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Discussion in 'Shopping, Services, Offers and Reviews' started by Chess, 25 Sep 2017.

  1. AlwaysHope

    AlwaysHope New Member

    I've just been reviewing my vids- bit like watching paint dry unless you have accident or it picks an armed robbery in progress! I got this after being knocked off my bike. Even at night its easy to pick up number plates in town etc. For the price really pleased with it.
    I now have a Cycliq Fly 12 on front.. Same quality but the customer service on Cycliq is far better! Should be at the price.
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  2. Aust71

    Aust71 New Member

    Did you have any joy from Wiggle in regards a refund and how quick did they respond as I have the same problem with mine and have sent it back
  3. iancity

    iancity Über Member

    Ended up keeping the Fly 6. However, have sent things back through Wiggle before and found them very good/easy to deal with...
  4. aegis

    aegis Senior Member

    My Aldi rear camera is dead. RIP.

    Before the snow I had a wet ride home with it and when I got home, switched it off as usual. Then about 15 minutes later it switched itself back on and wouldn't switch off. I left it to run down the battery.

    The next morning it wouldn't charge at all. The video it recorded on it's last ride and while sat discharging overnight in the kitchen is full of video glitches like an 80's Max Headroom episode.

    So, at a guess, water damage though it didn't look like water had got in and I'd certainly ridden with it in worse weather.

    Today, I took it back to Aldi and got a refund. At first I was refunded £14.99 as apparently Aldi had reduced these in price but then I pointed out my receipt for £39.99 and got the rest. Good customer service from Aldi but a pity I'm now without a camera.

    I'll have to save up for a Fly6 I reckon though not the new CE version. £169 is too rich for me.
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  5. gaijintendo

    gaijintendo Über Member

    Regular one is £75 @chainreactioncycles minus BC Discount 67.5 and a license to spend another £25 to save some money (I haven't managed to use a CRC BC discount yet)
  6. aegis

    aegis Senior Member

    I'm not a BC member, but I'll look out for a discounted older model now that the new version is out. Even £75 seems a bit much given they're essentially £25 action cameras with a £5 light built in.
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  7. gaijintendo

    gaijintendo Über Member

    You could buy those and some gaffer tape :smile:

    They cycliq ones are worth a bit more than their components, because they also seem to come on waterproof containers, which the Aldi one seems to have got slightly wrong.
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  8. aegis

    aegis Senior Member

    Cycliq don't claim the Fly 6 is waterproof either. But what they do do is coat the circuit board with a superhydrophobic coating which repels water which should see off water/salt contamination.
  9. daccg

    daccg Member

    SW London
    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and have joined primarily because of this thread! I ended getting one of these Maxtek Vision HD cameras that Aldi sells. I actually purchased for £9.99 which I think was a steal. Anyway, I've been using it for a few days and actually, I'm really pleased with it! It's got one big downside however... And that is the seat post mount, or the lack of it more specifically. The straps that the camera comes with are a bit rubbish and don't hold the camera well enough. I've read some posts in this thread that recommend using rubber coating and cable ties. What do people recommend? I believe the best option would be to use a rubber strap but I don't know where to get one. Any ideas?
  10. Milkfloat

    Milkfloat Veteran

    I have smeared some neoprene glue (Black Witch) on the strap which helped a lot, mainly because it is something I already use for repairing my lycra and overshoes. I have not bothered with cable ties as I take mine off after every ride.

    Oh, by the way, Welcome :bravo:
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  11. daccg

    daccg Member

    SW London
    Thanks! I think I'm going to cut a small piece of inner tube and glue it to the inner side of the strap - that should make it more grippy as well as thicker so hopefully it'll make the fit a bit tighter.

    Does anyone know where to buy rubber straps like the ones that come with some mudguards? Those would be ideal!
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  12. OP

    Chess Active Member

    Hi daccq. Welcome to the forum. Great folk on here that know tons of stuff to do with bikes, and very helpful they are too.
    Even though it was this thread that brought you to our forum, have a good look around the rest of the site, Thiers an abundance of information contained herein on every possible subject to do with bikes, cycling ect.
    Best and most helpful forum on the net.! Enjoy.
  13. Custom24

    Custom24 Über Member

    The inner tube on the seat post plus insulation tape to secure it is what I did and it works fine
  14. daccg

    daccg Member

    SW London
    Thanks very much for the warm welcome! I'm definitely planning on staying, especially after having had a browse. It is a very helpful forum indeed!

    Yes, that sounds like a really good option. I haven't got any old, punctured inner tubes (yet) so what I actually did last evening was to cut a small piece of pipe insulating foam and fit that round the seat post. I then put some gaffer tape over it so it's secured. It doesn't look too bad and seems like the camera can now be fitted very tightly plus the foam might even dampen some vibration! I'll let you guys know how that works and will upload a picture for illustration purposes.
  15. Arjimlad

    Arjimlad Tights of Cydonia

    South Glos
    Hi @daccg

    I bought some of these which are far better quality than the original one & do a very good job of holding the camera on the seatpost.
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