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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by gbb, 30 Mar 2008.

  1. Dave 123

    Dave 123 Guru

    Just a short loop this morning in strong wind. Down the hill in Newton Ferrers and round the corner at Bridge End. The first 100 yards in Noss Mayo were in to a screaming wind. Slowly up the hill and out into the lanes.
    The hedges gave me a fair bit of shelter.

    Back through Creacombe, a few lumps of tree on the road.
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  2. Beautiful Daughter views a Picnic as the height of adventure, and yesterday afternoon she was slightly put out that when we went to visit the rabbits we didn't have one.

    She was slightly mollified when we promised one in the evening, but insisted it had to be a proper picnic, with a cloth to sit on and everything.


    So we did.

    Civilisation is reaching Germany: we can now buy decent salt and vinegar crisps, even if they get the name wrong.


    Even better, her brothers came too.

    We played Frisby. Here you can see them trying to retrieve the Frisby from the nettles. Again.

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  3. Shearwater Missile

    Shearwater Missile Senior Member

    My ride yesterday. As the forecast was for very strong winds I thought I`d better get a ride in as I had had two days break. As it was the wind speed was 21 mph with 33 gusts. I think that I may have chosen the wrong route as I had a lovely tail wind out and averaged 19mph by the halfway stage. When you get a tail wind like that you feel super human and that you are gliding on air. However, by the time I got to Wickham Skeith (virtually flat) and turned left to Finningham it started to become a different story, yes a head / side wind. Slowly that 19mph averaged started to erode bit by bit. The gusts were not a real problem, only one that blew me into the verge, but the heat was not what I was expecting, it was 25 degrees C. I have had to change my route recently because of stone chippings, as they are the cyclists curse. I had a good ride, ending up at 24 miles and 17.5 mph average. It was the strongest I have felt for sometime, as for ages my legs have been constantly tired. Pleased I got out but I certainly won`t be out today.
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  4. Supersuperleeds

    Supersuperleeds Guru

    A few weeks ago @tallliman organised a ride for today to Lincoln. Well as the day got nearer the weather forecast got worse and worse, but we decided to give it a go and see how far we'd get. Original plan was a hundred miler for him and @13 rider and myself were going for 200km

    Out of the door just before 6am for a five mile slog against the wind, which saw me average a whopping 13.6mph, before turning for a 20 mile wind assisted jaunt to Stanford Upon Soar for the 8am meet wih @13 rider and @tallliman.

    I quickly realised I was going to be very early as I got the average speed up to 17.7mph ^_^ Even with adding on another 5 miles I was at the meeting point at 7:40 ish.

    @tallliman turned up 5 or ten minutes later and unusually @13 rider wasn't early as he rolled up pretty much bang on time. The inner tube over his shoulder giving away the reason why.

    Anyway off we go, wind isn't too bad but it is pretty much behind us and we motor along. The further we got the wind seemed to get stronger and at one point we were freewheeling up hill doing 20 mph :laugh:

    Got to 90 miles (85 for @13 rider and over 100km for @tallliman) and we decided we probably should have a stop! Coffee, cold drinks and sandwiches consumed and we decided we would carry on. We went over the ridge just north of Lincoln and got to the A46 and decided we would cut the ride short as the wind was now really whipping up. 11 miles of head wind back to Lincoln convinced us all we had taken the right decision.

    At the station we are 40 minutes early for the train so nip to Costa for a brew and then onto the train.

    111 miles for me, 105 for @13 rider and 84 for @tallliman

    Whilst waiting for the train I decided I was going to get off the train before Leicester and get the days distance up to 200km so I had another qualifying day for the lunacy challenge. So off the train at Sileby with @13 rider and I did another 15 miles pretty much into the wind to break 200km for the day. That 15 miles was harder than the earlier 111. I got hit by a massive gust of wind that took me right across the road. Luckily it was a one way road and no one behind me as I must have been pushed 15 feet to my right and there was nothing I could do about it.

    Thanks fellas for the company, it is so much easier riding with others

    The 111 mile link:
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  5. 13 rider

    13 rider Guru

    As reported above I rolled out this morning to ride to Lincoln . Bike choice last night was my trusty Defy rather than the new TCR which has deep section rims which would have been very interesting in parts .A few early miles then just 3 miles before meeting point I puncture !! . The irony is the TCR runs tubeless so probably wouldn't have noticed the puncture . A very friendly cyclist stopped and help me finish the job off and used his co2 saved a bit of time so I got to meeting on time . Thanks very much .
    A great ride in great company wind wasn't quite as bad as forecast but got iffy as we agreed to cut it short . The 7 miles home from the station was a real slog
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  6. tallliman

    tallliman Veteran

    It was a good day out today. Not sure I've done 100km without food too often and 85 miles in that wind was definitely the right decision.

    The 3 miles home were achieved 2 mins slower than normal because of the wind!
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  7. MrBeanz

    MrBeanz Guest

    Ontario California
    Another 13 mile climb, 3,036 ft of gain. I started riding this mountain again 5 weeks ago. Each time has gotten better. Seems I have shaved 11 minutes off the first 8 mile climb since my first ride 5 weeks ago. 2300 ft gain on the 8 mile climb. So I gotta be happy with that. But today I was only 11 seconds faster on the climb than last week, but that is still improvement.

    Getting acclimated to the 100+ degree temps here on the climbs. Today it was cooler. low was 59 degrees but getting used to the 105, I felt like I was freezing at the start of the ride ha ha!

    Fat Bastard jersey at the top of the 3,036 ft climb. :dance:

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  8. pjd57

    pjd57 Über Member

    I had planned a ride with my mate this morning, but after he'd been soaked several times on his work runs this week he saw the weather forecast and binned it.
    I woke up to bright sunshine , much later than normal and headed out for a few miles to get something printed.
    Back home and the promised monsoon seemed to have missed Glasgow, so decided on a nice easy run down the canal to Bowling.
    30 more miles done, and only a few spots of rain.

    The Erskine bridge just above the wall.

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  9. CarlP

    CarlP La-Dee-Rhum-Buckedee-Ni-Ni-Nooo

    Another ride out to Wallingford this morning to meet the Fragrant MrsP for breakfast after her lake swim. I went a different route today via Didcot and Brightwell cum Sotwell for a bit of a mooch about and some photos. A gnats nagder over 24 miles.

    551014B6-2CD8-421B-A375-72F2D50BFE9B.jpeg 3DB582BD-5C65-4626-A4E7-5E553E0572D6.jpeg 74D5172F-0BB4-4950-800E-E404898C640D.jpeg 8AD5F4A6-B30A-49EE-8C1C-697B55B58D37.jpeg A6D30CDC-5CEB-4C6E-899A-6F462D17BECA.jpeg
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  10. Mike_P

    Mike_P Veteran

    Windy and scattered showers did not make the Defy seem that an attractive proposition this morning and looking at the weather forecast for the week a bit of shopping was called for with a few bits from three shops needed rather a lot from any one. So the ebiked hybrid out on a lengthy shopping run – east to Lidl at Knaresborough via the cycle route and High Street for two completely different contrasts in a cycling environment; the cycle route was actually the slightly more disgusting in one respect as I unwittingly rode through a thin layout of horse droppings :sad: the tyres seemed to have cleaned themselves of it by the time I got back home. For once “middle of Lidl” had no temptations so just the three items I had gone for:angel:

    Then along the Nidd Gorge and via Calcutt; the westerly climb from Calcutt had a noticeable headwind and I did feel slightly sorry, on a been there done than basis, as I shot pass him for a cyclist really struggling against the wind on a road bike - I'm sure I watched him go backwards for a moment :ohmy:A further cycle route taken through the oddly named Pan Handle recreation ground, think it may be descriptive of its shape, led to the crazy traffic on Wetherby Road with the Sunday morning attractions opposite each other of a recycling site and a Sainsburys:wacko: Once across nipped into the farmshop by the showground for one item and came out with two^_^

    Up the steep hill through the showground, which for once was pretty deserted, and along the cycleway/dog walkers paradise to the industrial estate at Hornbeam Park. A quick dash down its length avoiding some pretty ropy road surfaces, and then west to an M&S Simply Food. Three items required, only two in stock:angry:

    Was unsure of which way then to go but the lengthy queuing traffic for the west and north directions meant going back towards Hornbeam Park, as a shower broke out, then following the signed cycle directions towards the town centre, done it before but managed to take a wrong turning leading to a backtrack being necessary:blush:

    En route realised I had not restarted Strava on leaving the M&S :banghead:so uploading the data once back home it had an odd straight line section through a number of buildings and gardens etc. Went to split the data only to be informed “Only Ride and Run activities can be split” which is probably another reason why so many obviously ebiked rides are cluttering up ride timings:stop: So altered incorrectly to Ride and whereas as an ebike ride it had no segments it now had numerous, and a number of plainly false PRs on a normal bike basis, twelve in fact. Cropped and set back to segment less ebike rides:sad:
    16.67 miles in total once the missing bit plotted with 1130ft of the upward stuff,
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  11. derrick

    derrick The Glue that binds us together.

    What wind.:laugh: Battled the wind on Saturday. Was OK going out tail wind most of the way. But coming back was hard. Really nice ride stopped at the blue egg for lunch. Then a pub in Fyfield for a beer and a rest. Battling that wind on the way home. Ended up at our local where we met my other half.a couple more beers then home for a shower. Great day out.
    Check out my activity on Strava:

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  12. cyberknight

    cyberknight As long as I breathe, I attack.

    Land of confusion
  13. twentysix by twentyfive

    twentysix by twentyfive Clinging on tightly

    Over the Hill
    Jules H, Rich B, Steve E and me at the Pot. The plan was to take the Deerhurst route to Tewkesbury and the cafe beyond at The Mythe. Lovely run south despite the brisk breeze. The cafe tables were reserved for Sunday lunchers but they fitted us in. A torrent of rain made a thunderous noise on the roof. We sat tight. Rich called for wifely back up but us 3 hardy ones set off as it all stopped. We made it to Ryall where a handy bus shelter was needed. Once that lot had gone we headed our separate ways while it was still OK. I only made it as far as Clive's where a forced stop meant a cup of coffee. Finally, after claps of thunder, I was able to ride onto dry roads. The Hills do provide a rain shadow. So all ended dry thankfully. 43 smiles
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  14. geocycle

    geocycle Veteran

    9A9F93D8-FE4B-4112-9828-CB4C011E4125.jpeg Bit of an epic today. Visited Grange over Sands famous for its Vanilla Slice and Cartmel, home of the sticky toffee pudding. So why an epic, well on the way back I discovered the RHS crank was about to drop off and I didn’t have an 8mm Allen key, lots of stopping and bodging kept it in place. But also the rivers were rising adding to the drama and there were lots of localised floods, got very wet feet in one and had to turn round in two others. Ended up relieved to be home after 75 wet miles!

    Picture is the river Kent in spate.
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  15. TigerT

    TigerT Über Member

    My rides this weekend started with an extended ride home from work. I’ve been using my e bike for commuting which has a basket on the back so I pick a supermarket as far away from home as I dare to pick up my shopping for the weekend! This time I looped out around Otelfingen and did my shopping in Buchs. Total 58kms (normal commute 10kms each way)

    Saturday was my planned(ish) ride. I was just going to head out through some local villages, but got a bit carried away and headed on over to Winterthur (as there was blue sky in that direction). I ended up doing 60kms instead of the planned 40. It was worth it, the weather got better the further I went.

    Sunday was not planned, I intended to stay at home and relax or maybe go for a short hike but I woke up and the weather was gorgeous. I just headed out with no particular plan apart from Coffee and cake! I ended up heading over to Baden for Coffee and then decided to try and find a route I did once before over to Bremgarten. Made a couple of mistakes but nothing major and found the correct route into the town centre. Had a bit of a wander around - Bremgarten is a beautiful town - Very traditional and on the bank over the River Reuß, with a very impressive wooden bridge. I took a different route back to Baden, that I’d done before, but in the other direction. Quite a lot of uphill and a headwind was building up. Needed another stop in Baden for some lunch before heading home.

    As I was heading back I realised I would do about 90 kms so decided to loop around the Katzensee, to make it up to a metric hundred.

    So an unexpectedly good weekend for riding bikes. A total of 220kms for the weekend which I think is the most I’ve done.

    Down by the River Reuss
    Filling my bottle on the way out of town (in Switzerland unless marked otherwise all these troughs and fountains are fine to drink and are always beautifully cold)
    And the map.
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