Cycling on Christmas Day ?

Christmas day cycling or family time

  • Yes its ok !

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  • No Christmas day is family time not to be missed !

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Has anyone been out cycling on Christmas day ?

Ive never done it - always had the kids family & dog to think of - but the kids and dog are older now - so tempted this year

Or is Christmas family time to be cherished - and no cycling on that day ?


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Yep, weather permitting. I either go on my own and enjoy the low traffic, bus free roads or meet a friend for coffee (unfortunately only Starbucks open but it's bearable once a year :laugh:).
Small family, no kids (luckily :whistle:)
I'll see the family in the afternoon/evening


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Only as a kid when I got a new bike. I have two kids myself (who don't want bikes at christmas), so even getting out of the house at all is an achievement in itself.


Rarely on Christmas Day, but I used to go out on Boxing Day, treating it like the first day of the new year and resetting my mileage counter back to zero. Thus giving myself a long January and more time to hit my Jan targets.

Just as enthusiastic, but have family commitments this year, so will probably mean no cycling.
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