1. Pedropete

    WTD: Brompton for project - 2007 onwards, medium to high bar/stem with solid frame, stem and seatpost

    Looking for a Brompton, 2007 onwards, any colour, med to high bar/stem. Not fussed if wheels and tyres are tatty and don't care too much about the drivetrain either. Grips, brakes, cables, shifters etc. also not critical. So long as the main frame, stem and seatpost are solid I'd consider it...
  2. cyberknight

    27.2 seatpost

    micro adjust please i have one of those single bolt jobbies on the giant and i can never get it level
  3. 8mph

    SOLD - Thompson Elite Seatpost 30.9mm

    Here's the eBay ad it's not in perfect condition but not bad either. £20 + postage (whatever suits) Was taken from a Stumpjumper Frame, which you'll see in my listings along with other bits. Happy to pull any of my auctions + combine postage.
  4. Maherees

    Brand X Carbon seatpost.

    Hello all, My lovely Deda seatpost I bought in a sale in the new year might be too laid back as I tend like my saddle position further forward than this design allowed me to, so I've ordered a Brand X Carbon, which on reflection seemed incredibly cheap. Are they ok at that price? Will I lose my...
  5. Gazjacko

    24mm seatpost

    Trying to get an old Peugeot Mixte recommissioned but need a longer seatpost ( preferably alloy) for this unusually small size. Anyone help?
  6. cougie uk

    Cleaning seatpost ?

    Clearing out the garage and coming across components from my previous bikes. I've got a nice DA seatpost that I'd like to clean up a bit. Anyone done this before ?
  7. lilolee

    Crack in Seatpost Cluster

    What's your opinion on this. Is this crack fixable, and if it is how? =AZUSJTYGjiGEY8wnkVfQgmmSaBhA6kzvq4I4lqOTRnNd7_rNu3_YIWStkDENlVrWQjWduFccxSHbka1ySLN4J7RLvMCvAAmA1Eg3P6rxmHlTQ70e3X5RownDDkRDg__tzBEbq0eLvwESz6jaA8WUBCknmfR8xAmTah8N1lJjhzLwe4BKH-VLF7sx-yGxvloPUGQ&__tn__=EH-R']
  8. FolderBeholder

    Brompton telescopic seatpost ???

    Follwing the included printed installation instructions which came with the telescopic seatpost, they refer to removing the 2 o-rings which live beneath the PentaClip in order to remove the standard seatpost, but never re-visits installing them onto the telescopic seatpost despite detailed...
  9. 8mph

    Schwinn Paramount PDG 50 seatpost size.

    So this is my new project, most of the parts are on but I don't know what seatpost fits and I couldn't find any info online. It's a 1991 Schwinn PDG series 50 mountain bike? A 27.2mm post nearly fits, so I'm guessing it's 26.8mm.
  10. Ajax Bay

    Seatpost 25.6mm 35cm long

    Seatpost 25.6mm 35cm long, either straight ie with no clamp at the top, or with a clamp. I have one 25cm long in and with it out as far as it'll go ( ||||| MINIMUM INSERT |||| ) my son is about to need the saddle up another cm, and another. Anyone got one, please? Thought I was sorted but the...
  11. Milkfloat

    26.8mm Seatpost

    Mrs Milkfloat has finally seen the light and started cycling further than the school run and the shops. After years of badgering (gently) she has finally realised that her saddle is too low, but she is on the maximum for her seatpost. So, if anybody has a 26.8mm seatpost about 220mm or longer...
  12. tornadotony

    Carbon Seatpost 31.6

    I'm after a 31.6 carbon seatpost
  13. Brento10

    Carbon seatpost saddle rail clamp

    I have broken my Rose Xeon seatpost saddle rail clamp it's a 2 bolt fixing . The bolts are one behind the other not across the way. Can anyone advise where to purchase a replacement and are these interchangeable.
  14. Ming the Merciless

    Van Nicholas titanium seatpost 27.2mm

    Van Nicholas titanium seatpost, 400mm for 27.2mm seat post diameter for £70 posted. The frame this was in broke and the replacement frame has a different diameter seat tube. Looking for a new home where it'll see many more years use.
  15. ruscle298

    Loaded Precision X-Lite Black QR Seatpost Collar Clamp

    Loaded Precision X-Lite quick release seatpost collar clamp Color: Black Weight: 24 grams Material: 7075 Aluminum and Titanium Diameter/size: 31.8mm Brand new. On sale for $25
  16. oldgreyandslow

    Colnago CLX 3 aero seatpost?

    I have a CLX 3 with an aero seatpost, later year CLX's had round standard seatposts (lucky people). Mine got stuck and it took a lot of hammering with a rubber mallet to free it and I am unsure if I should keep using it, however I may have no option as I can't see to find a new one anywhere...
  17. JoeWakefield03

    Confused on seatpost size?

    Hi guys, I’m currently looking at buying a dropper seatpost and I’m lost for what size to fit my seat post! I have a voodoo Bantu 2016 and if anyone knows the size of the clamp, it would be much appreciated. Many thanks!
  18. Rusty Nails

    Seatpost diameter

    Why cannot seatpost manufacturers engrave the seatpost size somewhere at the top of the post rather than at the bottom, where, on an alloy post, it is very likely to get made unreadable after removing and adjusting it many times over the years? Not a major problem, I know, but an annoying...
  19. Heltor Chasca

    Removing Graphics from Seatpost

    Maybe not mechanics or repairs in the purest sense, but what is the best way to remove the graphics in the seatpost without damaging the black coating? It scratches off with age, but I’m looking for a more professional approach. The Flamingo Extraordinaire stays.
  20. Alembicbassman

    Saddle and 27.2mm seatpost £10

    Basic road bike saddle and 27.2mm Alloy Seatpost. £10 posted RM 2nd Class
  21. Porcia

    25.4mm In line seat post

    Looking for a 25.4mm In line seat post, every place I've looked seems to be out of stock with no date as to when they will restock.
  22. grellboy

    Aero Seatpost Sizing?

    Just taken hold of a new TT frame, now sourcing parts. Anyway, thought I would start with the seatpost. The seatpost cavity in the seat tube is kind of oval/elliptical, so I'm guessing the standard measurements of circumference won't apply as seatpost will not be circular? How will I find one...
  23. Porcia

    Set forwad seatpost

    Dose anyone know if you can get such a thing please, I tried reversing the seatpost but that dose not work put the saddle pointing up, I'm trying to get the tip of the saddle over the centre line of the bottom bracket and have run out of rail.
  24. M

    any downside to extended seatpost if you don't need it?

    The bike (Brompton) I'm picking up today has an extended seat post - didn't spot it in the description, and it was on the website under the normal 'M6L' button so I wasn't looking for it. Any particular downsides? I can't use the standard post fully extended anyway, so I have to find and mark...
  25. rafiki

    What's your formula for freeing off a VERY stuck seatpost?

    I'm looking for ideas. It's an aluminium seatpost in a steel frame. I've tried lots of force with the help of friends but no luck. I've been pouring in WD40 and riding rough roads with no seatpost clamp for a couple of weeks, same result. Someone mentioned Coca Cola, does that help? I'm stuck -...
  26. Tail End Charlie

    Seatpost with layback.

    I've decided to experiment with my position on the bike. When riding I get a few little niggles which I think is down to too much weight on my hands and they are spoiling my enjoyment. I've put up with them but have decided enough is enough. My saddle is a B17 which doesn't have much fore and...
  27. X

    (SOLD) Ritchey Comp Inline seatpost (31.6mm diameter)

    Lightly used Ritchey Comp Inline seatpost (31.6mm diameter) made form alloy construction. Uses a 2-bolt adjustment system which makes it easier to fine tune saddle setback and angle adjustments. Selling as I've switched to a seatpost with setback due to a bike fit, so need to move this on but...
  28. I like Skol

    SOLD*** Ebay - FULL SPEED AHEAD FSA K-Force carbon seatpost 27.2mm - new take-off

    New bike time and I have swapped out a few bits prior to putting the bike into service.
  29. winjim

    Wanted: Saddle and seatpost. *Now sorted*

    Before I turn to ebay, just wondering if anybody has a 27.2mm seatpost and/or a saddle knocking about. Seatpost clamp could be useful too...
  30. A

    Wanted...Thudbuster seatpost unit - 31.6mm dia.

    Wanted...Thudbuster seatpost unit - 31.6mm dia
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