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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by gbb, 30 Mar 2008.

  1. Rickshaw Phil

    Rickshaw Phil Overconfidentii Vulgaris Moderator

    A couple of rides to report on:

    Yesterday I was busy during the day so it was another evening ride using the Raleigh this time and aiming to do one of my regular routes. I hadn't gone four miles when I felt an insect bounce off my right knee, followed immediately by being stung on the back of my leg where said insect had gone up the leg of my shorts. Cue the sudden stop then hopping about and trying to make sure the thing had gone (it had) which a passing tractor driver seemed to find amusing.:dry:

    I nearly cut the ride short but thought I'd go a little way and see how I got on - the pain wasn't too bad so I decided to continue heading for Atcham, Upton Magna, Withington, Walcot and Charleton. Not a lot of traffic on the roads on a Sunday evening so when I got to Bluebell I decided to stay on the old A5 for a while and head towards Wroxeter instead of going through Eaton Constantine. This stretch of the road is slightly downhill so I cruised along at around 20mph quite nicely. The Horseshoe near Norton is closed and boarded up - none of the landlords has lasted very long just lately.

    At Wroxeter I was going to go though the village and along the lane through Eyton on Severn but the B4380 was completely empty of traffic so I took that instead which turned out to be a sound move as I only saw 3 cars before the turn for Cressage.

    After climbing Shore Lane the bike cruised along easier than expected to Cound Moor, Acton Burnell and Longnor so I must have had a tailwind. I had the gradient helping for most of the last few miles and added a loop round the village to round up the mileage.

    A fraction over 36 miles at a pretty respectable 15.7mph average which surprised me.


    Today I brought out the Galaxy and decided to do a loop round the north of the town. I started off on the same roads as yesterday as far as Upton Magna then headed over the edge of Haughmond Hill for Astley, Hadnall, Merrington ad Yeaton.

    The legs were rather tired so even though I started off well I wasn't matching the same sort of pace, especially on the hills. I thought I'd have the wind helping for much of the first half but it didn't seem to be coming from the direction I was expecting.

    The ride was fairly uneventful up until after Yeaton and heading for Baschurch as there seemed to be more traffic than I'd expect on this lane. Getting to Baschurch I understood - the lane I was going to take to Little Ness is closed for the next 5 weeks so everyone was diverting. The only options were to head back to Yeaton or go round to Ruyton XI Towns which was a bit further than I'd intended today.

    Going back to Yeaton the drivers I met were a lot grumpier than on the way out, apart from one van driver who not only waited in a passing space to let me by but folded in his mirror for clearance (not needed but the gesture is very much appreciated :thumbsup:).

    It was all a bit slow and mundane on the way back into Shrewsbury but I found a second wind at Shelton so stayed on the road to make the most of being able to get some speed up rather than taking the cycle path.

    35.5 miles at 15 mph average.

    Some snaps from today:

    Drink stop overlooking Bomere Heath.

    A couple of shots from the second pass through Yeaton.
  2. gavgav

    gavgav Guru

    A short after work ride, on a cloudy and very muggy evening, with virtually no wind.

    As I left the house, some big spots of rain started to fall and so I wondered whether it was a good idea to head out, but they’d stopped by the time I’d got to Reabrook and didn’t return.

    I followed the cycle paths, in the direction of Heathgates and there were long queues along the inner ring road. Whilst it does back up along here, sometimes, this seemed particularly bad and I soon found out why. As I approached the roundabout for Telford Way, there was a Police Accident sign and a whole host of blue lights, from 2 fire engines, 1 ambulance and 1 police car. The cycle path was blocked and so I had to cross and head up the other carriage way. Goodness knows what has happened, as I could see large bits of black plastic all over the paths and in the hedge, but no sign of a car? Just glad I wasn’t cycling up that bit of the path, when whatever had mounted the pavement had done so. Hopefully all are ok and no serious injuries.

    I continued down through Castlefields and along the Towpath into the Quarry. After going under Kingsland Bridge, I came across fences blocking the main route through the park. That meant having to mix it with the numerous pedestrians on the narrower path. As I reached Porthill Bridge, where the closure finished, I could hear someone giving the Security Guard a right mouthful, with the guard trying to explain that it was closed for the erection of the stage ready for the “Back to the 80’s” concert which is happening this weekend. Some people get irritated by the smallest of inconveniences :headshake:

    I climbed up through Porthill and then along the nice flat section to Shelton, before passing the Mental Hospital. As I did so, I came across a number of police and nurses on the path down to the nearby road, presumably looking for someone who’d escaped from the hospital!

    Next was Copthorne, where some hoon came storming around a corner and parked car, on the wrong side of the road and swerved to miss me, with a nod of his head. This after I’d headed for the path to avoid him :thumbsdown: Suffice to say he got something different than a nod of the head from me.

    Thankfully the rest of the ride was uneventful, through Radbrook, Nobold and Meole Brace.

    Only 13.6 miles, but much more to write about than normal on this route!
  3. Donger

    Donger Convoi Exceptionnel

    Quedgeley, Glos.
    An epic ride today. This was always going to be the longest of my holiday rides, but it ended up being extended a bit and with me getting home about an hour later than I'd promised. I usually manage to get my rides in before breakfast so as not to affect Ms D's holiday experience. I'd overstretched myself today, and didn't fancy returning the same way due to the lumpy terrain. I'd ridden out through the hills to the Dordogne's equivalent of Symonds Yat and decided to take the flatter route back west on the other side of the river. Turned out I still had a couple more big hills to climb to get home, and it was getting bloomin' hot. Fortunately both of our phones were working, so I was able to let Mrs D know of the delay. A few photos:
    (1) Tremolat:
    164 Tremolat.JPG
    (2) The Dordogne, from a viewpoint between Tremolat and Limeuil (quite a climb in the hot sunshine):
    165 One of the Cingles de Tremolat.JPG
    (3) Limeuil from the riverbank (was disappointed to find the nearby cafe wasn't open yet):
    166 Limeuil.JPG
    (4) View from the Vezere bridge towards the Dordogne bridge at Limeuil. I'd never crossed two rivers in such quick succession:
    167 Dordogne bridge from the Vezere bridge.JPG
    (5) Limeuil from across the Dordogne:
    168 Limeuil from the Dordogne bridge.JPG
    (6) After slogging my way back westwards, I finally reached another crossing point opposite Lalinde, before climbing back up from the river towards the house:
    169 Lalinde.JPG
    (7) Today's Flatnav shot. 36 miles in all, with lots of hills:
    170 Flatnav Mon 8 Jul 19.JPG
    Only just took enough drink with me today. Arrived back at the house soaked through in temperatures in the high 20s and after several sizeable climbs. A great ride though. Will have to do a shorter one tomorrow to stay in Mrs D's good books.
    Cheers, Donger.
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  4. CarlP

    CarlP There’s no need to live in a pit of doom

    Looks like you’re having a great time, I like that you show the route on a proper map.
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  5. Donger

    Donger Convoi Exceptionnel

    Quedgeley, Glos.
    Fantastic, thanks .... and yes, I've always loved proper maps.
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  6. Cavalol

    Cavalol Guru


    Some lovely roads round there I recall from van driving days in that area. Have you ever attempted going to Newtown via Minsterley, Churchstoke, Sarn and Kerry? It always looked like one of those brilliant routes to cycle.
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  7. Jenkins

    Jenkins Guru

    I blame the "Your bike in front of a church" thread in the photography section for today's ride. As a result of that, I have a habit of looking out for the unusual round tower churches that are a feature of (mostly) Norfolk and Suffolk despite having no interest in religion or history. With a little bit of planning I was able to put together a 50 mile loop from Diss which was almost all on roads that have a name, not a number that passed by 11 of these unusual buildings. Don't worry, I won't show them all here!

    Setting out from Diss & heading northwards the first one was at Gissing...
    Gissing - St Mary the Virgin (1).jpg
    followed by Aslacton which was undergoing restoration, Forncett St. Peter and then up towards Tasburgh where I passed the Norfolk Tank Museum
    Norfolk Tank Museum.JPG Having crossed the A140 there followed a nice run out to Woodton where in quick succession there were further, almost identical churches at Bedingham, Topcroft & Fritton (below) Fritton - St. Catherine's (1).jpg Then Morningthorpe, Long Stratton and the final church at Wacton completing the "hit list" in around 35 miles. Wacton - All Saints (1).jpg
    That left another 15 miles to do around the South Norfolk countryside through Pulham Marcket and Dickleburgh before heading back into Diss, reloading the bike back into my car and heading home.
    Pulham Market - The Crown (1).jpg
    Screenshot_2019-07-08 11 round tower churches Ride Strava.png Screenshot_2019-07-08 11 round tower churches Ride Strava(1).png
  8. ColinJ

    ColinJ It's a puzzle ...

    I had something similar happen to me, only the wasp in question managed a successful 3-sting penile assault before I finally despatched it! :eek:

  9. MrBeanz

    MrBeanz Senior Member

    Ontario California
    Well it was Saturday, the video. Gina's second ride since her son's passing and this happened to be the 2 month anniversary. But she's strong mentally and physically. I told her cycling is good for the soul so she's back on the bike!

  10. Jenkins

    Jenkins Guru

    With nothing better to do today, I thought I'd have a go at completing the hattrick of 50k (Sunday, just a routine loop so not put on here, 50 miles (as above) and 100k for July. The cold I thought I'd sweated out on Sunday seemed to have come back as I woke up with a sore throat and a bit bunged up, but nothing I couldn't cope with.

    As light winds had been predicted, I'd decided on a ride out to Newmarket from where I'd get the train back - I've done it the other way round a couple of times so I made few changes due to a couple of places I wanted to have a look at and reversed the direction leaving a ride of just under 60 miles which I'd hoped to take over the 62 and a bit mark by going round the top of, rather than through, Ipswich.

    Once out the other side of town, the route took me through the picturesque villages of Chelsworth, Monks Eleigh, Brent Eleigh and into Lavenham where every other building appears to be a medieval cottage. Up from there to Cockfield and Hawstead then across to Whepstead and Hargrave and up to Higham for one of the modifications to the previous routes...
    IMG_20190709_132059811.jpg And then Gazeley and Moulton for the other reason for the modified route...
    IMG_20190709_133831480.jpg A final 5 miles took me into Newmarket where I discovered that I'd miscalculated how much extra distance going round Ipswich would give me and I was just over a mile/2km short of the target distance but with a train due in 5 minutes - which took priority? An easy chioce - with trains every hour, but no certainty that I'd get another chance for the 100k this month, a quick blast up to Ashley and back gave me the target distance and a bit of a chance to relax before heading home
    Screenshot_2019-07-09 Out to Newmarket for July's 100k Ride Strava.png Screenshot_2019-07-09 Out to Newmarket for July's 100k Ride Strava(1).png
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  11. CarlP

    CarlP There’s no need to live in a pit of doom

    A little blast on the MTB today, just up to the Ridgeway and back, a smidge over 10 miles.

    E86C11FC-92DE-451D-9A9C-D67B22106754.jpeg FCE4D44D-217E-4290-BFBD-4D80165F98BF.jpeg A4E0D65B-B84E-4AA5-9BFF-31DC6481C63E.jpeg 8CA447D6-F558-4B30-B784-D91DC9BEA3F7.jpeg E4E9BA93-AC80-4D12-9649-33C1DF3629C1.jpeg
    364B9016-4E23-42FF-A10A-09D9CF847BB2.jpeg 65BDC904-65FE-41BE-BE6D-FB61118D6022.jpeg
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  12. Old jon

    Old jon Veteran

    Some cloud about this morning, and warm with it. After fixing the fixed yesterday it is time to go out and make sure it was proper fixed. There is always that doubt which can only be resolved by taking the thing out and riding it.

    No problem with that, pedal away through Holbeck and Hunslet in the direction of John o’ Gaunts finding a lot of traffic lights at red on the way. This man is a creature of habit but today I had left the house maybe thirty minutes earlier than usual, maybe the lights were still in rush hour mode. The climb to the former pit village seemed easier than usual, I checked which way the flags were flying just in case, but it was the usual cross wind. Drop past the railway station at Woodlesford, maybe the climb had been easier but spinning down that hill showed that more practice is needed on fixed wheel. Which is what I was doing, anyway! Across the waterways after a left turn and start the rise through Swillington. And the longer rise afterwards, which made me think a bit. So at the Garforth roundabout I turned right, ‘cos thinking said I was climbing well. Garforth Cliff proved the thinking wrong, had to stop part way up. Once breath had returned the restart was less than easy, but the crest of the hill lets you see there is not much higher ground for miles around.

    Straight across the roundabout at Peckfield Bar and along the more or less straight road to the next roundabout, a bit north of the ( ex ) Boot and Shoe. Turn left for Micklefield and ride the long way through to eventually reach the crossroads with the B 1217 at Hook Moor. Turn right towards the gates at Lotherton House. And then left to ride to Aberford.

    This could be called the start of the homeward stretch, it is certainly the bumpiest part of the whole ride. Or maybe it just feels that way, tired legs and all that. After the rise on the Main Street turn left onto Cattle Lane, pedal along to Barwick past Tina’s Tea Rooms after crossing Cock Beck. That last bit up to the maypole had me breathing heavy but things level out a bit, not a lot, after that. Down to Scholes and up to ride through it and to the A 64. Today I was not in a hurry at all, there was a Red Kite floating about above the road junction. Did I want to go? Nope, waited until the bird found something interesting and out of my sight, then rode along my way, a happier man.
    There should be a better word than elevation . . .

    10072019 Elevation.jpg

    Turn right for the usual three lanes to reach the A 58, and the other side of the crossroads a For Sale sign. For something like a distinguished old hall. Could that be Red Hall? Four or five years ago Leeds Parks Department were trying to find someone to move a lot of flagstones from there, I wonder if they have moved out? No matter, I turned left for the descent of Boot Hill, still not spinning faster than twenty six. Turn right, the quieter way, down the hill towards town, along by the bus station and across the river on Crown Point Bridge. Shortcut through a bit of Hunslet and up Dewsbury Road to home. Thirty one and a bit miles, just over 50 km for the metrified, one happy rider.

    The map. For no change at all.

  13. Rickshaw Phil

    Rickshaw Phil Overconfidentii Vulgaris Moderator

    No, I haven't ventured over to Newtown. I ride round the Minsterley area fairly regularly and also go over to Montgomery but could probably do with exploring over that way a bit more.
    Fortunately it didn't get to there. That would have been a ride finisher for sure.
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  14. Rickshaw Phil

    Rickshaw Phil Overconfidentii Vulgaris Moderator

    Just an easy jaunt on the knockabout bike yesterday evening; into town ad out along the canal path to Upton Magna, Atcham, Cross Houses, Cound, Acton Burnell then back via Cantlop, Condover and Lyth Hill.

    I saw my brother at work - I waved but he was concentrating so didn't see me. Lots of people in the Quarry and the river had a good selection of small craft on it too. A few people out cycling but none of them looked like they were enjoying themselves much.

    Fairly light traffic once out of town which was good but I was finding the bike very sluggish this trip, so didn't get on very fast. I took the most direct lane from Cound to Acton Burnell for a change, which was slow as it's a gentle climb the whole way.

    A pleasant ride. I was out for around the same amount of time as the ride on Sunday but this one was ten miles shorter.

    26.1 miles at 12.7 mph average.

    Sabrina has just turned and is heading back upstream. Doug is the skipper today.

    Sunken lane on my way to Acton Burnell.

    Looking at Lyth Hill from near Cantlop.

    Quite misty over the Stretton Hills as I look back from Lyth Hill. Shame the camera hasn't captured the quality of the light.

    I'd hoped to get out during the day today but that hasn't worked out. Hopefully I'll get a chance a little later.
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  15. twentysix by twentyfive

    twentysix by twentyfive Clinging on tightly

    Over the Hill
    Jules H and Pete M were in for this one. Standard run out to Pendock to go further south by Highleadon. Conditions were ideal with good warmth and bright skies. We were making good progress to Birdwood. Jules loves the valley scenery at Flaxley and was looking forward to that. The ramp up from there had Pete attempting to get the pace up but he hasn't got enough miles in recently. Longhope arrived and we had some superb lunch at the Bakery.
    Barrel lane took us below the heights of May Hill so that we could take to Linton ridge. Superb views all the way to Clee Hill today. We dodged by Fish Pool to take the standard return from Dymock to complete a lovely ride out in glorious Gloucestershire. 71 smiles
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