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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by Crackle, 16 Dec 2011.

  1. Lullabelle

    Lullabelle Banana

    Midlands UK
    Today is wages week, I run all the reports pass to my boss by lunchtime to sort out the payroll:

    At 4.30:

    S: erm I think I have finished the payroll. :unsure:
    Me:already? Mind you it is a straight month, no funnies
    S: yes, but I am sure K said it usually takes about 3 days :unsure:
    Me: well, you can check it tomorrow just to be sure
    S: just feel like I have forgotten something :scratch:
    Me: no I am sure it's fine.

    Didn't want to say that K could make turning a page a long winded hoo ha.
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  2. Lullabelle

    Lullabelle Banana

    Midlands UK
    My colleague S was saying her chair has started to lower itself so she can now push her chair right under her desk:

    Me: the good thing is that you have somewhere to rest your boobs :laugh:

    S: if I had any I would :laugh:
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  3. "I'm pregnant"
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  4. gbb

    gbb Legendary Member

    Me to my wife...
    :laugh::wacko:, 'I didnt expect that ?'
    'Expect what ?'
    'I was just reading the nutritional information on this packet of dates, apparently it contains dates, glucose syrup.....and may occasionally contain ......insects :laugh:'
  5. annedonnelly

    annedonnelly Girl from the North Country

    Staff meeting is about to begin:

    Boss: Is Dan coming along?
    Colleague: No, he's busy hoovering a reindeer.

    Note - no reindeer were hurt in the making of this post.
  6. iandg

    iandg Guru

    Phone estate agent about an advertised let

    'Is the house on Edinburgh Rd, Dumfries still available for rent?'
    'Sorry, confirmed an offer yesterday, do you want us to send details of others that are available? What area are you looking to rent in?'
    'Yes please, within 20 minutes of Dumfries'
    'We have some in Edinburgh'
    'That's over an hour away'
    ' Oh, sorry didn't realise, I live in London'
    'That's one of the reasons why I voted for independence'
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  7. ColinJ

    ColinJ It's a puzzle ...

    If they had answered the phone it would have been this:

    Friend: Hi Col.

    CJ: Hi. PLEASE make me pancakes!

    They didn't answer so it was a monologue instead:

    CJ: Please Answer the phone so I can beg you to make me pancakes!


    I'll have a go at making some in the next few days. I got a lovely big non-stick Tefal pan for my birthday and it should be ideal for pancake-making.
  8. Pat "5mph"

    Pat "5mph" A kilogrammicaly challenged woman Moderator

    For next time, if you send send a whatsapp or similar "make me pancakes pls?+ :smooch::wub::rose::hungry:" you will receive pancakes :biggrin:
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  9. Katherine

    Katherine Guru Moderator

    Did you know that you can buy ready-made pancakes in the chilled desert section ? However, I think that you should be making your own....
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  10. ColinJ

    ColinJ It's a puzzle ...

    Hmm, 25 minutes until the local Lidl shuts ... :whistle:

    I'll resist the temptation - I've just made a mug of tea.
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  11. gbb

    gbb Legendary Member

    Yesterday, I had just picked up my wife from work, we were going to see the grandkids.
    She asked...
    'You want fish and chips tonight ?'
    You having any ?' ...I replied.
    'No, not for me' (she would occasionally share mine but wouldn't eat a big portion)
    'Nah, I wont bother then , I'll just get something when we get in'

    A few seconds passed, she said...
    'I could just eat a Sunday dinner :whistle:'
    'Want a carvery then ?'
    Nah, it's ok thanks'

    I waited a few seconds....
    'Sod that, we're going for a carvery :hungry:'
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  12. Rezillo

    Rezillo TwoSheds

    We drive past an Openreach engineer. She is wiring connections into a new roadside cabinet. Mrs R, who spent years in a male-dominated profession, is impressed.

    Mrs R: "That's good to see - a woman in an engineering job".


    Mrs R: "I expect she's just dusting it"
  13. ColinJ

    ColinJ It's a puzzle ...

    I started an electronics degree in 1974. There were only 3 women on that course, out of 130 or so students. I dropped out of that course.

    9 years later, I was back at university doing a similar degree course (successfully that time!) and by then there were about 30 women out of 130 students. That was an impressive increase in numbers, but obviously only to about 50% of what there would be in an ideal world.

    I'd be interested to know what the numbers are now.
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  14. Speicher

    Speicher Vice Admiral Moderator

    Hummpff, I want to make some pancakes for @ColinJ.

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  15. Lullabelle

    Lullabelle Banana

    Midlands UK
    Blimey @ColinJ , you have the ladies fighting over you.
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