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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by gbb, 30 Mar 2008.

  1. geocycle

    geocycle Veteran

    9390CF33-F6CA-4CBC-BBF0-ABF02FE4A11A.jpeg Early morning ride south today to the lovely Ribble Valley. Forgot that most cafes wouldn’t be open so was desperate for coffee and flapjack. Fortunately the cafe come general store in Chipping also sells newspapers so delivered the necessary sustenance. Nice to see rolling country and cows after the Dales.
  2. lazybloke

    lazybloke Über Member

    Surrey Hills
    Very moist conditions this morning but not so bad as to stop my planned ride into London. Made my way northish and eventually met up with a familiar road (from a couple of "Fridays" rides) across Chelsea Bridge. Did a bit of the Ride London route, mostly for the fun of a sprint down The Mall.

    Waved to Liz before visiting the Wellington Arch (FNRttC again), then ignored my GPS route and decided to find Richmond Park - which took a while as I was mostly navigating by sense of direction. Did a half-circuit of the park, then skirted Kingston before heading home via Esher & Leatherhead.

    A total of 55 miles with a satisfying "Strava average speed" of almost 16mph- not bad considering all those traffic lights disrupting my momentum, plus a mechanical issue and a fair bit of gravel/mud offroading!

    Edit to say: Garmin Connect gives a lower average speed. I'll ignore that!
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  3. Spiderweb

    Spiderweb Not So Special One

    North Yorkshire
    0AA03F41-355A-47C3-97B5-6842626FC3CB.jpeg D230A4D6-C68D-429B-A91C-5516D8848086.jpeg B8F68C2D-C9AD-4C07-9E53-C50455E29515.jpeg A791F7C6-F45C-48F6-9A50-27A3BA535566.jpeg

    Out on the Tricross just before 11am to the next village to meet my two friends Martin & Gaynor for a gentle spin to D’Oyleys Tea Room, Bolton Percy. 27 miles with an average of 25.1, fab ride.
  4. RoadRider400

    RoadRider400 Active Member

    Ride commenced at 05:37 and completed 42 miles in 3 hours 14 minutes which included two snack stops and a couple of photo stops. Cycled around my favourite part of the countryside and one new road I took turned out to be a gated road allowing me this photo opportunity.

    Only been leisure cycling for a couple of months but really like getting out early before most of the country is awake.

  5. I had a 'cracking' ride today !!

    Wasn't sure whether to go out on the road bike or the MTB, and as I haven't used the MTB for a week or so, opted for that one.

    I was about 10 miles out, riding down the side of the river, the front wheel caught on a tree root, and over the front I went......RIGHT INTO THE RIVER !!:laugh::laugh:

    Followed swiftly by the bike !!.

    Once I dragged my sorry arse and the bike out, wrung myself out, I carried on my merry way, albeit more than slightly damp !!

    Following a trail on the way back home, I came down an incline at some speed, the handlebars hit a tree, and I flew off for the 2nd time in a day, right into a pile of thorns


    Lucky enough, I was only a couple of miles from home at that point, so off home I went.

    17.5 miles in 1.5hrs, a swim and a flying lesson !!

    My chest hurt all morning, even more so when I breathe in, I was recommended by the powers that be to get it looked at, which I did, and I have 3 cracked ribs.

    And I thought this push-biking malarky was supposed to keep me fit !!!
  6. NorthernDave

    NorthernDave Never used Über Member

    Just a short one today, out early-ish with stuff to be done later.

    A loop around the block, then up Coal Road and a last minute decision to take Skeltons Lane, then the lumpy descent of Sandhills into Thorner. Up Main Street and onto Milner Lane, avoiding the people stood in the middle of the road chatting, and up that pesky hill which never seems to get any easier.
    Past hetchell Woods and left onto Holme Farm Lane round to Rigton Green, then the solitude of Bramham Lane with the silence disturbed only by birdsong and that pesky noise from the back wheel which had reappeared...:rolleyes:
    Up Jewitt Lane and complete the loop back round to the Milner Lane / Holme Farm Lane junction where I stopped for a couple of pics:
    IMG_20190707_090833610_BURST000_COVER.jpg IMG_20190707_090940144.jpg
    Back on the bike and along Milner Lane, enjoying the descent into the village much more than I had the climb out ;)
    I stopped opposite St Peters Church to grab a pic I've been meaning to take for ages - at the end of a ginnel that leads down to Carr Lane past a terrace of houses:
    IMG_20190707_092031441_BURST000_COVER.jpg IMG_20190707_092043440_BURST000_COVER.jpg
    Hopefully this won't land me in trouble, but if it does I might have to start a GoFundMe page to cover that fine... ^_^

    Back on the bike - on the road - and down to the Mexborough Arms and right onto Carr Lane for the climb out of the village up to the A58.
    A quick scoot along there and the inevitable climb up Coal Road, across the roundabout and onto local roads with a final loop to push the mileage on.

    15.15 miles (24.38 km) in 1h 18m at a steady average of 11.6 mph with 702ft climbed and an average temperature of 14.5°C

    Would have been nice to stay out for longer, but a short ride is better than no ride.
    Not as warm as yesterday, but oddly muggy at times and plenty of flying insects about :dry:
    A few cyclists out and about despite being a bit earlier than usual and although there was lots of evidence of equine activity (if you know what I mean...) I didn't actually see any horses and riders.

    And to end, the map:
  7. derrick

    derrick The Glue that binds us together.

    Out to the Blue egg Saturday. Could not get anyone to get there arses in gear on the way there, I think a couple of them where worried about pushing to hard on the way out, they might not have enough energy for the ride back.:laugh: So a nice steady ride, roads where quiet after we got through Epping, Nice sausage roll for me when we got to the Blue egg, the others had a roll filled with chicken and salad, This did seem to give them the energy for the return leg, It might have been the thought of stopping for a beer in Fyfield that spured them on, Ended up having two beers,was such a lovely day seemed rude not too. The group split when we left the pub, two going Essex way, then three of us coming back to London, for a couple more beers and a bit of grub, A really great day with great company, Even the wife was riding strong :laugh:

  8. geocycle

    geocycle Veteran

    Blimey, sorry to hear this tale of woe, swift recovery.
  9. NorthernDave

    NorthernDave Never used Über Member

    GWS! Cracked ribs are no fun at all.
  10. theloafer

    theloafer Guru

    newton aycliffe
    did the Darlington 70 miler today (things I do for a t-shirt) :laugh::laugh: dragged karon along for company :whistle: the girl done good..she says I was good soaking in the bath :whistle: ... bumped into a guy I used to ride with struggling with a bit of cramp and gave him my spare bottle with juice aand added salt,a banana also handful of jelly babies ... he arrived 20 mins after us so all was well ^_^ slow time but not a problem :okay:


    a well deserved pint or 2
  11. cyberknight

    cyberknight As long as I breathe, I attack.

    Land of confusion
  12. cyberknight

    cyberknight As long as I breathe, I attack.

    Land of confusion
  13. welsh dragon

    welsh dragon a permanent vacancy now exists

    The like is for perseverance alone. Well done for carrying on with your ride. I hope you feel better soon. :hugs:
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  14. CarlP

    CarlP There’s no need to live in a pit of doom

    I’m sorry about the cracked ribs @Biff600 that’s no fun, but I pissed myself laughing at your story before I got to the bit about the ribs.
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  15. Donger

    Donger Convoi Exceptionnel

    Quedgeley, Glos.
    Ouch!!! (A like for the effort, not the tale of woe). Get well soon.
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