

    Shearwater Missile Well-Known Member

    After having three wet rides in the week I struck lucky this morning with a dry one, hurrah ! My intentions were to add a bit more on to a usual route up to Bacton but it was like flogging a dead horse, I don`t know why. I had a good nights sleep, I was even on my summer bike ( it makes no difference anyway in the long run) but I just felt so tired, legs and generally. There was only an 8mph breeze so not that and it is my flattest route. Yet when I have been out in the rain this week I felt good. So my ride ended at 22.9 and glad of a cappucino and a biscuit to recover, still hav`nt as I type this. The highlight of my ride was seeing a yellowhammer sitting on a post at the side of the road and also quite a few goldfinches. I did see quite a few other cyclists about who all but one acknowledged me. That one, as he rode past, I said " please yourselves" (sotto voce) in my best Frankie Howerd voice ! Just may be my next ride the red rum legs will come back !!
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  14. Old jon

    Old jon Veteran

    Well, a bright and clear morning outside. I know the phone predicted showers, but I am going for a ride.

    It is that time of year again, and a Saturday as well. All sorts of events going on, scattered all across the country and all praying for clement weather. And all likely to attract large numbers of folk sat in tin boxes. So thoughts about where to go, hmmm, largely uninformed thoughts at that. OK, lets try a wandering ride to Otley again. At the towpath gate by Office Lock there was a car, the driver was taking stuff from the vehicle to a table at the lockside. Said good morning in passing and forgot about it until later. After leaving the canal the climb to and through Headingley did seem to be a bit brisker than usual for me. Crossed the Ring Road and further along had to wait at the traffic lights to turn right onto Church Lane, which is when I felt the breeze at my back. No wonder the ride up had been ( relatively ) easy. Some roadworks at the next corner were taking some room up, a bit of patience was needed and after that the road was clear. Across Adel Beck, up the little rise and take the left to pass Golden Acre Park. Being duly grateful for the shove from the breeze again. Turn left onto Kings Road and enjoy the descent to the roundabout, where I turned right for a short stretch before turning right again onto Creskeld Lane.

    I do like nadgery downhills. The A 659 at the bottom goes to Harewood on the right and Pool on the left, and that is the way I went. The next turn is right at the roundabout, to the left, up Pool Bank, was a solid queue of traffic. Through the village and turn left to rejoin the A 659 on the way to Otley. This road hiccups across Yorkshire like this, vanishing for longer or shorter distances and randomly appearing again. Adds to the fun. Leeds road out of Otley, heard a ticking noise so pulled to the side after a parked car. Was overtaken by two bikes . . . The ticking was not a bomb, just a bit of surface dressing. Go on up the hill, shall I turn right in Bramhope for more ups and downs on the way to Cookridge? Nope.

    The straightforward return home it is then. The shopping centre in Headingley, between Shaw Lane and North Lane is a pain. Travelling towards the town centre but wanting to turn right at North Lane you need to ride on the unmarked left side of the right hand lane. Or piddle about in the gutter waiting for a gap in the traffic. There may not be a cure for this. Anyway, the towpath is that way, down the hill. Today populated by crowds of people. Some running event or another, and I had no wish to spoil their fun, so an about turn, remembering the preparations that had been going on earlier at Office Lock. Five sets of traffic lights later and less than half a mile away the bike was pointed towards central Leeds and I was exploring again. No, I knew where I was going but it is a large count of years since I have ridden that way. Surprisingly easy, cycle tracks have sprouted everywhere. The occasional blip, but for a Saturday lunchtime it was not bad. Kirkstall Road after Commercial Street all the way to the end of Westgate and beyond, turn right by Queen Street onto Aire Street, left on Globe Road, similar left to Water Lane and there is Hunslet and the ride through on the last stretch to home. Just over thirty miles for the morning, dry all the way and even after 1250 feet of climbing the smile was still there.

    A bit of map too!

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  15. lazybloke

    lazybloke Über Member

    Surrey Hills
    Found the sun again this morning for 36 miles in the Surrey Hills. Friday Street lake looked good; roads were absolutely covered in debris from the weather earlier in the week; luckily no deflations.
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