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Did my first backpacking trip last night. So rode out to the site last night after work and back this morning, about 40km each way.

It wasn't a fully featured site, just had a basic toilet and a tap, but they sold us some logs and provided bricks so we could have a proper fire.

The trangia 27 was fab as expected, but I could do with a smaller fuel bottle.

Tent had a pole mishap which was probably due to the way I strapped it to the bike, but this is not my first rodeo so an effective repair was made. Other everything was perfect.










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North Yorkshire
A quick drive into York to meet up at York Cycleworks for their Saturday morning shop ride. A fabulous spin into the beautiful Yorkshire wolds. 44 miles with an average of 15.6 mph.


A Saturday ride this weekend for family reasons. Took advantage of the fact that trains were running and got an early one to Penrith. I headed west through Greystoke, no sign of anyone swinging through the trees, then south toward Ullswater. The lake was looking fantastic as the mist lifted. Through Patterdale and then up the Kirkstone pass! Met a nice chap at the top having a reconnaissance ride ahead of a major ride for his 80th Birthday next week. Then down through Troutbeck for coffee at Wilf’s in Staveley. Then onward to home. 65 miles or 105km with 1350m of climbing.

pictures of Ullswater and top of Kirkstone Pass









Just under 20 miles this afternoon. We had a parcel delivered in the week that wasn’t for us, so I took it to Membland.
Around the coast and through Ermington, along to Ivybridge And then up the big old hill to Westlake , maxing out at 19%…. Just at the top!
Back via Bull and Bear and Creacombe.
I had to stop along the way to admire the Early Purple Orchids before they fade away for the year.


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First ride since covid struck and wedding anniversary treat staying at the Midland Hotel Morecambe with the wonderful Mrs T.

Fortified by a most excellent Manx kipper for breakfast we make our way via inland lanes en tandem to Arnside, where UFOs are spotted above the Kent viaduct during lunch at the Posh Sardine café. Recommended.


We return on the coastal lanes, splendid views at Silverdale:


and the lanes throughout resplendent in Spring foliage and flowers:


The Ramsons around this neck of the woods are maybe the best I've ever seen, a gauzy white mist floating over the woodland floor.

A simply splendid day out, 36 miles/ 2000ish ft climbing.


A shorter ride in the sunshine today. I had decided which direction to set out in and was going to make the rest up as I went along. Set off into Northwood then over to Bettisfield and Hanmer, around Hanmer mere before turning to Breadon Heath, Welshampton, Lyneal then past Colemere. Took the lane up to English Frankton then back to Loppington, Horton and home. Had to dodge a couple of tractors with silage trailers on some narrow lanes but hopefully they are all finished now.
23 miles on a beautiful sunny day.



A Shropshire lane, a Welsh lane and Hanmer Mere.

13 rider

Something different today . A local charity ride I've riden 4 times before but not since 2019 for obvious reason . Alexs Wish (charnwood forest ride ) in support of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy .It's a small local event 150 riders having riden it a few times I bump into the same people and we tend to ride it together . The problem is in 3 years I've got slower and the young whipper snappers have got quicker equals a tough day for me . When I asked this morning are you going hard today ,one replied "course record " !! . Any way we rolled out last so we could chase people all day . The so called steady start was ignored and 20 mph was the going rate the problem was by the first big climb we had had past 95% of the carrots by mile 12. I knew I'd get dropped on the climb so said my good byes and settled into my own pace . The first 20 miles is all hills I slowly past other people ahead and could see my 3 mates ahead but couldn't close the gap . The last big climb of Sharply hill I made a big effort to catch them knowing that on the flat I wouldn't keep pace on my own . This attempted failed so I settled in for a solo ride .Back to the start village but turn away up the Wreake valley for some flatter stuff before turning through Ragdale and another big climb . Once over this I was constantly working out wether I could get under 3 hours just as a target . Just kept pressing on Barrow ,Mountsorrel ,Quorn ,Woodhouse and the final few rollers back to Cropston . Back to the start at Rothley in 2hrs 55 mins for the 48 miles the other 3 mates were 15mins quicker . They took one strava segment but not the official one which is still mine 😁. The weather was much better than forecast and finished in glorious sunshine . At the finish I was rewarded with a medal and more importantly as much free cake as you could eat 🐷. Then I extended my route home to clock just over 100km for the day . Its not very often I push on that much on a ride but for this day I make en exception
Edit forgot to say despite starting dead last I was 4th round
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Took Hercules, my iron horse for an explore. We he' got a bit of lithium in him so that helps.

Eyeries and off down the lanes, along the rugged coast to Uhrin. More of that later.

As far as the summit before the R575 crashes down the other side and turns East along the other side of the head.

Paused at the summit. Realised that the true state of my age and physical condition are at some variance with my perception.
Another reason to see my Vienna to The Black Sea as needing more preparation. A little local difficulty might need to be resolved too

Anyway on the return the Uhrin Arms appeared to be open.
The landlord provided some amazing Guinness and toasted sandwiches.
The entire outing was worth it including the near cardiac crise for the toasted sandwich.


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North Yorkshire
Both my friends Martin & Gaynor were suffering this morning after the previous nights excess (free bar!). They didn’t get home until 2am so our start was delayed by an hour.
A very gentle pootle into York was all they could muster. 2 coffee stops and bacon sandwiches seemed to help although Gaynor had to stop to be sick on the return leg🤢
33.6 miles with an average of 14.5 mph.

I met some mates in a village west of Peterborough and took tracks/paths to the eastside. The sun was coming out so after I left them in Nassington (another village west of Peterborough) I looped round by Yarwell Mill. I like the cafe there. The service is a bit slow but it's a good selection fora tiny place, its in a good location and at all time you can be within a metre of your bike even at the counter 👍

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Saturday was a lovely warm day with a light wind here........ unfortunately I couldn't ride on Saturday so Sunday afternoon it was.:rolleyes: Nice and warm after overnight rain but the wind had got quite blustery from the east. The Raleigh came out and I decided to do a variation of one of my regular routes to Atcham, Walcot, Cressage and back via Acton Burnell, Longnor and Condover.

The strength of the wind made itself noticed right from the off and made the run to Condover quite an effort. Thankfully Lyons Lane was a bit more sheltered and I got along fairly well to Cross Houses where turning north I had a crosswind through Atcham to Upton Magna.

Bearing left after Upton Magna made a change and took me along a quite lane towards Rodington. At my next right I expected to be battling with the wind but it wasn't too bad to Walcot, although I was pretty slow on the climb up Bluebell Lane. When I reached the old A5 I thought that having a tailwind here was too good a chance to miss and enjoyed a dash along the main road followed by the lane from the Horseshoe pub (good to see it open again) to Wroxeter.

Having had that enjoyable bit of riding it was back to plodding into the wind on the undulating lane through Eyton-on-Severn then the main road to Cressage (saw a model T Ford on the way). Having a full on headwind down the hill showed that the wind had shifted to when I started but did bode well for later in the ride. It meant I had more of a crosswind up Shore Lane and on my way to Cound Moor.

From Acton Burnell it seemed I was still on course to pick up a helpful tailwind towards the end of the ride. I noticed it after the crossroads near Longnor then, even though it wasn't directly behind me had a swift run to Ryton. Pausing to finish off my water just after Ryton I noticed that the trees didn't seem to be thrashing round like they had earlier - I'd lost the strong winds of earlier in the ride but it was still brisk and was behind me so I was able to push along at some nice cruising speeds through Condover and up to the A49. Ironically the only car to overtake a little too close on the main road was one with a bike on the roof and the passenger giving me a thumbs up and a big smile.

37.3 miles this time at 14.7 mph average.



A couple of shots from the ancient Roman city of Viroconium (Wroxeter).


On my way to Eyton on Severn and looking towards the Stretton hills.


Another shot of the view to the hills.


Near Dryton. I really like this time of the year when the verges are blooming and it's almost like riding through a garden on most of the lanes.
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