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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by gbb, 30 Mar 2008.

  1. Denis99

    Denis99 Senior Member

    South Wales
    Another ride down the Mumbles today.

    Just bought a new camera that is easily small enough to carry with me, main reason for the change.

    Fuji X100F.

    DSCF0041.jpg DSCF0040.jpg DSCF0035.jpg
  2. Donger

    Donger Convoi Exceptionnel

    Quedgeley, Glos.
    Didn't get out on the bike yesterday, as I took the chance for a little sleep in and then sat watching a doe in the wheat field by the house. (We have seen deer every day so far, and they are just great to watch). Today I was itching to get another pre-breakfast ride in and started early (7.00am) in cool morning air and beautiful light conditions. (No deer).
    171 Morning light, near St Marcel du Perigord.JPG
    Not having gone at all north so far, I headed off in that direction, and the ride ended up being an "All Saints" ride ..... taking in St Marcel du Perigord, St Laurent des Batons, Ste Alvere, Ste Foy de Longas and St Felix de Villadeix. Unfortunately, not one of them seemed to be the patron saint of directions, and for once orienteering skills were very much called upon. When I got to about 1 km from St Laurent des Batons (which, as the name might suggest, was really out in the sticks), the road sign said "St Laurent des B 0.1" (???). 1km later, I arrived there, wondering what was going on with the signage.
    172 St Laurent des Batons.JPG
    By that point I'd already gone past several junctions and crossroads that were not shown on the Michelin map of the Dordogne, and had encountered a couple of junctions that had no direction signs at all. About another 1km slog up the hill from St Laurent, I came across a "Route Barree" sign and a road crew busy laying tarmac. This required a U-turn, a retrace and careful navigation past several more unmarked junctions and non-existent roads, eventually delivering me here:
    Someone was having a laugh. More lovely countryside followed, though a long stretch of road had recently been surface dressed by the road crew that I could hear in the distance, and who had forced me to U-turn earlier. Sod's Law dictated that this became the busiest stretch of road of the whole route, and I got showered in gravel. No harm done, though.
    I eventually made my way to Ste Alvere, which was the biggest village I've found around here .... big enough for not one, but two boulangeries and a castle too. I liked the place:
    From there it was plain sailing, down the D32 along the Louyre valley, gently descending all the way and cruising easily at over 15mph. I passed a couple of groups of cyclists heading the other way before pulling over for the obligatory gratuitous bike shot in front of another ruined castle and a straw bale:
    177 Longas Chateau.JPG
    One final climb back up to the gite later, I arrived back at the driveway only to flush a panicked critter from the hedge. .... which brings us back to the doe (a deer .... a female deer):
    178 Deer.JPG
    Finally, today's Flatnav shot (23.4 miles today, bringing up 97 miles in 4 rides):
    179 Flatnav Weds 10 Jul 19.JPG
    Can't believe my week is nearly over now. I can certainly recommend the Perigord for cycling holidays. It is quite hilly, but nothing too steep and nothing too long. Beautiful countryside. I'll do one last short ride tomorrow just to take my total over 100 miles in five pre-breakfast rides this week. I've loved all of them so far.
    Cheers, Donger.
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  3. jongooligan

    jongooligan Guru

    Behind bars
    We've been to Delamere Forest this week and I pinched a day off to do this.


    Loosely based on the Cheshire Loops Permanent Audax, it's a lovely route spoiled only by some very bad road surfaces in places. Cheshire seems to be a very affluent place so you'd think they'd be able to look after their roads a bit better. Must rip a lot of spoilers from their Porsches :tongue:
  4. CarlP

    CarlP There’s no need to live in a pit of doom

    @Donger another nice report, dead jealous.

    My ride today was a blast over to Wallingford and back with the Fragrant MrsP via some convoluted route through a few of the villages, lovely warm day with a nice tail wind out and a bugger of a cross/head wind back, and a little faff around at the end to round the miles up to 20.

    If it goes over the target you round it up to, do you have to round it up again?

    No photos today ‘cos the Fragrant MrsP doesn’t like to stop.

    20 miles, as near as feck it is to swearing anyway.

    A map.

  5. Diogenes

    Diogenes Opinions, schminions

    Bike back from repair shop, creaking from cassette sorted so out for a wee spin. I also thought I'd better get some practice in with the wee camera the wife & I will be using on our holidays.

    Obligatory "Your bike in front of a National Monument" pic


    But I like this pic -


    That's Stirling Castle in the background.
  6. That's a nice bridge ('flint'?)
    I presume that the river/stream has been culverted under the road, or has it simply dried up?
    I doubt it's an Irish Bridge, as the (actual) bridge Is too high for that
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  7. Donger

    Donger Convoi Exceptionnel

    Quedgeley, Glos.
    A bit of a wildlife special today. My final ride in the Perigord. Rode the 7 miles or so down the hill to cross the Dordogne one more time (actually twice as I had to get home again) and find a new road or two. I got held up for a while at the beginning as I spotted the deer again through the kitchen window. There is a newly-planted wildlife corridor at the bottom of the garden, and we've seen the deer using it every day so far .... to cut across to a small sunken watering hole full of bullrushes nearby. Got two decent shots through glass:
    When I was finally underway, I got barely two miles down the road towards Liorac when I spotted this little lot on someone's lawn next to the river Louyre:
    I am 99% certain this is a young family of coypu .... a mother and six fluffy babies, who were grazing on a lawn .... when not gambolling about jumping on top of each other playfully. Here's a shot just of the babies (come to think of it, there might have been seven of them, which is apparently a typical brood):
    The mother was about the size of a large cat, and I initially mistook it for a beaver. The cool morning air was warming up quickly and the sun was getting hot quite early this morning. It was turning into another beautiful day by the time I got to Liorac and headed for the Dordogne:
    Crossed the river between Mouleydier and St Germain et Mons ......
    ..... before crossing back to St Capraise de Lalinde and climbing back uphill through woods and meadows to the gite one last time. This is the Flatnav shot of my last ride (I don't recommend the short stretch of main road, which was busy with big trucks heading for Bergerac). 19.6 miles:
    .... and this is the whole week's cycling as shown on Flatnav (116.6 miles in 5 rides):
    Ready for the long drive home now. I'll soon be back to reporting club rides and my usual pootles around the lanes of Gloucestershire.
    Cheers, Donger. p.s. Also spotted a buzzard, a jay and a heron today. Everything seems to come out in the cool of the morning for about an hour after sunrise.
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  8. Jenkins

    Jenkins Guru

    It's over the River Kennett which at that point runs in a culvert under the road, but probably becomes a ford when it's been a lot wetter than it's been recently. There's a proper ford about 1/4 mile down a side road and an information panel by the side of the bridge...
    Moulton Packhorse Bridge (3).jpg Moulton Ford (River Kennett).jpg
  9. @Jenkins

    That's informative, thankyou!

    Scroll down to Moulton;

    Sadly none of it, with water flowing through the arches
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  10. Mike_P

    Mike_P Veteran

    Decided the predicted thunderstorms were a Met Office joke and set off on a slow slog westwards on the Defy along Penny Pot this evening straight into a headwind and annoyed to see a new advance notice of roadworks had appeared – closed next Monday for Surface Dressing :evil:South to Norwood and east to Beckwithshaw with the climb to Little Almscliffe en route. Followed the UCI circuit from Beckwithshaw down Pot Bank in a new PR meaning there are now 418 Strava cyclists slower than me down it! I gather it is not unusual for racing cyclists to go straight down the driveway of the house on the bend:ohmy:
    Pot Bank.jpg
    The slightly angled line of trees high on the hillside in the middle of the photo marks the road, Oaker Bank, climbing up the other side of the valley. Heading up it two groups of cyclists passed in the opposite direction; the second group having some clown overtaking them ; managed to miss me and them:thumbsdown:
    On the UCI part of Penny Pot Persimmon have poorly patched where they dug it up generally with overfilled in holes leading to a bumpy road surface and another hole where it has been underfilled with a tyre wide groove:crazy:
    Then for the second time in recent weeks passing through the County Park I was chased by a white poodle :eek: 13.66 miles 816ft climbed 12.5 mph avg.
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  11. colly

    colly Re member eR

    I woke very early this morning. Something like 4.10am. Wike awake and ready to rumble despite not getting to bed near midnight, and then reading for a while.
    So rather toss and turn or faff about doing nothing for a couple of hours I hopped on the bike for a nice run out.
    Out of the door at about 4.30am. A lovely cool clear morning, fresh dewy air and barely a sound. Perfect.
    I wasn't in a rush and headed across Solidiers Field/Roundhay Park and made for Harrogate Road going north. By the time I had crossed the ring road and had been through Alwoodley I had seen no car/van/cyclist/bus/lorry at all. Even for 4.45 am thats pretty unusual.
    A quick left hook onto what is probably a private road takes me around the back of Eccup Reservoir, a road I probably cover every other time I go out. But that's ok, because it's a good view, often lots of wildlife and more or less traffic free. From there it was back south towards Leeds via Adel, Lawnswood and down Otley Road through Headingley.
    I don't often ride into town but first thing in the morning the air is still breathable and it makes a nice change so I went through the city passing en route the West Yorkshire Playhouse and took the road out towards East End Park and in the direction of Selby. From there it was through Harehills and back up to Oakwood.

    Altogether just over 18 miles and about 1000ft climbed. Fixed.

  12. Old jon

    Old jon Veteran

    Isn’t the weather doing well? Almost made me rush to take the bike for a ride this morning. Of course things became sensible, breakfast and such, morning stuff. Then out and away with the geared bike, great stuff!

    After the usual trip to cross the river on Crown Point Bridge ride along the collection of ‘R’s, Regent Street, Roseville Road and Roundhay Road, and reach the Oakwood Clock. Pedal past the spare set of gates at Roundhay park, down the dip and up Boot Hill. Across the Ring Road and carry on to Whin Moor Lane, which becomes Gatehouse Lane before it reaches Shadwell. Left turn this time, towards Slaid Hill, then turn right at the lights and enjoy the ride all the way.

    Cross the beck that shares the name to ride up through East Keswick, the final heave up Potts Hill is always good to leave behind and turn right on the A 659 towards Collingham. It has been a while since I crossed the Wharfe anywhere at all, so a left turn to Linton Bridge, cross that and start the lumpiness through the village to Wetherby. This often uses many gears, had I been trying harder a few more could have been used. Might ride here on the fixed if I really want to embarrass myself.

    After a food stop in Wetherby it is time to go back on the A 58 and enjoy the gentler ups and down to and through Collingham. I had to try Rigton Bank again, and again it won. But I did ride a lot further up the steep bit, maybe all the way next time. From East Rigton ride towards Thorner, this is usually a quiet road, as it was today. The hedges have grown high enough to obscure some of the views along here, still an enjoyable ride. Came to the left turn to ride down Milner Lane to be faced with a Road Closed sign. A narrow road, downhill and lacking footpaths. OK I believe the road is closed. Bear right onto the Thorner Lane that I do not ride often, which takes me to Scarcroft and the A 58 I had left two or three miles ago. Left turn, going up. Pass the end of Carr Lane with oddly no temptation to go back to Thorner and take the next left onto Coal Road. The short sharp rise on this bit seems easier than the drag up to the first houses in Leeds on the main road. And rejoin the same main road after turning right onto Red Hall Lane.

    Retracing the outward route now, down that big hill. The bus in front was very slow indeed. I didn’t mind the cars being held up but I had to slow down as well! Most unusual. Back across Crown Point Bridge, this misses the town centre that would have to be ridden through to cross on any of the other bridges. Hmm, there are at least five I could use. Anyway, thirty three miles after leaving the sight of home put a smile on my face, another good ride.

    A geographical squiggle

  13. twentysix by twentyfive

    twentysix by twentyfive Clinging on tightly

    Over the Hill
    John B, Jules H and Pete M and I met up in our usual spot. Pete wanted flat so off to Tewkesbury to head around Bredon Hill. We turned at Elmley Castle for Evesham and the river side cafe. We hadn't been here for quite a long time.
    Much chat later we aimed at Hipton Hill which is another spot we'd neglected for even longer. The wind wasn't helping tho'. Bit of nuisance at times. Bishampton meant we were on a fairly well worn run back. Fairly brisk riding at times today. That's John's influence. 69 smiles
  14. fossyant

    fossyant Ride It Like You Stole It!

    South Manchester
    Two laps of Llandegla Forest on the old fashioned human powered MTB. Seamed to be in the minority today, as more riders had e-bikes. Takes the biscuit when climbig a ruddy hard hill and the e-biker says it's a bit greasy, when you are really struggling to get traction on your normal bike...

    Had a great time TBH.

    A guy and his son had parked next to my car - I'd said hello on my second lap when they were at the top of the 3 mile climb, then chatted to them at the end. Chatting away, mentioned my back fracture, guy puts 2 and 2 together (sees the Boardman on the roof) and says 'you are Anthony from work' - he's only a lecturer I regularly email at work over various contracts, and works in our building - you can't recognise folk in cycling kit, glasses and bin lids....

    Random awesomness....
  15. delb0y

    delb0y Guru

    Quedgeley, Glos
    Very gentle pootle today. Didn't even get to double figures, but it cleansed the mind a bit after a tough week at work.

    Bike By Water.jpg

    Bike In Front of Hobbit Shed.jpg

    Bike On Its Side.jpg
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