Balance Bikes Are A "Craze"

Discussion in 'Family and Recreational Cycling' started by Puddles, 23 Feb 2015.

  1. Puddles

    Puddles Do I need to get the spray plaster out?

    Just seen on my face ache newsfeed...

    I am a little :eek::wacko: at the comments....
  2. Crackle

    Crackle Pah

    I'm constantly surprised how many sensible young adults I see around me who've obviously never been subjected to balance bikes, social media, xbox's, scary headlines, stranger danger, not playing out etc.........oh wait, no I'm not.

    Another loser who wants everyone to live by their standards, ignore with an extra slice of contempt for good luck.
  3. Reiver

    Reiver Legendary Member

    i've read both of the above posts a few times now, and I can't work out whether they are for or against them. Are they too dangerous or not dangerous enough ?
  4. OP

    Puddles Do I need to get the spray plaster out?

    Personally I think balance bikes are great... had lots of running up and down with the eldest on a normal bike after removing the stabilisers killing my back holding the saddle teaching him to ride - a nightmare... with the youngest we got her a balance bike (she did have a tricycle as well) when she got on a proper wheels it took her an hour on her own, refusing any help up and down the garden and then she was off...

    The person on faceache thinks balance bikes are a waste of money and are some "over protective craze" and cannot seem to grasp that it makes it easier for children to learn to cycle not that it is a safer/not safer issue it is an easier/difficult issue (well it is for me anyhoo)
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  5. Sara_H

    Sara_H Guru

    What Faceache page is it Puddles?
  6. OP

    Puddles Do I need to get the spray plaster out?

    It is an idiot "friend" of mine so not public...
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  7. Sara_H

    Sara_H Guru

    Ah! I see. I once inadvertantly engaged with a friend of a friend on Faceache whoheld some real nasty bigoted views about cyclists. It made for a good evenings entertainment!
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  8. summerdays

    summerdays Cycling in the sun Moderator

    I wish balance bikes had been around for mine, they just missed it really. I think they are fab and always recommend them to friends/relatives. After all which is the harder part to learn riding a bike, the balancing part (especially when you have stabilizers that don't actually teach you to balance just to rock from one support to the other) or turning the pedals (which if you also have a tricycle you will learn anyway).
  9. OP

    Puddles Do I need to get the spray plaster out?

    As she doesn't cycle and all her children are grown up, I told her how beneficial it had been for Maggot... but she is one of those that does not read what you write and will not understand that

    a) you can take the pedals off a normal bike if it is the buy two bike thing that makes it "a stupid expensive way to teach children to ride"
    b) It made learning to ride easier for Maggot
    c) Not all little ones are tall enough for the smallest childs bike to take the pedals off so a balance bike is good for that
    d) it is a good way to break down the process rather than trying to teach balance, steering, pedaling & braking all in one go
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  10. summerdays

    summerdays Cycling in the sun Moderator

    Have you tried telling her that she could do the same to an adult bike to learn to ride ... that really might get her pulling out her hair! Why is she worried about them if her's are too old for them?
  11. OP

    Puddles Do I need to get the spray plaster out?

    Yes lol I did, I also told her one of the first incarnations of a bicycle was a balance bike :laugh: that blew her mind, and I got told to stop being ridiculous as it is most certainly a "new fangled gimmicky craze to make parents spend more money"
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  12. ianrauk

    ianrauk Tattooed Beat Messiah

    Atop a Ti
    What a strange thing to get all worked up about.
  13. Reiver

    Reiver Legendary Member

    that makes more sense, can't see how anyone could have a problem with one. I thought you were against them and couldn't get my head around why,, I see now the quotes were other peoples
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  14. Rob H

    Rob H Eat, Sleep, Climb, Repeat

    Utter maniac

    Both my sons were on balance bikes at 21/2 and literally got on bikes and rode at 5. Thats no running after them and no confidence shattering crashes that takes a month to get them back on again ...

    Some people seem to need to find the oddest of issues to target retailers its laughable :banghead:

    I guess the only loser is her kids, which is sad :wacko:
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  15. Butty1972

    Butty1972 Well-Known Member

    Surely if you think balancebikes are a new-fangled gimmicky craze to get people to spend more money...

    Simply don't buy one? then you win?

    To be fair, I wish the preponderance of balance bikes in the world was my biggest worry......must be a nice life.
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