1. Cathryn

    3 x CTC clear plastic bike bags

    Hi, anyone got any decent CTC plastic bike bags for sale? I can't find any in stock online at the moment anywhere and I need three. Thanks in advance for any help. (I don't need any advice about whether or not these are good bike bags,I know the score!)
  2. Polite

    CTC aeroplane bicycle bags (x2) from Wiggle.

    Still in original Wiggle package, as they’ve never been opened or used. Yours for collection in Hove or arrange pick up/delivery. I would also exchange for the following books: Fifty Miles Wide: Cycling Through Israel and Palestine - Julian Sayarer Cycling Shorts and Cycle Clips - Julian...
  3. postman

    CTC, Cycling UK.

    A real Postman has just been,he has delivered a letter from Cycling UK.Stating The current senior discounted rate for over 65 year olds will no longer be available on my renewal. So an extra £17 per year to be with them.Anyone else had their letter,the rest of you who are you with,how much and...
  4. GiantDavid

    Very active cycling club in Hants, welcoming riders from all areas

    I've come across Southampton CTC. They are very popular throughout the city and beyond. They also have a campaign going for better cycle facilities. https://www.cyclinguk.org/local-groups/southampton-ctc My friend Cary has joined. Here she is at Eling near Southampton. I am trying to build up...
  5. gom

    CTC Birthday Rides

    Very sad to see a return to Yarnfield this year, easily my (& many others’) least favourite of the last several years. Don’t know quite why but local cycling was really quite boring & Cannock Chase, sold as a high point, had loads of traffic. Don’t know how much interest the BRs are to this...
  6. U

    RARE U+2 Tandem on CTC

    I know it is not good practice to cross post, but these are brilliant family options and as rare as Hen's teeth
  7. Salty seadog

    If I join the CTC through the Fridays are the benefits the same.....

    ....as if I joined as an individual? If not what are the differences?
  8. dingdongdead

    CTC Bag Help.

    I have one of these for my flight on Friday morning to Lyon. Does anyone have a link to the waiver / paperwork that backs up the CTC bag? I used it last year but can't find it anywhere online. Thanks in advance.
  9. RoubaixCube

    'We Are Cycling UK' (Formerly CTC) 3rd party insurance

    So ive just read the letter that 'We Are Cycling UK' (Formerly known as CTC) sent me. I paid £24 to join as an affiliate of the fridays that it includes 3rd party insurance. Problem is, that im already insured with BC. Is there a way to discontinue 3rd party via CTC or is the only way forward...
  10. alicat

    CTC North Birmingham lives on

    A vote on the future of CTC North Birmingham was held this morning and the result was 69 - 42 in favour of staying as a CTC/Cycling UK member group. For six months we have lived under the cloud of a review that claimed there were no benefits to staying as a member group, resulting in a high...
  11. P

    CTC AGM 2016 - Newsletter 1

    Cyclists’ Touring Club (CTC) Annual General Meeting AGM 2016 Newsletter 1 CONTENT: · AGM 2016 details · AGM documentation · Poll of the whole club in regard to the rebranding to We Are Cycling UK · CTC responds to the poll · Wording of the petition · What is next? ·...
  12. P

    Requesting help from CTC members

    Requesting help from CTC members Very few members of the CTC either view or contribute to this or other forums. As the result there is no way to gauge the support for the current direction of the CTC. It is not possible for CTC trustees to communicate directly with their constituents. I was...
  13. dubman

    CTC magazines

    I have a box full of ctc magazines if anybody wants them. Collection only , from Derby. pm if interested
  14. P

    CTC Membership Survey

    Comments on CTC Governance Comments These comments are the work of another CTC Councillor I endorse them in total. Recently some of you may have received a survey on CTC governance. Much of it must be baffling in the terms in which it is written and without sufficient background information...
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