dangerous driving

  1. tom73

    judge upholds dangerous driving conviction for close pass

    Nice to see a proactive police involvement and judges willing to pass sentences. Shame it's NI be a bit too wishful thinking for it make it over to rest of the Uk. Show what can be done with a bit of willingness to try...
  2. Ming the Merciless

    This driver should have been prosecuted for dangerous driving.

    What an utter plank of dangerous driving. Far below the standard expected. Snow peephole driver stopped by police on A9 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-47040584
  3. Welsh wheels

    So much dangerous driving out there!

    I went out on a ride last night and the amount of dangerous driving I was subjected to was even worse than normal. I had three or four cars behind me on a narrow bend, and every single one decided to overtake. Of course, they all met cars coming the other way, and cut me up to avoid the oncoming...
  4. jefmcg

    Guilty of causing serious injury by dangerous driving - 3 years jail

    A woman who deliberately ploughed into a cyclist after being confronted about using her mobile phone behind the wheel has been jailed for three years.
  5. rossw46

    Is it worth reporting dangerous driving to the police - video

    See the previous thread for more background... Sadly, due to work schedule and other commitments, I'm probably not going to get the time to go to a police station and report this, so I'll post the clip of what I think was a pretty sh!t overtake by the guy in the van. Apologies for my language...
  6. rossw46

    Is it worth reporting dangerous driving to the police ?

    Hi all, I had a large van overtake me so close by that is has shaken me up a little the past few rides. I have it on a helmet cam, would the Police do anything about it ? If they would, how do I report it ? I'd post the clip but I need to find some sort of editing software as my camera records...
  7. puffinbilly

    Chollerford death - man with sleep disorder shouldn't have been on the road.

    This story is appalling and particularly concerns me since I was in that area on the day of the crash. I was cycling in that area and heard of a serious accident involving a cyclist later the same day, however when I heard the details it sends shivers down you - knowing that there are people who...
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