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A lovely evening if a tad windy. Lots of farmers out making hay while the sun shone. I stopped for a photo when a view south towards the Cheviot and the border opened up.
While faffing around trying to prop the bike up against the stiff breeze I suddenly got the feeling I was being watched.

What's more they were getting curious and wandering over towards me. BTW @Pat "5mph" there are enough nettles between me and the fence to fill both your panniers.

Today's map-


30.75 miles @ 14.7mph, 693m upwards.


15.32 miles this evening; initially bemused by a strange knocking noise from the cranks which turned out to be the cadence senor having moved slightly and hitting a bottle holder. West into the sun along Penny Pot, north across the A59 at Dangerous Corner and then east along Menwith Hill Road passing the main entrance to RAF Menwth Hill; aka Gun Run on Strava due to the normal presence of police equipped with guns - not evident this evening and a new PR
Gun Run.jpg

Descended down to Hampsthwaite, not as chilly as last time I did it, and then up Rowden Lane in another new PR. Not the easiest climb to get a decent photo of given its twists and turns in its 4/5th mile length and variable gradients - the foot of the climb is the steepest bit up to 11.4%
Rowden Lane.jpg

Back to Penny Pot and I realised the bit blocked off for road works had had its fencing partly removed so for the first time in ages no use of the pavement was necessary; just a wary eye on the open trench down the middle of the road. 877ft climbed - avg 12.4 mph.


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A little errand today, actually I've been out every day for little errands in the last few days, but nothing of note to write about. It's such a lovely day I took a slightly longer route to take some photos. Just 8.62 miles to Didcot and back via East Hagbourne.

There’s some nice gaffs in East Hagbourne.


In the summer the folks of East Hagbourne have these themed mannequins dotted around various properties in the village, this year it’s Film and Television I rather liked this one of E.T. on an old shopper bike.


Rickshaw Phil

Overconfidentii Vulgaris
Another new month comes round and this time I wanted to get my challenge ride in promptly so set out early yesterday to rack up some miles.

My metric 200 in May went quite well up 'til about 90 miles when tiredness and hills lost a lot off the average speed. I thought I'd like to see what I could do over that route without the extra quarter century at the end so brought out the Galaxy (which has been a bit neglected of late) and set off to Condover, Exfords Green, Minsterley, Westbury, Prince's Oak, and Melverley.

It takes a little while to get used to this bike after an absence but once back into it I love the way it handles and how it eats up the miles. The handling got tested between Plealey and Pontesbury when I needed to jink round a vehicle coming out of a driveway (try looking both ways). Apart from that it was a pretty quiet and pleasant run though Melvereley and on to Maesbrook where I deviated slightly from the planned route and took a left onto the main road for a short stretch before turning towards Waen Wen rather than taking the little lane that cuts the corner. It's a bit further but smoother and faster.

I spotted a Jay along the next lane (haven't seen one for ages) and at the B4396 crossing found that road was closed (looks like resurfacing), which was pushing traffic onto the lane I was about to take. My first food stop was taken in a gateway near Morton Common and it had warmed up enough to convert the trousers to shorts. Checking the map while here I found I'd managed to miss the junction I'd intended to take so as to try an alternative route to Ball and the Maesbury Road. That meant a short backtrack which turned out to be worth it as it was nice down here.

Having passed through Oswestry I was forced to stop at Gobowen as the level crossing was against me. Leaving the town I got my first taste of a tailwind for the day which was quite welcome but didn't last for long as I turned east again. Somewhere near Crickett a mink darted across the road in front of me - another creature I haven't seen for a while and one I'd rather not see as they are non-native and damaging to the local wildlife.:sad: I was getting on quite well so didn't stop at Ellesmere but carried on through Coptiveney and Welshampton then had my elevenses stop overlooking the canal at Hampton Bank.

Northwood was next where I got held up at traffic lights which took their time changing, then I turned off towards Whixall where I was overtaken at a photo stop by a guy on a recumbent trike.

At Prees I found another level crossing was against me and it stayed closed for a full five minutes while the single railcar arrived at a very leisurely pace and stopped to pick up passengers. Moving on again, after having been on the flat for a while the climb out of Prees is a bit of an effort. The descent to Higher Heath is worthwhile though. A gentler climb to Ightfield follows where I turned and would have the light wind helping me for most of the rest of the trip. I got some reasonable speed up on the way through Calverhall and Longslow to Longford where a peacock strolled across my path. I'd have taken a photo but he wandered off before I could get the camera out.

Market Drayton was as potholed and rough to ride through as usual. I see that a few of the worst holes on the way to the golf club have been painted round but no sign of anything actually being done about them. I stopped near Sutton for my lunch break but immediately got surrounded by flies so had to move to a gateway away from the trees a little further down the road.

With the tailwind and some fairly flat riding I made good progress over the next section to High Ercall (somewhere else that needs some urgent road resurfacing) but after a drink stop the legs weren't very keen to get moving again so I was glad that it wasn't too far to home now.

The gentle descent into Atcham was good for getting some speed up but I couldn't keep that pace up to Crosshouses and Berrington. At Condover I had a bit of a moment when a Land Rover Discovery coming the other way swung across onto my side of the road just in front of me. The driver wanted to park up right outside the school and rather than waiting for me to pass I was expected to move out of her way. Not amused by that.:angry:

Thankfully there was no further incident for the remaining distance and I got home tired but content with my quickest imperial century of the year in the bag.

102.1 miles at 14.4 mph moving average and a maximum speed of 30.7mph. Approx 8 hours 40 minutes with the stops included.


Excellent conditions for a long ride as I set out today.


Being watched while I get my bearings.


Getting held up at Gobowen.


Elevenses stop at Hampton Bank.


At Dobson's Bridge.


Market Drayton.


Lunch stop on the way to Stoke Heath. The crop is some variety of elephant grass that is being grown as biofuel.


On the old bridge at Atcham.


Cronkhill looking good in the sunshine.
A solo ride in the sun today as I wasn’t at work.

Out through the Gransdens, gardens looking pretty. Then down the A1198 and old Wimpole hill. I came up it on Sunday, not been down it for ages.

Orwell next


Between Orwell and Barrington.....


Fresh surface dressing..... it wasn’t too deep though.

Barrington church-


Up Barrington hill and a stop at the Moringa Tree for a coffee.

Home under blue skies

Much needed.

32 miles.
The weather is really being kind to us just lately, it seems a shame not to be out there enjoying it, if it is at all possible. We did other things yesterday, today it is time to ride a bike.

In particular, ride the geared bike today. The thing I laughingly call my mind sometimes has odd ideas, today it thought of the title for the video before the route had been decided upon. Different routes can be done that still include the title, but there ain’t many. I treat the half demolished depths of Holbeck as a bit of a warmup ride, persuades the legs to pedal, so around there and out towards Crown Point Road and across the river. All the way to the clock at Oakwood, where the lights were red and I noticed I was exactly five road miles from home. The things you see when waiting . . .

Away from that and eventually across the Ring Road on the A 58 and heading towards Whin Moor Lane, a left turn that leads to Shadwell. This was quiet, as usual, but the breeze was errr, noticeable. The road is a bit exposed. When Main Street was reached I almost automatically turned left but today the intention was the other direction, which was remembered just in time. The road twists and turns downhill, crosses a stream I cannot find a name for ( maybe Brandon Drain? ) and then climbs up to the A 58 that I had recently left. Cross this, and ride along Carr Lane, which is where the video starts.

The last bit of the video is on Milner Lane, a few hundred yards before that awkward little climb to the junction with one end of one of the Thorner Lanes around here. Turn right. I always think of this as a road along a ridge, but it isn’t. There is a good view overlooking Wharfedale and the other side looks across farmer’s fields. The road passes Hetchell Woods, there is a right turn along here and it is a bit unsighted. Yes, I could see the enormous farm tractor pulling a trailer, that was on the road to the right. The van coming away from East Rigton was not so easily seen until it was right there. Everyone knew what they were doing though. That said, the tractor did a U turn. Glad I noticed that, I was ready when it lumbered past me. This road leads to Bramham, there had been vague thoughts of maybe riding to Clifford and Boston Spa. Nope, West Woods Road is really well surfaced and even the upward bits are quick, so I went that way to the roundabout outside Wetherby.

Standard way home really. Through Collingham, hmm. You know how some places are faster in one direction? Collingham is faster in both directions. Honest! Down past Bardsey and start the up through Scarcroft. A few female blackbirds were looking very unusual in the sunlight, riding up this bit. The sun was shining through their feathers, making them look almost red, at times like oversized robins. Reach the top, what is the polite collective noun for dog walkers? A whole lot of them had just crossed the road. Glad they did that before I reached them. Some distance further on I turned left onto Coal Road, just for a change. Right onto Red Hall Lane and then left again back onto the A 58 for the descent to that end of Roundhay Park, and the further downhill to recross the River Aire on the same bridge I used earlier. A short distance to home now, the Garthing told me 32.32 miles when I reached there, which gave me a grin.

Snail trail



Ten Forward
So, that metric half...done! Bog standard NCN27 right the way down to Plymouth Rowing Club just past Laira railway depot, and return.




Happenings of note: many suicidal squirrels.
Lots of cyclists, including a large school group, nice to see.
The 5 miles climbing back up grom Plymbridge station to the top car park at Clearbrook is always hard, mostly a shallow gradient- it was a railway, after all - the final ramp is a bit of a killer to finish it. Got there, got back on the track, passed some ponies, then realised I'd just felt the rear rim ground out. Found a sunny spot a few yards on and flipped the bike to change tubes. My £3 from Newquay Morrison's toolkit got its first proper use. The tyre levers did NOT snap - bonus!

Not the worst place for a P Fairy visit...

Nothing in the tyre. Suspect that the large amount of woodland debris caused a pinch flat. I didn't have the 700x25s beyond 70psi.
New tube fitted and home without further issue.
34.3 miles (55.2km), 10.6mph avg, 2366 ft of climbing.
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I'm off on my holidays on Sat for 2 weeks in Cornwall so time to get this month's imperial ton was going to be limited . I did do an imperial ton in Cornwall last year but didn't fancy doing one again as the constant climbing takes its toll on the legs . By spending time gardening last night it freed up this morning so out the door at 5.15 . Heading out to the Vale of Belvior to fill in some gaps on my Veloviewer map .A few dead end trips down to the river Trent in Shelford then a lovely ride alongside the river . Struggled to cross the main rd at Gunthorpe bridge must had waited for 5 mins before a car turned right allowed me across :smile:.A few more miles to Newark before heading back to the cafe I'd past at 0800 for 0930 opening . Rolled into the Car park to find it closed :sad: I got the time correct but not the day :banghead:. 10 minutes sat on the picnic tables trying to decided whether to head for another cafe or just press on and do the last 32 miles . Felt ok so pressed on for home . The one problem heading for the flatlands of the vale is you have to climb out of it . Took the steady climb from Hickling Pastures to Nether Broughton ,which then left one short climb out of Old Dalby . Hit this steep ramp with 90 miles in the legs into a headwind it wasnt pretty but got up it .From here it's mostly downhill to home . Home at 12.00 just as it's getting properly hot 105.3 miles in the bag in 6.40 so another month ticked off so I can relax this month . This is my first solo ton for over a year and found it tough going needed @Supersuperleeds wheel to follow for a rest :whistle: it was a lot windy than expected and a headwind coming home was hard work
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a trip we've been planning for a while.
Opted for the train from Glasgow to Stirling .
Then cycle path to Dunblane and on to quiet local roads to Aberfeldy.
Weather wasn't great for the last hour , bit of rain , but a nasty wind in the glens. Flat felt like uphill.

But we got here.
Just need to decide on route home on Saturday.
Train for part of it or cycle all the way ?


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What a bloody lovely day! So nice I went out for another ride on the Madone, I thought I’d try and blag another letter for the ABC towns and villages thread.

Had some cheese and toast to fuel the ride, filled my water bottles with water and ice and set off.

Crivens it was hot today, but little wind and mostly flat out to Grove, West Hannay, Kingston Bagpuiz, Newbridge, Brigthampton and my Prize, Yelfordat just over 21 miles.

Not far away was the refreshment Mecca of Aston Pottery tea rooms, a quick stop for a coconut and apricot tart, and pot of earl grey tea. Whilst there I plotted a route home on the mobile device, took some photos an set off back via Buckland and Steventon.

A mostly flat route and mainly quiet lanes, but also some shocking road surfaces, especially from West Hannay to Steventon, a real bastard of a road that. Otherwise a lovely afternoon out on the bike. 45.10 miles plus the 8.62 I did this morning, not a day.



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What a bloody lovely day! So nice I went out for another ride on the Madone, I thought I’d try and blag another letter for the ABC towns and villages thread.

Had some cheese and toast to fuel the ride, filled my water bottles with water and ice and set off.

Crivens it was hot today, but little wind and mostly flat out to Grove, West Hannay, Kingston Bagpuiz, Newbridge, Brigthampton and my Prize, Yelfordat just over 21 miles.

Not far away was the refreshment Mecca of Aston Pottery tea rooms, a quick stop for a coconut and apricot tart, and pot of earl grey tea. Whilst there I plotted a route home on the mobile device, took some photos an set off back via Buckland and Steventon.

A mostly flat route and mainly quiet lanes, but also some shocking road surfaces, especially from West Hannay to Steventon, a real bastard of a road that. Otherwise a lovely afternoon out on the bike. 45.10 miles plus the 8.62 I did this morning, not a day.

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Have an extra Like for the use of the word 'Crivens'.

"Nae king, nae quin, we willnae be fooled agin!"
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People tend to look at me strangely when I say I love getting out on my bike, their view of the roads:

My view of the roads:

It was a ride of 3 parts today, first part from Stogursey to North Petherton on country lanes, unfortunately it would seem many of them are "rat runs" between Taunton and Bridgwater, highlight of this bit was being overtaken by about half a dozen cars, all determined to get passed the "slow" cyclist, only to meet a HUGE tractor and trailer spanning the whole road, hedge to hedge and them all trying to organise the reversing back to a passing place, meanwhile I waited for the tractor to inch passed (on the doorstep of a conveniently placed cottage) and then zoom off, it took about 15 minutes for the first one to catch me up again!
After Petherton it was out on to the canal side and a flat, reasonably surfaced track, having passed the half dozen people sat within 5 paces of the car park I only met 2 other people (both on bikes) until I was almost back in Bridgwater.



One of three Pill Boxes I saw along the way (why Pill boxes on this canal?):

This one was in the bests condition, probably because there was no obvious means of getting inside.
It seems major works are being carried out around the Somerset Bridge area, including to the cycle paths, with no obvious route towards the marina, luckily a chap was cycling home and showed me how to get passed FOUR access points that were all closed and barricaded. I eventually got back to the marina:

The chap fishing (on the right of the photo) is sat with his back resting on the NO FISHING sign.

The last section was the route back to Stogursey, ticking off a few more unridden roads. 33.25 miles, just under 2 hours 40 minutes riding and 1,431 feet of climbing (despite the canal path!). And it was HOT!
Ride Route.jpg
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