1. simongt

    Another LBS disappearing from the circuit.

    Sad news that Richard Freeman of Freeman's Cycles in Norwich has made the decision to retire at the end of the year after a lifetime in the trade. :sad: Don't blame hm at all; at 66, he's decided to hang up the spoke keys and enjoy his time left. :okay: He's fifth generation of the family in the...
  2. MontyVeda

    The proper LBS... like they used to be

    A load of photos appeared on the local FB group recently... This was my nearest LBS as I remember it... the bottom Smalley's bicycles and prams... what a combination :okay: This is a very old photo of the same shop... ...when they had apostrophes :rolleyes: Smalley's was a little local...
  3. swee'pea99

    Hooray for the LBS!

    Have to say I'm not an LBS chap meself - I do all my own work, and get all me bits off ebay - but my daughter came home last night and...well, I'll let her take up the story... "So something went wrong with my rear gears, and I just couldn't change up. So I found my way to the nearest bike shop...
  4. P

    Buying on-line or via an LBS - A tale of customer service

    A little while ago I bought a White Winchelsea E-Bike. Ordered online on a Thursday, ready to collect on Tuesday from my local Whyte dealer (Moose Cycles, Colliers Wood). Fantastic bike does exactly what I wanted - helping me get back to riding fitness after several years of illness and injury...
  5. Alba Zeus

    Recommended LBS Glasgow area

    Hi, Looking to get a full comprehensive service done on my summer bike and looking for recommendations for a reputable LBS Glasgow/EK/Hamilton etc Much appreciated DJ
  6. IanSmithCSE

    LBS expanding but moving out of town

    Good afternoon, In Worcester we have two LBS owned by the same people. On one side of the city centre they sell mostly mountain and road bikes and on the other side of the city and really on the edge of the city they sell Pashleys and Bromptons and other non road/mountain bikes. Both shops...
  7. steveindenmark

    A good LBS experience

    I bought my new Specialized carbon gravel bike a couple of months ago. I recieved an email on Monday to make an appointment for its free first service. On Tuesday I recieved a phone call asking when I wanted the bike collecting and was there anything special that needed looking at. I have...
  8. grellboy

    Just collected bike ftom LBS - brake still rubbish!

    I installed some new (mechanical) disc pads a few days back and couldn't really get much stopping power off them, so save messing around I dropped at lbs for them to tune in. A friend picked it up for me today and I've just tried it out and to be honest there is barely any improvement! If I...
  9. robgul

    LBS closing - tools, bikes, accessories - SALE

    The LBS I manage in Wellesbourne (near Warwick/Stratford-upon-Avon) is closing at the end of November 2019 and in addition to some bikes* and accessories some of the tools are for sale - major tools are listed here, also a lot more small specialist tools too numerous to list (predominantly Park...
  10. mikeloveshisrockhopper

    LBS and Torque Wrench

    Hi all, On Saturday, I had a need to use a bike shop outside of my area while visiting family. The shop has a fantastic reputation in the area. While I was there, I asked him to chuck some carbon grease on my seat post and I was surprised to see him NOT use a torque wrench when tightening it...
  11. livpoksoc

    LBS in Bedford area?

    My brother lives near Bedford and looking at getting his first road bike. I've advised him to try LBS to see if there are deals to be had. Can anyone recommend/advise which to avoid of shops in the area? Not turning our nose up at the chains etc., but his budget is £700 and so reckon he may...
  12. helston90

    LBS test ride etiquette

    This is going in the beginners area so no chuckling at the back. So I have some (personal injury) money and the nod from Mrs to spend £1.5k on a new toy, for this amount of money I wanted to test ride a couple to make sure I'm getting the right thing for me. My LBS is a Giant branch which...
  13. beatlejuice


    I when to town to buy a new 1/8"inch chain and some bike grease for my Shimano 8 speed hub geared bike. First though was to go to my Local Bike Shop, didn't have either item. So I when to the other side of road to Halfords. Guess what, had both! I did tried shop responsibly!
  14. PeteXXX

    My LBS closed today

    My LBS closed today. The Bike Shed, Northampton, has gone :sad: They tried to sell it, to no avail. One potential buyer, but, apparently, a derisory offer. Liz and Roger are retiring to ride bikes and play golf. Good luck to them and I wish them well, but it’s a great shame. Lovely people...
  15. Welsh wheels

    New wheel fitted by LBS - now it feels like I'm riding through treacle.

    Rear wheel was worn so paid too much money for a new wheel including labour at my LBS. New wheel was a bottom end of the market Shimano wheel (about 70 quid), but still supposedly better than the old alex rims wheel. Since then, it has felt much harder work cycling. My average has gone down and...
  16. GlasgowFinn

    Can you recommend a good LBS in Milton Keynes?

    As title really. My daughter wants to get my grandson's bike serviced and given a quick safety check. Can anyone recommend someone? Cheers
  17. Glow worm

    Can anyone recommend an LBS in the Cambridge area?

    The wonderful folks at Ben Hayward Cycles near Cambridge have decided to call it a day and will soon cease trading. They have given me superb service for some years now and I'm gutted they're closing. I hope very much the staff there will be quickly snapped up by other outfits (they certainly...
  18. B

    Online retailers vs Lbs for buying a bike?

    I've bought from both in the last couple of years and I must say the online support I received was better than the local bike shop. A special mention must go to Cell Bikes who were an excellent bike shop when I shopped there last and even provided unlimited free servicing for a year. Wish I...
  19. Dec66

    Another LBS lost?

    Le Bicycle, round the corner from me in West Wickham. I'd wondered what was happening, as the opening hours were becoming more and more random; now there's cardboard up on the windows. Sad, I like Alex and the shop is in a place where you'd think it would do well. Anybody know the circumstances?
  20. gavroche

    Best LBS.

    I think my LBS qualifies for the best one in my area. It is at the East end of Colwyn Bay, next door to Stermat. The lady who runs it and does all my maintenance and repairs is ace. A few weeks ago, she changed the gear cables on my Specialized Allez, cost: £10. Today, I have asked her to put...
  21. gbs

    LBS near Basingstoke

    My son is about to start hospital doctor training in Basingstoke. Long hours and the nature of hospital doctor accommodation will will exclude any signiificant maintenance work. So, he will need the support of a Shimano competent LBS. Any experience out there?
  22. simongt

    Another LBS bites the dust.

    Found out yesterday that Specialised Cycles of Connaught Road, Norwich has ceased trading after forty years. :cry:Their niche market was road bikes and tourers and they also did a lot of restoration work on older models. I went in there once and spied a beautifully restored Curly Hetchins; oh, I...
  23. Fifelad

    Disaster averted by LBS

    So Mallorca bound on Saturday with the trusty steed new chain, cables, brake blocks, headset, everything running beautifully until about 2 weeks ago the left hand changer was feeling stiff every say 2 times out of 10. LBS owner said it may have to go back to Shimano under warranty as it was not...
  24. Smokin Joe

    In The Window of My LBS

    Peugeot PX10 as ridden by Merckx, Simpson and Roger Pingeon and others. My all time favourite colour scheme, I spent half an hour drooling over it this morning. Looks to be original with Mafac Racer brakes and Simplex gears. I didn't note out the chainset but it looks like a Stronglight which...
  25. Ben Reeve

    Another Win For The LBS

    I've never really used my LBS that much as they don't carry much stock, and I do alot of my maintenance at home However I set to work yesterday trying to work out what the creaking was from the bottom bracket of my bike, and as feared, it turned out it was the bearings. My Cannonade has BB30...
  26. Oldfentiger

    LBS lied to make a sale - why so short-sighted?

    When I can, I like to build a relationship with local businesses and support the little guy. Last April, the Missus and I decided we would like to buy our first proper road bikes. Went round all the usual haunts - some large chains and some local independents. The wife had less choice because...
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