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Discussion in 'Beginners' started by macca, 7 Aug 2006.

  1. macca

    macca New Member

    Is this forum linked to any other site?

    Any ideas on how to get more interest in it?

    Anyone out there?
  2. OP

    macca New Member

    If anyone does look in here can they make it known please. I feel a bit of a prat talking to myself. It'll get even worse if I start disageeing with what I've written.

    I'll give it a week and then give up. :blush:
  3. bobcycle

    bobcycle New Member

    I check it most days but agree its very quite.

    How do we tell other people about it? anyone good with search engines that can make it better known?
  4. Serenity

    Serenity New Member

    I just joined and I'm telling my boyfriend about this. He is joing as we speak. I have a lot of friends in cycling and I plan to spread the word and help this place grow!!!
  5. Townsend

    Townsend New Member

    That would be me. :blush:

    Since I'm here, it just grew by one person! :rolleyes: Well, it's a start...
  6. Alan Biles

    Alan Biles Senior Member

    Salisbury, England
    I didn't even know it was here but it'll take off now with all the C+ ejectees.

  7. Jack

    Jack New Member

    Whats happened to make this place take off recently?
  8. Lefire

    Lefire New Member

    There seems to be a lot of the Cycling Plus gang moving over to this site so I guess that there will be more help and advise on it's way.

    I've just transferred today.

    Looking forward to finding out more.
  9. Sore Thumb

    Sore Thumb Veteran

    Well Jack,

    I don't know if you know but there has been a big shake up in the cycling magazine forum world.

    cycling Plus, What Mountain Bike and MBUK used to have a seperate forum each. Now its all been put together in one big site called Bike Radar. I can see from the new Bike Radar forum that not alot of users like the forums.

    A topic was posted on the Cycling Plus part of Bike Radar that users might like to try the Cycle Chat forum as it has a simular format to the old Cycling Plus forum that alot liked.

    So hear I am a new user just trying this site along with a few other new users I am sure.
  10. purpleR

    purpleR Veteran

    Yes, the cycling plus forum was merged with a couple of other forums at bike radar. It's upset some people - user names changed, post counts lost, beta version bugs.... so there's a campaign on in the cakestop (the equivalent of cafe here) to get people to move over.

    The feel of this place seems much more like the old C+ forum, althought I am a bit worried that existing users of Cycle Chat feel a bit invaded.

    I've moved over from Bike Radar in my ovine way. For me, it was just too big and cavernous.

  11. Lefire

    Lefire New Member

    I hope us C+ 'ers haven't invaded.
    I'd like to think of it more as we've been invited and we like it so far.
  12. purpleR

    purpleR Veteran

    Yup, I hope not too. It seemed like there was a bit of the old us and them happening over at BR. Let's make sure that doesnae happen here.
  13. Baggy

    Baggy Cake connoisseur

    It happened at acf too, after the last C+ debacle. Loads of C+ people moved en masse to acf and a few of the original posters there disappeared as they got overwhelmed.
    But lots of them were also happy to have more people to talk to.
    Then I left!
  14. Sore Thumb

    Sore Thumb Veteran

    I think that this forum is quite a new site so even though we have all moved on mass, we will all be new members together. Good for us and also good for cycle Chat and its original members.

    I just hope they have moderators at the weekend............
  15. Sore Thumb

    Sore Thumb Veteran

    Looking at the membership list, ive posted more posts than alot of Cycle Chats founder members :blush:
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