Advice - I was involved in a road traffic incident this morning.

Discussion in 'Advocacy and Cycling Safety' started by Maz, 19 Dec 2017.

  1. Afnug

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    A mate had an off last Friday, he was OK, he rang his wife to come and pick him up, but to be sure he went to A&E to get checked out,he came home yesterday complete with a new hip ! the doctors were amazed that he walked in, but that is the reason he needed a complete new hip he had made the break worse by walking on it.

    I have used Slater & Gordon and was happy with their service, I asked for the bike and clothing claim to be settled separate to the medical claim which they did very quickly and to my satisfaction, the medical claim was just short of 2 years before it was settled, again to my satisfaction, but I know some people have not been happy with S&G and note from post above someone says they may be in trouble so a bit of research may be in order if you decide to go with them.

    I used them as a member of Cycling UK and my accident was completely the car drivers fault ( he was prosecuted for driving without due care and attention) so straight forward, I was dealt with by the Sheffield branch, my only complaint was lack of updates I had to keep asking what was happening.
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    Atop a Ti
    This ^^ was exactly my experience with them.
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    I hope it is OK for me to mention that I work for

    The firm is stable and has been in business since 1905. We have over 200 people working in the firm's offices around the Bristol area.

    My colleagues in the personal injury team don't buy cases from insurance companies or have arrangements to buy lists of potential claimants. They rely on word of mouth and our good name locally to attract clients. The personal injury work is done on the usual no-win-no-fee basis. The four team members are all qualified solicitors with many years' experience, and are quite used to handling cyclist's claims successfully.

    The firm is owned by the partners all of whom work in the business, rather than being owned by another insurance company or a large foreign multinational. We do not have a claims factory operation with teams of unadmitted paralegals running everything on a streamlined computer programme, although we do have modern file management systems and are Lexcel accredited.
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  4. OP

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    Hi again, A quick update.
    My bike has been written off by the LBS (this came as no surprise TBH). They have quoted for a new one. I've got a question.
    Honest opinions, please: I'm a keen football fan and I had planned to go to watch 3 games over the Xmas period, but because of my injured knee I was not able to (my leg is in a splint and I am walking on crutches). Is it unreasonable to make a claim for inconvenience/loss of enjoyment due to my injury? What do you think?
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    Ask your solicitor. And tell the medical expert about it when you are assessed and asked how the injury impacted your quality of life.

    However, I doubt it’ll have much bearing unless you are out of pocket as you could not use pre purchased tickets (in which case you presumably could have applied to the club for disabled access and travelled by Taxi for example). Unfortunately it's one of those things, there's no harm in mentioning it but if you're not out of pocket financially, you can't really expect financial recompense.

    Maybe @Arjimlad has insight as a lawyer

    Have you had the knee reassessed by a doctor yet if it’s no better?
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    My knee "seems" to be improving, for example the swelling has reduced. I am expecting the hospital to contact me in the next 7 days and call me back in.
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    Good news. Keep it elevated, iced and moving
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    Just an update:
    The driver's insurance company paid up in full so now I can look forward to buying a new bike. I was reimbursed for the cost of a replacement bike, insurance assessment report from LBS and my bus tickets to get to work. :smile:
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    More important, how are you doing?
  10. OP

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    Thankfully, I'm well on the way to recovery. I had a lipohaemathrosis, which is a build-up of fat and blood on the knee.
    Bad knee almost the same size as the good one now, and noticing small improvements in knee mobility every day.
    I'm commuting on an old MTB at the moment, until I get a new bike. :smile:
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    Always good to hear.
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  12. That was relatively fast and I'm glad you are on the mend :smile:
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  13. Have you used them before?
    I used them for my accident, and for the 18 months it was fine, then the solicitor who was handling my case left the practice. I did not receive any updates for nearly a year, and only when the insurance company made an offer did I get an apology for not returning my correpondance, and asking me the questions I had been asking about. By this time I had instructed another set of lawyers to take the case on. The new solictors have been great and I am hopeful of a better outcome.
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    No, my next post in this thread says that. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with them.
  15. I read that after, sorry for being lazy and not editing my post!
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