1. videoman

    F/S Kona Sutra 2021 50cm Frame Price Drop

    I have for sale a little used steel frame and fork Kona Sutra 2021 Gravel/Adventure bike as the marketing hype calls it, frame size 50cm (I'm 5'8" with a 30" inseam if any help), 10 speed Shimano Deore with microshift bar end shifters, Shimano Deore chainset 48/36/26 with a Shimano Deore 11/36...
  2. newfhouse

    **ALL SOLD** Kona Cinder Cone and others on Ebay

    I am having a clear out and have put some bikes on eBay this afternoon. I’m happy to consider offers here if there’s any interest. All of the bikes are in Purley, South London. First up is this 2018 Kona Cinder Cone size L. This is a reluctant sale of a very lightly used bike. I’m looking for...
  3. D

    Kona Sutra - and touring bikes in general

    I'm curious about the Kona Sutra, and what they're like to ride. Are they a bit 'overbuilt' and slow\ponderous for general riding? I'm also wondering about comfort. I've not had a touring bike, although I have a, albeit long-retired, Kona Jake The Snake which I remember as being a bit of a...
  4. battered

    Alfine SGS501 in 90s Kona.

    A friend of mine has given me a wheel with this hub, 26" rim, disc, plus the selector. I intend to fit it to my Kona Cinder Cone, a late 90s frame, vertical dropouts, disc brake lugs. it fits in the dropouts with 2 spacers that engage in the dropouts and the selector cable entry point pokes up...
  5. funk2monk

    KONA Scab

    Morning all, Just acquired a Kona Scab hard tail mountain bike. It looks pretty complete - photos to follow. Will need a bit of TLC - chain, cables etc but I quite like the design. Its an early model, steel frame and circular tubes not the box section. Picture for reference only. Mine has...
  6. BlueFox

    SOLD Kona Cinder Cone Mountain Bike 16" now £250

    This bike is around 14 years old but I didn't do as much mountain biking as originally planned (probably less than 500 miles in the end) so reluctantly decided to sell it. It is in very good condition as it has always been stored inside a shed or garage. If you read the reviews you will know...
  7. lucidone

    Kona Project 2 Please

    Searching for a threadless 1 1/8" steerer (min 190mm) Project 2 with canti mounts for 26" wheel to build up my dream bike. Any colour, any length. Can offer payment or exchange for VERY good condition RST 281 TL circa 2000.
  8. Pedropete

    SOLD: Kona Ute cargo bike

    ******* NOW SOLD ********** Kona Ute MkII (2011), 18" ******* NOW SOLD **********
  9. Bonefish Blues

    Kona Cinder Cone 1995/6 18" frame

    My other Kona for sale :sad: Also priced at £350, reflective of its exceptional condition, I hope. It also includes the original tyres (which show how few offroad miles it did), plus a pair of in-period (1994) Ritchey Megabites, also in perfect condition, fitted only for an offroad tandem test...
  10. Bonefish Blues

    Kona Sutra Series 1 19" frame

    With apologies for linky - I guess I could cut and paste, but here's my lovely early Kona Sutra, priced at a very fair £350 :) PM me for more info if interested. https://forum.cyclinguk.org/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=140490
  11. Pedropete

    Advice choosing mid-drive for a Kona Ute cargo bike

    ******************************* UPDATE: FWIW and on the off chance anyone's interested, I went with the torque-sensing 48v TDSZ2 unit and 17.5Ah 48v LG-celled Hairon pack from PSWPower. The cells in these packs are confirmed as being decent quality 3500mAh M1Js, so pretty good value. Also, if...
  12. M

    Headset for 34mm headtube - Kona Dew Plus

    Hello I just got this Kona Dew Plus frame. The internal diameter of the head tube is 34mm. I was wondering if anyone could help me pick the right headset for this frame ? I thank you all in advance for your help! Mateo
  13. DiddlyDodds

    Kona - any idea what it is / worth

    I was given this around 5 years ago and have never really used it so it has sat in the shed taking up road bike space, any idea what model it would be and any idea of a value i should look for on Flea Bay or the like if i decide to sell it , i think its around 12 ish years old.
  14. macp

    Kona Sutra 2017 help whats it worth

    Hi again Im selling my 2017 Kona Sutra (see below). In my opinion its in lovely condition but im not certain of its value. You will notice its wearing some Kona flat bars with Shimano shifters. This was done last year but I still have all the original kit (bars etc) all connected up so easy to...
  15. JhnBssll

    SOLD Retro 18" Kona Caldera mountain bike, full XTR

    I'm hoping to find a new home for my beloved Caldera, sadly rarely used and gathering dust in the garage. Currently in winter commuting guise with a Tortec rack, mudguards and marathon winter studded tyres, but will come with an additional pair of standard marathon tyres. To convert it back to...
  16. djb1971

    SOLD Kona Rove DL 52cm New

    Kona rove DL size 52cm I kept this to use for bikepacking when I sold all of my other bikes but I've never used it. It's just done a gear test on the track at the end of my road and it's been stored ever since. It's currently on 1x9 but the sora shifter is 2x9 and the top outer cable is still...
  17. Captain Sensible

    SOLD ..Kona Sutra touring bike 53cm

    Kona Sutra bike, 53 cm frame. V.G.C. Probably less than 400 mls from new. Comes equipped with Schmidt Son dynamo, Lumotec Luxos IQ front light and Toplite mini rear light. Derby area Looking for £699. Colin Also listed on Facebook & Cycling UK
  18. TTSS

    2004 Kona King Kikapu, 19". Full Suspension. SOLD.

    19" Kona King Kikapu full susser MTB 19" 2004 in completely original, dry stored outstanding condition. Never been off road. Tyres were changed from new for Hybrid tyres and the bike has done less than 200 miles, all on road. I have now changed these for brand new MTB tyres. There is some...
  19. T

    Kona Rove - go outdoors

    Are these any good, mainly for winter, see if I like gravel, possible long audax if comfortable. dont mind upgrading a bit if frame is good. https://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/15910022/kona-rove-nrb-15910022
  20. macp

    Kona Sutra tyre choice help

    Evening folks So from new I have been running Clement X`plor M50 700x40c tyres on WTB 19 rims. The rear is getting pretty bald now so its time to change the pair. I commute almost everyday and im looking for good grip mostly. Any suggestions ? My bike is a 2017 Kona Sutra with full mudguards...
  21. Zeffer

    Kona Sutra Disc sizing question

    Hi All, Long time since I posted, but my broken bones are all mended and I have been mostly mountain biking along canal paths and doing the odd road ride. Next year I hope to achieve my life's ambition to ride from the north to south coast of France on a proper touring bike with all the kit...
  22. adyc

    Kona Jake frameset

    Used Jake frameset size 53, disc brake fitting. Alloy frame and forks Will come with the following : Frame, forks, headset, seat post and kona saddle Ultegra rear mech, 105 front mech Mudguards The above for £200 Can also include a ultegra chainset for extra £50 If needed I have a set of cx...
  23. JhnBssll

    Kona Caldera commuter

    Thought I'd put a thread together to show the progress I'm making with converting my Caldera to a winter commuter. I won't be retiring the charge as #1 commuter but the Kona is not getting used so I figured I'd try and give it a new lease of life ^_^ I built it up at the start of the year and...
  24. JhnBssll

    Old Kona frame rescued

    My neighbours from a few doors down are moving house shortly and have been having a clearout. He has spoken to me in the past about having "an old beaten up Kona frame" hanging in the garage, indeed I've seen it from afar a few times, and today he offered it to me for free rather than throwing...
  25. jbb060

    Kona Dew XL (62cm) Frame, headset and 120mm stem

    My "well-loved" 2009 Dew frame has recently been replaced with one that is actually the right size for me. The paint had a flaw that's made it particularly flakey and it's got the dings you'd expect from a regular commuter, but it's structurally sound 7005 aluminium and has a nice pair of steel...
  26. JhnBssll

    Kona Caldera build

    As posted a few days ago in the "Show us your mountain bike" thread I managed to get hold of a Kona Caldera frame from eBay earlier in the week. In this thread I plan to show you lucky people how the build is going. It's not going to be quick as I'm planning on getting a good spec for as little...
  27. derrick

    Kona comuter for sale

    19 inch frame, good solid bike. all ready to ride. Enfield, North London area pick up only £120.00 ONO. Suit someone 5ft 10 ish. PM me if anymore info needed.
  28. addman100

    Sold 2007 Kona Jake cyclocross bike

    Kona Jake 2007 cyclocross bike 54cm In good condition, usual marks for a bike of its age. Smimano Sora shifters and front mech, deore rear mech. 27 speed Tektro mini V brakes The chain and casette have been replaced 100 miles ago. Bontrager rear wheel and mavic front, both with decent...
  29. gasinayr

    Kona Paddy Waggon 3 bike

    My son is thinking on buying one of these for commuting to work in London. Any views on them would be welcome
  30. rogerzilla

    Kona Project Two forks pre-1994

    Specifically: steerer length 183mm (it will normally be stamped as such on the steerer) and triple butted (steerer will be stamped CM /TB, often rather faintly). Axle-crown length will be 386mm if it's early 90s; slightly later ones were 410mm and then they got really long after that...
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