A thread for garmin problems you've fixed

Discussion in 'Components, Accessories and Clothing' started by Crackle, 13 Sep 2017.

  1. TinyMyNewt

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    Thank you, funnily enough that is more or less exactly what made me give up on the thing. Having made sure the routes were all there, via my PC at home, I took the Garmin on holiday full of confidence that I could rely on it. But when I switched it on it wouldn't show me anything useful. As technology goes, that is worse than useless as far as I'm concerned, as I don't trust it to work. So, basically, I wasted over a hundred quid.
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  3. Blue Hills

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    Solution above thanks to the OPs great thread start.
  4. Mile195

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    Garmin Edge 1000: the "2019 bug". Fixing files so Strava will accept them:

    This is where rides are marked with a date, often in April 2019, which causes the strava upload to fail. Garmin will almost certainly never fix this problem - they already have your money, and a new model out now for you to buy instead...

    Anyway, that aside sometimes you can fix the time errors using the "fit file tools" link in the strava support section. However, sometimes even this won't fix the corrupt data - now it feels like that ride is lost forever.... but it's not:

    If you find this happens, use the same set of tools, but instead of "fix corrupt time data", choose to amend the start time of the ride. You can even amend it to the same time as it already was, but it seems to re-generate the time data in such a way that Strava will now accept the new file.

    So not so much a "fix" as a "fudge", but at least you won't get cheated out of any miles as far as your Strava followers are converned!
  5. Bazzer

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    Edge 500 suddenly refused to communicate with my laptop, although it had done for the last three years. Charge yes: Transfer data no.
    Tried a couple of other apparently similar cables from my electrical wires box, but no luck. It would still charge, but would not recognise the device. Downloaded the latest software from Garmin, but would still only charge.
    Discovered by accident that my TomTom satnav had a similar cable. Tried that and lo and behold Garmin will now transfer data.
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