Holiday bookings & are we affected?


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My Holiday insurer (Nationwide, through bank account) have mailed to Confirm that any holidays booked before 18/3 are covered. Hopefully it wont be needed as we're not going until August and booked through TUI, but it's hard to tell


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My niece just lost her holiday to Mexico but got a refund from TUI. I think there were some other costs which won't be refunded.


My summer holiday.
Town twinning trip to Bebra, Germany in August. We were then not going back with the rest of the group but going on by rail to Munich, Innsbruck and the Dolomites and flying home from Munich. I was rather hoping that travel restrictions would be lifted by August.
Today the town twinning committee announced that the trip to Bebra was off. I now have half a holiday which starts in Munich!
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